Ranking Disney +: these are the favorite movies of the American public

The advance of the technology of the new millennium, added to the coronavirus pandemic that hit the international level, led citizens to seek new ways to enjoy cinema from the comfort of home. As a result, various streaming platforms have been born, as is the case with Disney +which has managed to take advantage of … Read more

The best films in the history of the Sitges Film Festival

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The 10 Disney + movies in the United States to get hooked on this day

The first film screening in history took place on December 28, 1895 in Paris, a historic event that was witnessed by 35 people and was directed by the Lumière brothers. In the new millennium, far away from that time, the way of making and watching movies has been totally transformed, proof of this is Disney+. … Read more

From A for Alien to Z for Zombie: A Fantastic Film Dictionary

Like every year since 1968, the Sitges Festival offers the best imaginable window into fantasy genre cinema: a landscape where terror, intrigue, scientific fiction or ‘thriller’ offer their fascinating (and almost always disturbing) vision of the world, both external and internal. A universe that is not always easy to enter, either because not everyone is … Read more

10 stupid cases in which theatergoers have asked for their money back

But I am astonished to read that spectators are requesting a refund of the amount of the tickets, because they expected… that it would be the second part! If they read decine21 or any other website of the competition, they would have found out that Avatar 2: The Water Sense, does not reach the screens … Read more

HBO alert: a recent sequel to a horror classic, which went unfairly unnoticed, leaves the platform soon

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More than One North Madrid, Monday, October 3, 2022

Red Itiner exhibition that can be seen at the Cultural Center, from September 21 to October 11 The colmenareño director Víctor Matellano is the curator of the exhibition ‘Madrid, setting for fantastic cinema’. Hand in hand with him, we go through the surprises that this sample of the Red Itiner has in store for us, … Read more

Disney+ ranking: these are the movies most watched by the American public

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Marvel Studios’ “Blade” movie is left without a director

Marvel revealed the date of some of its long-awaited films including Blade Almost a year after the new version of Blade hit screens around the world as part of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), it has been revealed that the story of this vampire has been left without its director Bassam Tarik … Read more