Eddie Munson could return in “Stranger Things 5” and defeat Vecna ​​based on the tradition of Dungeons and Dragons

Ads Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) can’t make it Unknown things 4 alive, but fans are hoping he will come back Unknown things 5. Find out how the beloved character could return as a sword-wielding vampire from the Dungeons and Dragons lore in future episodes of the Netflix series. Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson | Netflix … Read more

Peter Kürten, the Düsseldorf vampire who ended up on the guillotine

You are one click away from knowing the story better than anyone else. KNOW MORE Enjoy the special historical Atlas edition at a special price for being a subscriber. SEE MORE May 1930. Peter Kürten’s wife thought that her husband was playing a heavy joke on her when, while they were sitting in the living … Read more

Characters Who Have Appeared In The Most Episodes Of The Three Shows

The end of Legacy closed the door at 13 years of The Vampire Diaries supremacy on The CW, bringing back beloved characters and ironing out loose ends. While the showrunners say there are more shows in the works, they would be in “a different setting and with different characters.” For that reason, it’s the perfect … Read more

‘Dracula’: a classic of horror literature

This May 27 marks the 125th anniversary of the first edition of dracula (1897), the most famous book on vampires ever published and a great reference for horror stories. It is also the best-known work of the Irishman Bram Stoker (1847-1912), who throughout his life wrote dozens of articles, stories and novels. The book mixes … Read more

Every Character Revealed In Redfall’s Xbox And Bethesda Showcase Trailer

During the Xbox+ Bethesda Games Showcase, players were able to get an in-depth look at the playable characters in Arkane Austin’s new game, red fall. In this new trailer, players also got a first look at the gameplay of the game. This gameplay showed some of the differences between the characters and how the shooter … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder, 10 things to know | Nerd League

Today we present the 10 things to know about Thor: Love and Thunderthe Marvel Studios film just arrived in cinemas and which brings us back to the world (indeed, to the Multiverse) of the superheroes of the House of Ideas.An inevitable piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to the various cross-references to the rest … Read more

Taika Waititi, director of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: “Religions only cause problems”

The camera is turned on and Taika Waititi appears singing the journalist’s first name, mixing it with Spanish and Italian words. When she gets to the last name he gives up, and gives way to the interview this Tuesday at noon. This start says a lot about Waititi (Wellington, New Zealand, 46 years old), someone … Read more

Legacies Season 5 Would Have Introduced Child Of Vampire Diaries Characters

Whether Legacy season 5 had arrived, the series would have introduced the daughter of two major characters from The Vampire Diaries. Legacy is the second spin-off from the universe of The vampire diarywhich is adapted from the LJ Smith young adult novel series of the same name and began airing on The CW in 2009. … Read more

Little Vampire, by Joann Sfar. The review

Previewed in the Circus section of the Pesaro Film Festival, the animated film has as its extraordinary strength an amazing graphic realization ————————————————– ——— CINEMA SCHOOL OF WILD TRAILS: REGISTRATION OPEN YEAR 2022-23 ————————————————– ——— The imagery of the French designer Joann Sfar (told years ago by a beautiful documentary by Mathieu Amalric) is gaining … Read more