Joni the Red rises in the December Crew Pack of Fortnite

Fortnite Crew Perks: Beware, vampires. The vampire slayer of the “Club ups the ante,” Joni the redheadstrikes in the December 2022 Crew Pack, which will be available to active Fortnite Crew subscribers starting December 1, 2022 at 01:00 ET! December Crew Pack: Keep the Scarlet Oath Go hunting in the outfit of your choice: in … Read more

Vampire Survivors, the review of the Italian roguelike with vampires

What is genius? Probably make a roguelike flavor Castlevanian with bullet hell elements. And if the genius in question is an Italian, such Luca Galante, then the result is guaranteed. And it’s also very tasty. Vampire Survivors it’s a small but delicious roguelikes in pixel art, deliberately exaggerated in content but essential in its gameplay … Read more

Verbena officinalis: properties and contraindications

Verbena officinalis is a popular remedy that has been known for a long time, believed to be useful for promoting the production of breast milk, but also for protecting heart and liver health, as well as improving digestion. The plant can be taken in the form of herbal tea or hydroalcoholic extracts. There Verbena (Verbena … Read more

Vampire Bloodhunt: the review of the free battle royale with vampires

Almost a year has passed since, in an Italian exclusive, we had the opportunity to preview a preliminary version of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhuntwork before Sharkmob (by the way, you read about our studio tour of the Bloodhunt team?) who has decided to jump into the complex market of free to play battle royale with … Read more

The New England Vampire Epidemic: The Terrible Truth Behind the Veil of Legend

Popular culture is full of all kinds of legendary creatures, whose features are instigated by suggestions and stories handed down to each generation, often assuming horrific and superhuman connotations. In this primer of human madness, one story stands out over the others, namely that of New England Vampire Panic. This term refers to a phenomenon … Read more

Incis ZONE presents the new album “Codice Da Incis”

Advertisements Incis ZONE“Code From Incis”From today on all digital platforms the highly anticipated first album of the artist revelation of the urban scene of South Milan Advertisements Listen digitally02 December 2022 CODICE DA INCIS, the first album by Incis ZONE distributed by Fuga Music, is released today on all digital platforms. A few months after … Read more

The City and the city and other December news on Serially

Parties, dinners, decorations, gifts: the most magical month of the year has arrived and under the Christmas tree Serially there are, of course, new TV series! The platform, the first completely free Italian TV series streaming, adds more two new contents Andthe return of a hit from last year to its catalogue, to offer its … Read more