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Born in Connecticut on April 13, 1988, Allison Williams is one of the most fascinating and versatile actresses of her generation. Ranging from horror to comedy and fantasy – she was among the stars of A series of unfortunate events – proved to deserve its place in the Olympus of Hollywood. Here are five curiosities about her.

With mom, Jane Gillan Stoddardtelevision producer, and the father, Brian Williamconductor of theNBC Nightly NewsAllison could only take the path of showbusiness. Acting must have been running through his veins if, while he was studying English at Yale, he was a part of the comedy improv troupe Just Add Water.

Allison Williams in Get Out

Allison Williams in Get Out – Photo Source: Ansa

Very active on YouTubeeither with one web series by title College musicals both with some personal videos, is discovered thanks to a mash-up done between songs Nature Boy And A Beautiful Mine (theme by Mad Men). Judd Apatow he notices her and proposes her the role of Marnie in Girlswhere he serves as an executive producer.

In more than 50 episodes, for 6 seasons, from 2012 to 2017, Williams gained the attention of the general public. Created, interpreted and produced by Lena Dunhamthe series aired in Italy on MTV (and on cable channel HBO, USA) and won a Golden Globes for Best Musical or Comedy Series.

But the real springboard for Allison Williams comes in 2017, with the surprising and appreciated Escape – Get Out Of Jordan Peele. After the triumph of the film at the Oscars, her name begins to circulate in the environment. Since January 4, 2023 he has been in cinemas with horror films M3gan. And now let’s find out the 5 curiosities related to the actress.

Five curiosities about Allison Williams starting with Peter Pan

Like all children in the world, Allison Williams also had a passion she never separated from. For the American actress, this she took the form of nothing less than Peter Pan. But how could she ever have imagined of being able, one day, to take on the role of his favorite of hers?

Well, it will not be a feat for few, but Williams has done it. We are in 2014 and NBC commissions the production of Peter Pan Live!edited by Neil Meron And Craig Zadanin which Allison stars, along with Christopher Walken (who plays Captain Hook). According to the statement of the actress, the most difficult thing was not to fly, but rather to direct the flight.

The letter to RL Stine and the fear of ventriloquists

Another curiosity related to childhood concerns the figure of Allison Williams. In fact, in 1996, at the age of 8, she wrote a letter to RL StineAmerican author and publisher, known to the public for the series of children’s novels entitled Little shivers. And right from there comes her fear of her ventriloquists, which prevents her from entering a room if she only glimpses one…

Now grown up, the actress told her experience to Seth Meyersduring an episode of Late Night. As in any self-respecting beautiful fairy tale, that little girl with a vivid imagination has, of course, received an answer. Only she had to wait 18 years: in 2014, in fact, the 26-year-old Williams receives an answer to her letter, from RL Stine himself!

Dress up as a royal

Allison Williams’ personality also comes out from her previous experiences in the entertainment world. In 2011 she embarked on an enterprise as amusing as it was successful: a series of 4 episodes entitled Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After.

It’s about some sketches for funny or die, in which he gave life to none other than Kate Middleton. The caricature of the new royal bride has met with great success, thanks to Allison’s irony and her versatility. At her side, the actor and model Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Hill House), as Prince William.

Allison Williams – Photo source: Ansa

Be part of a secret society

Perhaps not everyone knows that in American colleges there are student associations that take the form of secret societies (or brotherhoods) and which follow the models of the past. Obviously these are organized groups, the purpose of which is to create solid ties and guide its followers in choosing which way to go.

Williams herself took part in it, during her years at Yale: the St Elmo Society o Elmo’s was founded in 1889 and has 8 women and 8 men each year.

A Viking boyfriend

Although she is not a gossip and paparazzi girl, Allison Williams has a sentimental curriculum as a true Hollywood diva. After a rather short marriage (which lasted 4 years) with the entrepreneur Ricky Van Veento whom she was engaged for 19 months, and officiated by Tom Hanksthe actress has definitely changed course.

Indeed, she was photographed, admired and envied on the most recent red carpets – see the premiere of M3gan – in the company of Alexander Draymonprotagonist of the series The Last Kingdom. The engagement between the two was announced on December 9, 2022, after 3 years of relationship.

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