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From Cyberpunk: Edgerunners to Demon Slayer, one would be hard pressed to find an anime series that doesn’t lean into fan service when it comes to its sexually suggestive imagery and character designs to maintain the intrigue and excitement of His public. There are several shows that have proven that fan service can be handled with taste and subtlety, but those who invest in anime for characters and story are often put off by those who go a bit too far.

A little fan service can go a long way, and while there are those who see it as a benefit, there are many in the anime community who see excessive amounts of it as an unnecessary detriment. In fact, several Reddit users claimed that it even resulted in some of their favorite shows being completely ruined for them, and continued to openly express their disgust for those who did.

Code Geass (2006–2008)

Code Geass tells the story of an exiled prince who revolts against an all-powerful empire. With its engaging plot and fast-paced action, this might not seem like the kind of anime that would need a lot of fan service to keep viewers’ attention, but much to the chagrin of many (and the joy of others ) it does exactly that.

Editor AnnaTheBabe admitted to dropping Code Geass halfway through, as they say “fan service kept me from taking the show seriously.” In a response, the user much more agreed that the fan service “makes it impossible” to recommend the series “as a politically oriented anime to a wider non-animated audience” and that it “definitely limits what the series could have been “.

Food Wars (2015 – )

Among a select group of surprisingly educational anime, Food Wars has earned a mixed reputation for its use of fan service. While the show does not fail to trigger appetites with its satisfying cooking scenes, it does maintain the potential to alienate some viewers as several episodes also contain a good amount of PG-13 level nudity, especially during scenes involving tasting food.

In their same initial post, AnnaTheBabe also mentioned how fan service got in the way of their love of Food Wars slightly, saying “I hate that I can’t watch it in public. As charming and entertaining as the show’s premise and characters are, it can distract anyone unwilling or unable to look past the constant sexual innuendos.

Mayo Chiki! (2011 – )

It may look like a wholesome romantic comedy on its surface, but after a few episodes, viewers of Mayo Chiki! may find that its images are not as healthy as they might have thought. When it comes to harem anime, fan service streaks are almost inevitable, but this is a series that viewers say would have been better off not having it at all.

For Reddit user Avery-Bradley, if it hadn’t been for his excessive fan service, “This would have been a PERFECT rom-com series,” even admitting that they “actually got pissed off watching emotional or serious scenes ruined” by this.

Fire Force (2019)

Fire Force has become one of the most popular anime over the past couple of years, but not without its fair share of criticism. Even among its most dedicated fans, the series has faced some serious backlash against its approach to fan service, especially with the continued use of the character Tamaki as a prime target for brazen sexual exploitation.

Countless Redditors have called out the show for it, to the point where user RoshanGill441 admitted, “I dropped that shit in Season 1 and never watched it again. While that didn’t exactly spoil the show for Redditor Cheetah357, they did admit that it “made it a little less enjoyable”, while also acknowledging that the second season had “cut back on Tamaki’s fan service” .

Sword Art Online (2012 – )

While the Sword Art Online fanbase praised him for his story ideas and for having one of the best shonen anime romances, there have been other aspects throughout the series that continue to divide them. The series is infamous for the not-so-subtle approach it takes to its fan service and the arguably gratuitous and over-the-top sexualization of its female characters.

Alfheim’s arc in the second half of the first season caught Redditor cometsighted1 off guard, especially with a scene (one that practically bordered on hentai territory) in the subplot involving Asuna, saying, “All the story with Asuna bothered me, and it just got weird watching that sprawling snail scene. The franchise toned it down (for the most part) with the most recent season, as well as the progressive movies, but it’s still a common occurrence.

Fairy Tail (2009 – 2019)

With magic, wizards, dragons and swordplay, Fairy Tail is an anime that has something for all fantasy fans. However, it’s also one of those rare anime that has not only been criticized for sexualizing its female characters, but also its male characters.

Star-Kanon called the show’s handling of fan service “extremely poor”, as well as “unnatural and 100% commercial”. They also went on to say that not only did it feel out of place with the established aesthetic of the show and the world it is set in, but it also “weakens the plot and the characters.”

The Seven Deadly Sins (2014 – 2021)

Even though The Seven Deadly Sins has been acclaimed for the strength of its female characters and its depth, the way the series has also gone out of its way to overly sexualize them has been an ongoing gripe among part of its fan base. . Set in the Middle Ages, this fantasy anime revolves around a group of disbanded knights who reunite to vindicate themselves and take back their kingdom from a tyrannical new ruler.

It seems that even those like Redditor Intelligent_Worker, who willingly tried to give the show a second chance, just couldn’t get past the excessive fan service, saying it was all “too much.” I know it’s a good story, but I just can’t handle it. »

High School of the Dead (2010)

There’s a lot of media to choose from in the zombie genre, but when it comes to the best zombie anime, High School Of The Dead is the one that gets talked about often. While it has all the violent action and intensity one could want from a show set in a zombie apocalypse, it also has a strong habit of blatantly over-sexualizing its main female characters.

Although Redditor RimuZ were impressed with the show’s premise and action, calling it “a really solid zombie apocalypse show,” they also criticized its over-the-top fanservice, saying “the action or the tension is completely ruined” and that the show “would have been perfectly fine without these pieces. User YourNameHere___ also acknowledged that his sexual images “made it hard to watch.”

Witches Strike (2008 – )

Set in an alternate World War II, Strike Witches is a surprisingly powerful feminist anime, which Sailor Moon fans are sure to enjoy. Of course, while the show features a healthy dose of female empowerment, its main characters are also depicted wearing high-tech leg armor instead of actual pants, resulting in several shots that are sure to be missed. to make some viewers uncomfortable.

Redditor k4r6000 praised Strike Witches as a “legitimately good show with appealing characters” and acknowledged that “the creators actually put a lot of effort and research into it” regarding its historical references. However, they also believe that its fan service distracts from all of its best aspects, claiming that the way the main characters “don’t wear pants” is “the only thing anyone knows about it”.

Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu (2016)

They may not be as over the top as in other anime, but Monogatari’s fanservice moments have been reported by its fans as a serious distraction. The series follows a boy who decides to help a group of girls against various supernatural phenomena after surviving a vampire attack.

While the fan service wasn’t enough to completely ruin the show for them, Reddit user Goldenfox299 wished they had toned it down, saying it was “too much” and “very scary to watch at times.” “. Although user Kinestezja admitted that he still loved the show despite the fan service, he was disturbed by it, saying “I hate it with all my heart.”

10 Great Anime Series Ruined By Fan Service, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel