10 Comedy Trailers Funnier Than The Actual Movie

While comedies aren’t as beloved by many critics these days as dramas, it’s not completely hard to see why. Drama is universal, while comedy, by its nature, is subjective, and what is funny for one group of people may not be funny for another. When it comes to some comedies, what’s funny in a preview meant for a quick laugh might not be as fun when it spans a two-hour movie.

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With these movies, they can either make a movie a lot funnier than it is or give all the best jokes in the movie. Sometimes this misleads the audience; other times it makes them realize the jokes were funnier in small doses.

“The Internship” (2013)

To be the first comedy Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn done together after wedding crashesthe there was a lot of hope that this workplace comedy would recapture that same magic. The film features two middle-aged watch salesmen who decide to become interns at Google, dealing with their younger rivals, bosses, and colleagues.

With a trailer showing the two awkwardly attempting to bond with their fellow interns, it looked like they’d found a nice new environment. The film, however, ended up with an underdeveloped storyline and predictable moments. As a result, it looked more like a job posting for Google than a real movie.

‘Time Machine’ (2010)

This movie is a classic example of a comedy that delivered almost all of its best jokes in the trailer. It starts with three friends (and one of their nephews) taking a trip to their old ski resort to relax and unwind in an outdoor hot tub.

An accident later, they are returned to the 80s and must choose between keeping the past as it was or changing their future for the better. By the time the viewer watches the film, they probably won’t find much of a difference, as the trailer reveals the funniest bits of the overall premise.

‘Office Christmas Party’ (2016)

The trailer for this movie promised a fun, chaotic, and drug-fueled Christmas riot. A group of employees gather to celebrate a legendary Christmas party that spirals out of control. People end up getting hurt, property is destroyed, and there’s a lot of laughter.

With an all-star cast including jason batman, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munnand Kate McKinnon, it looked like one hell of a party. Unfortunately, audiences got a movie filled with unlikable characters and unrealistic plot beats. It was less of a modern party classic and more like the Project X Christmas special.

“A Million Ways to Die in the West” (2014)

After Seth McFarlane make a box with Ted, there was a lot of anticipation for his next film. What he came up with was undoubtedly unique – an old west comedy showing the exploits of a sheep farmer (played by McFarlane himself), his dissatisfaction with his place in history and his eventual confrontation with an Irish-accented outlaw (Liam Neeson).

Unfortunately, McFarlane’s mix of old-school sensibility and modern humor that thrived on bad taste didn’t win the same reviews this time around. But, at the very least, there were fun cameos from Doc Brown, Django, and Gilbert Gottfried.

“Dark Shadows” (2012)

Realized by Tim Burton and featuring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, the trailer promised a comedy about a man who a witch had cursed to become a vampire before being buried. He wakes up to rediscover his family estate – in 1972. The trailer then showed gags of this vampire trying to understand modern technology and sensibilities.

The film follows these gags, while awkwardly mixing them with real horror elements and family drama. Although somewhat more in keeping with the popular soap opera it was based on, the finished film was an atonal mess.

‘Epic Movie’ (2007)

Created by the infamous team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Selzer, it was a “crossover” for all the major blockbusters of the year. Sadly, it’s not so well remembered as one of the worst movies of all time.

Combining several cinematic plots (mainly narnia, Charlie and the chocolate factoryand The Return of Superman), it only exists as an excuse for a weird, crude mash-up. Still, the trailer’s jokes seemed to make audiences laugh and earned $89 million at the box office (several times its $20 million budget).

“This is the end” (2013)

The second movie of Seth RogenPoint Gray Pictures’ company is fun but much darker than the trailers let on. Taking a metatextual approach with its plot, the film involves a group of male celebrities, led by Rogen and Jay Baruchelthrowing a party, but are soon forced to face the kidnapping apocalypse.

As the title suggests, it was the end of the world, so there was a lot of laughs in the previews. Still, the film was much darker than the promised previews, full of murder, cannibalism and questionable behavior towards Emma Watson.

“Diary of a Crazy Black Woman” (2005)

The trailers and posters of this Tyler Perry The film introduced audiences to their beloved character Madea. A tough, wise, gun-toting, religiously devoted grandmother who dominated the marketing of this heavy-themed comedy-drama.

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The film is about his granddaughter Helen (Kimberly Elise) dealing with her abusive marriage, being the titular crazy real black woman. Although Madea is an essential and fun character, the film focuses much less on her and her hijinks than the trailers and later films in her series suggest.

‘Bridesmaids’ (2011)

While critics and audiences fondly remember the film, it’s not as funny as one might expect. Bridesmaids promised a film about a group of women preparing for a wedding – a gendered variant of something like wedding crashes.

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With rave reviews dominating the bill and Melissa McCarthy even getting an Oscar for her performance, she presented herself as a great ensemble comedy. But the movie itself focuses on one bridesmaid in particular, Annie (Kristen Wiig), and his self-destructive behavior which, while funny on several occasions, is played even more directly for the drama.

‘The Hangover Part II’ (2011)

The first one Hangover The movie was a surprise hit, so it only made sense that its sequel would be highly anticipated. After the events of the first film, the wolf pack goes to Stu’s house (Ed Helms) wedding in Bangkok, only to wake up with no memory of the night before.

It was a rehash of the first film, which was set in Bangkok instead of Vegas. The same characters return (even mike tyson came back), similar gags and frequent jokes about how they ended up in exactly the same situation. But aside from being a fun anecdote in the trailer, the film tries (and fails) to follow through on that premise.

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