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Dead to Me, recently concluded, is, among other things, a reflection on the power of female friendship. Although the bond between Judy and Jen is at the heart of the series, their romantic attachments are also vital. Either way, however, their love life ends on sad notes, as Judy must leave her near-girlfriend behind and Jen must admit the truth about the accidental murder of her beloved’s brother.

In that sense, they’re both part of a long television history of beloved romances that, nonetheless, ended on a very sad note. In the world of television, it often happens that joy and sorrow remain closely linked.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

There are of course many important relationships in Game of Thrones, but the one that has become particularly important over the past few seasons has been that between Jon and Daenerys. Unbeknownst to them – at first – they are actually aunt and nephew, as Jon is the long-lost son of Rhaegar Targaryen.

Although there was a deep bond between the two of them, it all ended in tragedy when Jon had to face the terrible reality that Daenerys had succumbed to madness and become a tyrant in her own right. Whatever other flaws in the final season, the moment he had to kill the woman he loved was truly heartbreaking for Jon and the audience who cared about him and their bond.

Rose & Miles – The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls are widely regarded as one of the best sitcoms ever made. While the bond between the four women – Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia – was greater than any of their relationships with men, one of the most enduring romances was that between Rose and Miles. Despite all their differences, these two seemed made for each other.

However, it all ended sadly when, in the series sequel The Golden Palace, Miles cheats on Rose with another woman and eventually leaves her. To add insult to injury, Rose then has to plan the wedding, watching the man she loves marry someone else. It was a truly heartbreaking way to end a sweet romance.

Sookie & Bill – True Blood

Even though True Blood lost its way in its final seasons, for a while it was one of the best vampire series. At the heart of the show was the relationship between Sookie and Bill. Whatever their differences, the two seemed to complement each other like no other couple on the show did.

Unsurprisingly, given this is a series about vampires, the two ultimately faced a terrible choice, and Bill actually asked Sookie to give him the only gift she could: her own death. When she planted it in the heart, it was a heartbreaking moment for her and the audience who had invested so many seasons in their relationship.

Bob & Joyce – Stranger Things

Throughout its four seasons, Stranger Things has repeatedly shown why it’s one of the best shows on Netflix. That’s partly because he creates such compelling characters, and Winona Ryder’s Joyce is especially beloved.

Her relationship with Sean Astin’s Bob was one of the highlights of the show, as it gave this broken woman a chance to finally find happiness. Alas for both of them, he ultimately gave his life for hers, being brutally slain by the demonic monsters that had emerged from the Upside Down.

Finn & Rachel – Joy

There’s no doubt that, whatever flaws it might have had, Glee was a truly one-of-a-kind series, and it remains one of Ryan Murphy’s finest projects. In particular, he excelled at creating compelling relationships, and one of the most complex and richly textured was that between Rachel and Finn.

In their case, the sadness of their relationship came from the untimely death of actor Cory Monteith. It gave Rachel’s grief on screen real resonance, and Lea Michele gave viewers a heartbreakingly honest look at the toll that grief can have on a young person’s life in the episode honoring both Monteith and his character, “The Quarterback.” »

Lady Sybil & Tom – Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best period dramas. There are many notable romances on the show, but one of the most beloved was that between Irish chauffeur Tom Branson and Lady Sybil Crawley, one that crossed class and national lines.

Because viewers were asked to invest so heavily in their love for one another, Lady Sybil’s death from eclampsia was particularly heartbreaking. It was especially hard to watch Tom struggle with the aftermath of his beloved wife’s death, as well as his efforts to give their daughter the love her mother no longer could.

Lady Mary & Matthew – Downton Abbey

Lady Sybil and Tom were not the only notable romances at Downton, one of the most vital and important was that between Lady Mary and Matthew. Their romance was strained, given their initial dislike and hostility towards each other.

Gradually, however, they fell head over heels in love, and it was a real meeting of minds and spirits. That’s what made Matthew’s death in a car accident so terribly heartbreaking. It was a devastating blow for Mary and the audience, and while the latter eventually found happiness, nothing could match the undeniable chemistry between the two of them.

Derek Shepherd & Meredith Gray – Grey’s Anatomy

Besides being one of the best hospital dramas out there, Grey’s Anatomy has long been known for its rich exploration of the lives and loves of its characters. Few have reached the status of the romance between Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey, who are certainly one of the most iconic couples in television history.

As is often the case on television, however, their love was doomed to end in tragedy. Derek’s death was a heartbreaking and painful moment, especially because Meredith was the one who had to make the choice to remove the ventilators. Grey’s Anatomy broke Meredith’s heart, as well as those of her many viewers.

Wanda & Vision – WandaVision

There’s no doubt that WandaVision is one of the best MCU shows. With his in-depth look at the power of heartbreak, he showed that there’s still a lot of heart left in this particular franchise.

Throughout the show’s first season, viewers knew that Vision and Wanda’s bond was severed, if only for the reason that the former had already perished in the effort to defeat Thanos. What made it truly heartbreaking, however, was the ending, in which Wanda had to once again abandon the only person in the world who had loved her for who she truly was.

Ted & Alexis – Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is one of those feel-good shows that allows the viewer to truly fall in love with its characters, to feel with them as they engage in various romances. In this regard, it is worth noting in particular the relationship between Ted and Alexis who, after a few jolts, finally seemed to find happiness.

However, as their professional lives took them in different directions, they eventually had to face the unfortunate reality that they no longer really made sense as a couple. Although they parted ways on good terms, it was still quite sad to see them go their separate ways.

10 beloved TV romances that ended on a sad note | Pretty Reel