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The L Word: Generation Q season 3 brought more LGBTQ+ drama and stories that fans have already come to appreciate. Indeed, this Showtime series has already demonstrated a willingness to tackle tough issues, never losing sight of the fact that its main appeal is still its characters.

While there are many things that are unique about this particular story, it joins a number of other top TV series that either focus on members of the LGBTQ+ community or bonding and relationships. between women.

10/10 The L Word (2004-2009)

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Those who want to get an idea of ​​where Gen Q came from should definitely watch its parent series, The L Word. It’s one of those series that was groundbreaking in the truest sense of the word. It gave visual representation to lesbians at a time when they were largely excluded from the television world.

In particular, the series stood out for the extent to which it involved LGBTQ+ people in its production. And, just as importantly, it also depicted sex between women in a very different way from the more exploitative fashion common elsewhere in popular culture.

9/10 Queer As Folk (2022)

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Although it only lasted one season, the latest iteration of Queer as Folk was one of the best series on Peacock. Among other things, it involved a very diverse cast, which puts it very much in line with Gen Q, who are also looking to have a more representative set of voices at the table.

Sure, Queer as Folk didn’t shy away from sexual explicitation, but it always ensured that sex served the story rather than the other way around. As a result, it offered viewers a compelling and complex portrait of LGBTQ+ life in the third decade of the 21st century.

8/10 Queer As Folk (1999-2005)

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Like many other shows focused on the LGBTQ+ community, Generation Q is truly a product of its time. This is also the case with the first American version of Queer as Folk, which depicted the lives and loves of its various LGBTQ+ characters in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

The series remains notable for the frankness with which it portrays sexuality. At the same time, it also wasn’t shy about tackling bigger issues and demonstrated the many struggles that LGBTQ+ people have faced and continue to face, from parental acceptance (or lack thereof) to hate crimes.

7/10 Favorite (2022-present)

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Heartstopper has quickly established itself as one of the best series on Netflix. Focusing on the budding relationship between teenagers Nick and Charlie, it’s both understated and deeply resonant, capturing both the joys and pains of young love.

Like Gen Q, it gives the viewer characters they can really care about. And, what’s more, it’s extraordinary in that it creates a rather utopian world. While the homophobia is still there, it doesn’t define the characters and their journeys the way it might have in a TV series from an earlier era.

6/10 First Kill (2022)

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Part of what makes Generation Q such a remarkable series is how it explores the many facets of lesbian identity, in a world where this is still very much in the minority on mainstream television. Those who enjoy this aspect of the series will also enjoy First Kill.

Although it only lasted one season, this vampire series is still a fun watch. Among other things, it manages to pull romance and vampire storylines together quite effectively, and it gives viewers an updated, more nuanced take on the lesbian vampire trope.

5/10 Gentleman Jack (2019-2022)

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Generation Q, like many other LGBTQ+-focused series, is set in the present, but for those who love the show and want to get a sense of what community members’ lives were like in earlier times. Of the history. Gentleman Jack, for example, Anne Lister, who not only has a number of lesbian relationships, but also manages to build a secure life for herself.

The series is rich in period detail and draws on great performances, including Suranne Jones as Lister. And, because it’s based on her own journals, there are times when Lister herself draws attention to the narrative itself.

4/10 We are Lady Parts (2021-present)

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Generation Q has received praise for their willingness to embrace diversity, and a similar dynamic is at work in We Are Lady Parts, which centers on a group of young Muslim women who decide to form a punk rock band. . It’s a very hilarious series that nonetheless manages to address some of the serious issues faced by members of immigrant communities in the UK.

Above all, however, the series testifies to the enduring power of television series that take female friendship as their subject. Moreover, it also shows the subtle yet sweeping power that can emerge from representation.

3/10 Q-Force (2021)

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Q-Force is another one of those series that, despite only lasting one season, still managed to make an impression. Focusing on the (mis)adventures of a group of spies recruited and employed by the titular organization, it featured an embarrassment of riches when it came to its voice cast, which included the likes of Sean Hayes, Matt Rogers and Wanda Sykes.

Although he relied on stereotypes, he often did so with the aim of overthrowing them. More importantly, it allowed its characters to live unabashed lives, free to be themselves without fear or judgment.

2/10 Sex Education (2019–present)

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Few series have tackled sexuality with as much candor as Netflix’s hit series Sex Education. Although its main character is Otis, a young man who becomes a sex therapist for his classmates in high school, he later begins to expand his story, fully fleshing out his various characters.

While extremely funny at times, Sex Education is also very warm, touching, and emotional, and its inclusion of various LGBTQ+ characters makes it a good fit for Gen Q fans. It reveals just how life is. complicated, messy and joyful. young people maybe, and it’s anchored by terrific performances from its older and younger actors.

1/10 Girls5Eva (2021-present)

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In addition to focusing on the LGBTQ+ community, Generation Q is also notable for its emphasis on the power of female friendship. It’s also a thematic interest of Girls5Eva, which follows the members of a ’90s girl group after they decide to reunite in the present.

The series is one that never loses sight of the fact that it is meant to make audiences laugh. At the same time, there’s a warmth and authenticity to its story, and there’s a powerful chemistry among the cast that makes them impossible not to love.

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