In an almost posthumous poem, Wystan Hugh Auden rebels against Plato. And he cries out for the gravity of the young body that he has lost: «No, Plato, / I can imagine / nothing less pleasing to me / than being an ethereal spirit». Very elementary things then appear in his memory: chewing, touching, «o … Read more


Paresian rabies is a potential zoonosis, that is, it can be transmitted from cattle to people and is always fatal. Prevention through vaccination of species susceptible to contracting the disease and control or monitoring of vampire colonies in livestock areas is of the utmost importance. The Ministry of Production, Industry and Employment accompanies the celebration … Read more

King Carlos III is linked to vampires, this is the strange reason

The King Charles III inherited the throne of the United Kingdom as the longest-lived monarch in history after her mother’s death, the Queen isabel II, who rheined for 70 years in a row. After the change in the generation of the monarchy, stories related to the royal family have emerged, such as the illegitimate son … Read more

Susan Sarandon turned 76: the story of the queer icon who caused a furor by telling that she was bisexual

susan sarandon He shook Twitter with a hot video and soon after made American television pulse with his revelation. “I’m bisexual,” she told Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show. The actress, who turns 76, is still as beautiful, activist and revolutionary as ever. During his recent visit to the set of The Tonight Show, susan … Read more

Dolls dominated by slimy: the case that revolutionized Uruguay

The appearance of a 17-year-old girl in a stream was the first breath of a media hurricane that revolutionized Uruguayan public opinion at the beginning of 2020. Two news items grabbed the headlines that spring: Covid and “Operation Ocean” (use the comparison to understand the importance of the matter in the country). The image of … Read more

La historia de los vampiros en las producciones audiovisuales

¡Bienvenidos al mes de Halloween! Esta semana nos vamos a ocupar de hablar de unos de los “monstruos” más recurrentes en las historias de terror, unos de los más icónicos y también unos de los más fáciles de reconocer: los vampiros. Para encontrar los orígenes de los vampiros en las producciones audiovisuales tenemos que irnos … Read more

Segmentation can be a starting point for energy efficiency

This was expressed to Télam by Diego Moreno, associate researcher of the Economic Development program of the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth (Cippec), and Manuel Pérez Larraburu, head of Product in Energy and responsible for Business Development of the signature BGH Eco Smart. The beginning of the process of … Read more