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Playing in theaters, Bones and All is one of those horror films that goes beyond its genre spectrum, telling a delicate story about accepting your true self and growing two’s point of view. young cannibals on the run.

Coming-of-age films tend to address the fear of the future and the frustrations of becoming an adult, themes that fit perfectly into a horror story when done well, elevating the drama and pushing the difficulties of growing up to heartbreaking extremes.

Super Dark Times (2017) – 90%

Viewers can totally trust the film’s evocative title; things get as dark as a coming-of-age movie can possibly get in Super Dark Times. The film follows two longtime best friends in crisis after a horrific accident leads to a cover-up, a secret that will escalate into an event of catastrophic proportions for everyone involved.

Super Dark Times might just be another kind of generic horror thriller best not to call the police if it weren’t for the powerful bond between the two main characters. There’s a harrowing dilemma that drives the narrative down a violent path, while touching on issues of trust and guilt.

Ginger Snaps (2000) – 90%

Ginger Snaps is an amazing monster movie that could easily have been an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the film, the friendship of two displaced sisters begins to crumble after one of them is attacked by a mysterious creature and begins to develop disturbing bestial behavior.

The high school storyline, contrasted with the trail of blood left by the film’s terrifying creature, leaves plenty of room for a good coming-of-age story, addressing different female perspectives through the eyes of the two sisters, who experience their sexuality to wake up and accept their adolescent frustrations.

The Witch (2015) – 90%

A great film about witchcraft, The Witch has a troubled teenager at the center of it all. The film is a chilling folk horror story about a family trying to wash away their sins through their reckless faith. When a bewildering evil befalls them, they blame their eldest son, Thomasin, unaware that a dangerous presence lurks in the woods.

The witch wouldn’t be half as effective if her story wasn’t told from Thomasin’s perspective. Viewers watch as her troubled soul oscillates between good and evil as she tries to understand her true nature and the evil that surrounds her.

We’re all going to the World’s Fair (2022) – 91%

One of 2022’s most innovative horror films, We’re All Going To The World’s Fair is a disturbing ode to a generation that grew up talking to strangers online and diving deep into the darkest depths. of internet. The film offers an immersive look into the virtual life of Casey, a teenage girl who begins to lose her footing in reality after participating in a mysterious horror role-playing game.

The intimate, first-person format of We’re All Going To The World’s Fair won’t suit everyone, but will hit close to home for those who’ve experienced the peak of creepypastas and horror forums over the past decade. . Viewers see reality and fantasy merge as Casey becomes more committed to the concept of the “World’s Fair.”

Carrie (1976) – 93%

One of the most iconic horror films of the ’70s, Carrie takes the underdog versus bully trope to unimaginable extremes. Carrie White is an introverted teenager troubled by her mother’s religious bigotry and constant abuse from her student peers. When an evil plan hatched by the school bullies coincides with Carrie’s discovery of telekinetic powers, a tragedy of unimaginable proportions occurs.

Besides being a well-written high school revenge horror, Carrie also makes some surprisingly poignant remarks about nature or the abuse, stress, and pressure on young people.

The Devil’s Backbone (2001) – 93%

The Devil’s Backbone is a chilling ghost story but also an insightful portrayal of wartime childhood. Directed by the talented Guillermo Del Toro, the film is set in the final days of the Spanish Civil War, following a newcomer to an isolated orphanage as he follows in the footsteps of the vengeful spirit of a young boy who haunts the place at night.

The film does a great job depicting how the horror of war corrupts the souls of people growing up in a scenario of violence, exposing a premature loss of innocence embodied by a resentful ghost.

Raw (2016) – 93%

Raw begins as a dark coming-of-age story about Justine, a displaced young woman who just started college and developed an insatiable craving for human meat after a prank.

Raw is a disturbing tale of sexual awakening and pent-up desires, taking an unconventional approach to a woman’s journey of self-discovery in the modern age. Graphic yet delicate, the film goes through all the stages of accepting a true self that society rejects as Justine embraces “impurity” without hesitation in order to rediscover the pleasures she has never known.

It Follows (2014) – 95%

It Follows features one of the most terrifying curses in all horror movies to expose the dangers of a sexually repressed youth, sexually transmitted diseases taking the form of a shape-shifting entity that tirelessly crawls towards its victims until whether she drives them mad or reaches them for a deadly touch.

The film becomes increasingly socially aware as each of the teenage characters comes up with a different plan to deal with the “monster”, though they never manage to come up with a solid solution. It is an evil that persists even after it is seemingly defeated and consumes body and soul whether or not it manages to reach its victim.

The Relatives (2009) – 98%

Brilliantly blending teen movie conventions with elements of a traditional slasher, The Loved Ones flips the classic Carrie plot piece as a spoiled teenager plans to kidnap her high school crush in order to force him to go. at the ball with her.

The Loved Ones delivers a rollercoaster of emotions and a clever flip of the papers, making audiences root for the popular, prodigious boy instead of the underdog, high school loser. The coming-of-age setup is brutally ambushed by horrors beyond belief when and takes well-known teenage tropes to disturbing yet rewarding extremes.

Let the Good In (2008) – 98%

Let The Right One In tells the story of the powerful bond between a vulnerable vampire trapped in a teenager’s body and a lonely twelve-year-old who dreams of getting revenge on his bullies.

The film reinvents the vampire genre through the melancholy perspective of the two characters. Although it has a good amount of blood and violence, the narrative is at its best when it tackles the protagonists’ delicate relationship as they learn important lessons about love, innocence and revenge, leading eventually to an unforgettable climax that collides with horror. elements with the delicate friendship of the two characters.

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