10 anime characters capable of defeating Goku!

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When talking about the strongest anime characters, Goku’s name hardly seems to be missing. But is he really as strong as everyone thinks he is? There is no doubt that the Saiyans have surprised us from time to time with their new, more powerful forms, especially Goku. However, as hard as it may be to believe, the Saiyan lags behind several anime characters.

Don’t worry, we won’t mention any Dragon Ball character names in the list (except one) to keep the list entertaining until the end. So, get ready to meet the characters from different anime universes that can end Goku’s reign.

Anos is exceedingly attractive for a race of demons and possesses a power that could put even the gods to shame. He may not look as tough and muscular as Goku, but his powers can blast the Saiyan to dust in no time. If you think Goku’s deadliest attacks like Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb can burn Anos to ashes, you’re wrong. He’s immortal, so no matter how much Goku attacks, Anos will come back to life every time.

The Voldigoad race is so destructive that they have trouble having children. In addition, the deaths and destruction around the fetus serve as food. Once he lifted a castle with one hand and twirled it on his index finger. When it comes to his full power, Anos is said to be able to destroy the universe using just his fist.

AntiSpiral (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)


AntiSpiral is a supreme lord of his universe and has been present since the creation of the universe. We can therefore compare it to the Grand Zeno of DBZ. Goku fighting AntiSpiral would be similar to fighting Grand Zeno, and we don’t need to tell you the results of that battle.

We will not dwell on the powers of AntiSpiral, but let’s say he can annihilate entire existence if he wishes. AntiSpiral doesn’t even have to fight Goku in the first place. Their unique powers, like Multiverse Labyrinth, can trap Goku’s consciousness by manipulating the multiverse, placing him in the imagery of infinite possibilities.

Rimuru has

Rimuru may seem helpless, but she can solder Goku and his friends simultaneously. At the start of the series, Rimuru was not very powerful. But, little by little, she acquires several fascinating magical abilities and unique skills that make her one of the strongest characters in the world of animation.

Now let’s talk about some of his powers that are way too extreme for Goku to handle. His ability to quickly regenerate from any damage would nullify all of Goku’s attacks. Next is her ability to manipulate time and space, through which she can stop time. Finally, she can instantly kill Goku with any of her deadly magic powers.

The Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The truth

The Truth is a fearless divine entity in the series Fullmetal Alchemist. There’s no reason for The Truth to fight Goku, because he’s just a bug to them. They are omnipresent and omniscient beings that serve as the consciousness of all living beings.

It’s hard to understand The Truth, but you can think of it as the water you drink, the air you breathe, or the land you live on. They are not an entity but a concept that is given form in the series. So even if Goku tries to kill The Truth, he would invite his own death.

Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lian)

She shows little to no interest in fighting Goku, as she usually prefers to be alone. All she needs is comfortable pajamas and someone to interrupt her in her bedroom, where she can spend most of her time. But let’s say Goku tricks Lian into fighting her; unfortunately, that would be the last battle he would fight.

Although Lian is a computer program serving as a barrier between the material world and the wired world, she has all the divine powers to defeat Goku easily. Some of his abilities include immortality, time manipulation, mind manipulation, regeneration, information manipulation, and more.

Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto)


Kaguya’s appearance shows that she is not someone Goku should bother with. She may lack physical strength compared to Goku, but her magical powers are powerful enough to send our poor Saiyan into a deep sleep. She was the first person of theNaruto universe to handle the Chakra on Earth.

Kaguya Otsutsuki is immortal because it can regenerate no matter how many times you badly hurt it. His deadliest attack (Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball) can reshape the world by turning it into empty space. But she won’t need to go that far, as her Infinite Tsukuyomi can put Goku into a state of illusion, after which the God Tree will absorb his Chakra.

Ryuk (Death Note)


Ryuk is the god of death, so how do you kill someone who is himself tasked by nature to take the lives of others? Goku may be the best martial artist in the world or have supreme powers, none of his powers can touch Ryuk. In fact, Ryuk can only become visible to the Saiyan if he is lucky enough to touch his Death Note.

Even if Goku manages to see Ryuk, he won’t be able to touch him.. As Goku tries with all his might to inflict damage on Ryuk, the Shinigami will laugh and write his name on his Death Note, giving the Saiyan a peaceful or most painful death.

Alucard (Hellsing)


Goku encountered several powerful creatures, most of which he wiped out. But his fight against this scary vampire from the series Hellsing will not be the same. Alucard does not take his fights seriously so as not to give free rein to his potential. But Goku will probably push him to the limit.

Once Alucard reaches the zero restriction state of the Art of Liberation, all the souls he has consumed will come to fight for him. After gaining full control of his powers, the Vampire King will maneuver into his most evil form. By transforming into a shadow, Alucard can be made immune to all of Goku’s attacks.

Saitama (One-Punch Man)


The question of which of the two superheroes is the most powerful has always been the subject of heated discussions. In the anime, we never saw the caped bald get serious, so he doesn’t seem that powerful at first. But in reality, if Saitama takes the fight seriously, no one can last long against him. One serious punch and Goku will be alive only in our memories.

Recent manga chapters have given us a good idea of ​​the power of Saitama. After Garou kills Genos, Saitama gets serious and uses Serious Series: Serious Table Flip attack, which turns the entire surface of Jupiter’s moon into debris. Most surprisingly, he sneezed during his fight against Garou, which nearly destroyed Jupiter.

Gohan Beast (Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Gohan Beast

This father-son duo will never happen. But, just for the sake of this list, if we think of them as fighters, Goku will lose to his son sooner or later. We’ve seen Goku’s potential many times, but the recent super hero movie clearly showed that Gohan might be more powerful than his father.

After Cell Max becomes too dominant, Gohan loses his temper and transforms into Gohan Beast, after which the fight against Cell Max becomes a joke as he destroys the Android with his special Beam Cannon attack. After seeing the transformation, Piccolo confirms that this is Gohan’s strongest transformation. Akira Toriyama also confirmed in one of his interviews that the Gohan Beast form makes him stronger than all the others.

10 anime characters capable of defeating Goku!