10 details you never noticed in these teen series

Winks to other series, unusual details or even clues to the rest of the plot, here are 10 things you had never noticed in these teen shows iconic.

Update: This article: “10 details you never noticed in these teen series” was released on April 6, 2021.

Series clash: when The Scott brothers to make fun of Dawson

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During the cult episode “One hour to change everything” in The Scott brothers, the students of Tree Hill High School are brought together in pairs for an exercise. At some point, they have to impersonate a celebrity or a well-known character. It is then that we can see Haley doing an imitation of Joey, one of the heroines of the series Dawson.

“I’m sorry Dawson, I love Pacey” she said then, in reference to the iconic Dawson/Joey/Pacey love triangle in the 90s series. It’s funny when you know that The Scott brothers was more or less inspired by Dawsonor that Chad Michael Murray played in it.

That hilarious detail you never noticed in pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars hanna fridge

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There aren’t just hidden clues here and there to -A’s identity in pretty Little Liars, there are also downright unusual details. This is the case, for example, of this tube of nail polish that can be seen in Hanna’s refrigerator. No, you’re not dreaming. We agree there is only our national Hanna to do something like that, huh?

The wink of 90210 to the original series beverly hills in the pilot

90210 beverly hills

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In episode 1 of season 1 of 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation, a certain Hannah Zuckerman-Zasquez presents the morning news at West Beverly High School. Seeing her on the screen, prof Ryan Matthews drops a “She’s what, 30?” ». This is a reference to the fact that Gabrielle Carteris who played Andrea Zuckerman – aka Hannah’s mother – in the original series Beverly Hills 90210 was close to 30 years old.

The announcement of Buffy’s death in buffy the vampire slayer

buffy death date announcement

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buffy the vampire slayer is a series that is full of key details and clues on the rest of the plot. Evidenced by episode 22 of season 3, which serves as final season. During a dream of Buffy, Faith says to the heroine: “Little Miss Muffet counts down from 730”. 730 is the number of days left for Buffy before she dies. The heroine sacrifices herself in episode 22 of season 5 – either 730 days or two years later – to save the world. Note that the translation of this sentence in VF gives “Maybe you could go play hopscotch in the yard”.

When Bonnie calls Elena “Nina” in The Vampire Diaries

elena the vampire diaries

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Sometimes actors make a mistake and call their co-star by their real name in the series. This is the case of Kat Graham (Bonnie) who, during a scene in episode 11 of season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, called Nina Dobrev (Elena)… Nina! As you can imagine, the passage was obviously not kept during the editing. Nevertheless, this deleted scene is available on the web and can be viewed right here (at 0:46). It is priceless !

The reference of gossip girl to pretty Little Liars

gossip girl pretty little liars

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Did you notice this easter egg to pretty Little Liars in gossip girl ? In Season 5 Episode 3, Dan receives the book he wrote along with a note saying “The beginning of the adventure. -HAS “. If our seriesphile mind directly associates the -A signature with the great villain of pretty Little Liarsit is actually the first letter of Alessandra Steele’s name in the context of gossip girl. Nevertheless, one cannot help but see in it a nod to pretty Little Liars from the producers.

Brittany’s absence in the pilot episode of Glee

glee santana quinn cheerleaders pilot


There are sometimes changes of actors – even very short changes – between the pilot episode of a series and the following ones. This is the case in Glee where it is possible to note the absence of Brittany. If you look closely, the cheerleader is absent from the group of friends unlike Quinn and Santana who appear in the foreground. The reason is simple: Heather Morris had not yet been cast and his character wasn’t even supposed to exist in Glee !

A nod to Taylor Swift in 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why taylor swift

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In episode 10 of season 1 of 13 Reasons Whyit is possible to see a poster of the album 1989 by Taylor Swift on the walls of Liberty High. What if Selena Gomez had something to do with it? The superstar, producer of the Netflix series, is very good friends with Taylor Swift. We can therefore ask the question.

The funny connection between the series Newport Beach and 90210

naomi 90210 newport beach

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In episode 24 of season 1 of 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation, Naomi finds out that her boyfriend Liam cheated on her at the after-prom party. A few years earlier, in episode 23 of season 3 of Newport Beach to be precise, AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi de 90210) played a girl Volchok cheats on Marissa with on prom night…Geez, karma is a bitch.

The reference to High School Musical in Hannah Montana

corbin bleu hannah montana high school musical

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We love it when Disney Channel series or movies make small references to each other. In episode 29 of season 2 of Hannah Montana, the pop star dines with Johnny, played by Corbin Bleu. The latter is none other than the interpreter of Chad, Troy’s best friend in High School Musical.

When Hannah asks him how his studies are going in Arizona, he tells her that he plays a lot of basketball and says that it was difficult to “get my head in the game” (“have the head to play”). This is an obvious nod to the title “Get’cha Head In The Game” that Corbin Bleu performs with Zac Efron, and the whole basketball team, in High School Musical.

10 details you never noticed in these teen series