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The Game Awards recently took place on December 8 with Elden Ring crowned Game of the Year. Steam, alongside PlayStation and Xbox, held a sale for many of this year’s Game Awards nominees.

Steam has been the primary source for the best games for PC gamers for nearly two decades and continues to provide fans with incredible titles from big names and indie developers. There are a plethora of games to choose from, but some games have made a name for themselves as fan favorites. Gamers have the ability to rate and review games on the platform, making it easy to see which titles have found a permanent place in fans’ hearts.

All data is from Steam250 and correct at the time of writing.

10/10 RimWorld – 8.74

RimWorld focuses on a group of characters who have crash-landed on a planet where they must survive and build a colony. The world expands as the player continues the game and expands his colony.

RimWorld keeps players captivated as they build their colony and focus on the story surrounding the characters. Players can push the narrative in different ways depending on their actions, which means every playthrough is different. RimeWorld also gives a constant sense of panic as players must also ward off incoming threats that can destroy their colony. This mechanic gives more life and length to the game.

Portal 9/10 – 8.74

Portal and its sequel Portal 2 are among the best puzzle games according to Reddit, which already highlights the dedicated fan following games. While the best aspect of Portal is undoubtedly the engaging puzzles, it also has an engrossing story with fantastic dialogue.

The only downside to this game is the fact that it’s incredibly short. However, despite this, it’s a fantastic experience that earned it a spot in the top ten games on Steam.

8/10 Euro Truck Simulator 2 – 8.76

Euro Truck Simulator 2 game allows players to drive semi trucks in Europe and deliver cargo on different routes. Completing tasks grants the player money and in-game experience which can then be used to purchase upgrades for various cosmetics and new vehicles.

The player can cross many countries and the game continues to receive updates that expand the scope of the map. The ability to traverse the landscape and see the serene nature is the only reason why fans love this game so much. The game is designed to provide a realistic experience and thus has become a beloved source of escape for many.

7/10 4 Deaths Remaining 2 – 8.78

Besides being one of the best first-person shooters of all time, Left 4 Dead 2 is the perfect game to play with others. There are five different game modes. including Campaign and Solo, as well as a ‘Realism’ mode that increases the challenge, giving players plenty of options to choose from.

While this game is all about teamwork, the single player mode allows fans to take on the challenge on their own. However, since it was designed to be a multiplayer experience, the game shines best when played with others. No discussion of the best co-op games is complete without mentioning Left 4 Dead and the sequel brings significant improvements to the original title, offering more gameplay options and advanced technology.

Playground 6/10 people – 8.79

People Playground is a quirky game that features obstacles in which the player has to kill various people. In many ways, the game is comparable to Crush the Castle and even Angry Birds.

Despite its Mincecraft-esue animated block style, the game is extremely violent and the player offers dozens of different methods to kill people. The content of the game means it’s surprising to see it rated so highly, but there’s plenty to do in the game and it offers players the chance to get creative with their ideas, albeit in a gory way.

5/10 Hades – 8.79

Hades is a spectacular dungeon crawler rooted in tons of great lore, mythology, mystery, discovery, and action. It’s the perfect game for any fan of Greek mythology and has become a must-have roguelike game for many fans. The game’s captivating storytelling and addictive gameplay have helped cement its popularity since its release in 2020.

In it, Zagreus attempts to escape the Underworld and as he dies players are sent back to the start to try again. This makes the game endlessly challenging and forces the player to keep doing better as they unlock more skills. This challenge, along with uncovered fantastic stories and stories, is what makes this game so great. Fans of the title will be delighted to learn recently that Hades is getting a sequel (by Supergiant Games).

4/10 Vampire Survivors – 8.80

Vampire Survivors is a new roguelike shooter released in October 2022. Players have the option to choose from a wide range of different characters to play, each offering variation in their abilities.

One of the most valuable aspects of any video game is the time a player can invest without the gameplay becoming boring or repetitive. The wide range of characters that players can choose to use solves this problem and provides new ways to take on the horde of enemies every time they play.

3/10 Stardew Valley – 8.82

Stardew Valley is a top-down RPG that ranks as the third highest rated PC game on Steam. Also available on Nintendo Switch, the incredible immersion it offers means it’s no surprise the game is so well received. Players are easily sucked in, quickly forgetting reality as they take over their lands growing various crops and raising livestock.

However, it is not just a farming simulation. Players can face many enemies, receive quests from NPCs, and even focus on building a family. With so much to do and so much freedom offered to players, it’s a title that fans have been coming back to and loving since its release in 2016.

2/10 Terrariums – 8.83

Terraria is arguably one of the best sandbox games of all time and gives the player ultimate freedom as they smash their way over enemies or smash their way through the ground below. The game is a perfect mix of creation and combat and is often compared to Minecraft but in 2D.

Giving players access to many events that they can experience alone or alongside their friends, there is a special twist to Terraria. The title offers addictive and memorable gameplay that fans continue to enjoy even after spending dozens of hours on it.

1/10 Portal 2 – 8.83

The sequel to the original portal has become even more popular than the first. The game features a fantastic story, amazing characters, a memorable soundtrack and, of course, brilliant puzzles. The game is also much longer than the first, offering a lot more secondary content than the original.

Although it is by no means a long game, players will feel satisfied with everything there is. Considering the success of the first game and the amount of discussion about this game online, it is not at all surprising how well rated the game is.

10 Best Steam Games of All Time, According to User Ratings | Pretty Reel