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Content Warning: The following article contains discussions of extreme violence, sexual assault, and suicide.

Next year will be the fifteenth anniversary of the first Twilight movie, and while it was heavily criticized in its day, Twilight Rebirth on TikTok showed the importance of returning to the series. For teenage girls and young adult women in particular, Twilight was fundamental to their understanding of romance, and they were frequently criticized for it.

While most people know Twilight as a romance series, it gets very dark at times. This is especially true when it comes to vampire stories, with many men with violent pasts and tragic women. It is important to take a critical look at this cultural phenomenon because, like so many properties aimed at women and girls, it is so easily overlooked. Many characters have suffered horrific trauma, and those stories are important to address.

Bree Tanner

The central character of the short story The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner captured the tortured existence that so many women in the Twilight Saga were used to. Bree’s father was physically abusive towards her and her mother, whom he killed when she was a child. When she finally escaped him, she was briefly homeless before being forced into Victoria’s army. She surrendered, but was still tortured and killed.

In many ways, Bree represented the ultimate innocent. She had been victimized all her life and wanted nothing more than to be safe. The sheer brutality of its backstory and its ultimate fate suggests that innocence cannot survive in the Twilight universe.


Benjamin is a member of the Egyptian clan, though his relationship with them is strained. As a child, Benjamin was orphaned and taken in by an uncle who took advantage of his abilities. A vampire named Amun killed his uncle, kidnapped and turned him, then held him captive for five years. Benjamin eventually escaped and reunited with the woman he loved, but then returned with her to Amon’s care.

Benjamin was seen as a pawn in the larger conflict between the Volturi and the Egyptian clan. He proved he knew his own strength when he chose to fight with the Cullens, but by continuing to stand by Amun, fans have to wonder if he suffered from Stockholm Syndrome.

Lea Clearwater

Although Jacob called her a “harpy” for being upset by a tragically unfair situation, Leah Clearwater is a likeable character. After having a devoted relationship with her for three years, Sam Uley disappeared for two years, returned acting weird, and then promptly left her for his cousin. Leah then took on her wolf form, which killed her father and forced her into Sam’s pack.

Leah endured all the negatives of being a werewolf, with no upsides. She lost the man who had claimed to love her and was then forced into a telepathic bond with him that forced her to obey his commands. She also questioned her value as a wolf for being a woman and as a woman for not having children, which was heartbreaking. Although his tragedies were less extreme than others, they were no less painful.


For one of the most powerful vampires in history, Marcus’ backstory is surprisingly gruesome. He fell in love with Aro’s sister, Didyme, who had the power to make anyone around her happy. They decided the Volturi weren’t what they wanted, but as they planned to leave, Aro killed Didyme and used another vampire’s power to force Marcus to remain loyal to him for thousands of years. ‘years.

While this story seems tame compared to the trials that many other characters have faced, it shows what a villain Aro really was. His feud with the Cullens had some validity, but his treatment of his supposed friend shows how little Aro valued free will.


Many fans know little more about Esme than the fact that she was Carlisle’s wife and the “mother” of the Cullen family. However, her backstory has been explored in the Official Illustrated Guide, and understanding who Esme is is key. Her husband was violent and she had to flee to protect her child, who ended up dying two days after birth. Having lost everything, she attempted suicide and was only saved after being taken to the morgue.

This seems like incredibly relevant information, especially considering Esme’s choice to help Bella have her child, as she also gave her life for the love of a child.


Nahuel is one of the only hybrids in the world and the only known male hybrid. But whereas Renesmée was born out of love, Nahuel was born to be a weapon. He killed his mother during childbirth and bit his aunt, making her his lifelong companion. In his mind, his mother was an angel he killed, and his father was a monster he was trying not to be like.

If Renesmee showed the good that could come from a human and a vampire, Nahuel was bound to blame himself for the bad. Like Hope Mikaelson of The Originals and Legacies, he saw himself as a mistake that caused the deaths of everyone he loved, and while he was able to heal some of that self-hatred after meeting the Cullens, he will be difficult to undo 150 years of guilt in a single encounter.


Victoria was one of the main villains of the Twilight series, but her story is pitiful. She and her sister grew up as servants in their father’s household, often abused. They fled and her sister became a sex worker before disappearing, forcing Victoria into captivity and then onto the streets. Her sister eventually returned and turned Victoria, only for their clan to be slaughtered by the Volturi.

If Victoria had been in a different franchise, she might have been a much more popular character, as villains with tragic backstories have won many fans on TVD. Victoria spent her whole life playing defense, and when she finally fought back, she was portrayed as evil.

Alec and Jane

Alec and Jane were high-ranking members of the Volturi in Twilight, but their pasts are pretty gruesome. Over a thousand years before the events of the series, they were born with psychic abilities. In response to these abilities, they were accused of being wizards and burned at the stake. Aro saved them, but not before they felt the pain of being burned alive.

The twins were transformed around 12 or 13, so they were permanently stuck with the minds of children who only knew pain. It then presented itself through their powerful gifts. Although they both seemed happy to torture and kill on a whim, their stories clearly show how little life they ever got to live.


Rosalie’s story is probably the best known, but fans may not remember how brutal it was. Rosalie’s fiancé and his friends physically and sexually assaulted her shortly before their wedding, leaving her to die in the street. As a vampire, she responded by brutally torturing and killing each of the men who injured her.

In many ways, Rosalie is the classic example of the revenge movie heroine, first hurt by the men she trusted, then made to pay for it. But rather than feel better for it, she was trapped in a life where she could never have the human things she wanted. Although a generally unlikable character, Rosalie’s death and vampiric life were both tragedies.


Although Alice is one of the most optimistic characters on the show, she has had a horrific past. She foresaw her own mother’s murder but could not prevent or avenge it. Her father tried to kill her and succeeded in having her locked up in a psychiatric hospital where she lost her memory. She was picked up by one of the workers, but he died trying to protect her from James. By becoming a vampire, she lost even more of her memories, leaving her a blank slate influenced by her visions of the future more than her past.

Indeed, the Alice that fans came to love didn’t actually exist as a human being. The girl whose life was all pain died because of what others did to her, and a completely different person was born. This complicates the idea that Bella could have been the same person before and after the transition.

10 darkest stories of Twilight characters | Pretty Reel