10 series actors who have found their look

Some casting directors have eagle eyes to detect similarities between series actors. Here are 10 comedians who had no more and no less than a look-alike to play their younger version.

[Mise à jour : cet article a été publié en juillet 2020 et mis à jour en janvier 2023]

It seems that we all have a doppelganger somewhere in this world. These actors from popular series can probably attest to this… But are we really talking about doubles when several years apart separate the two? In any case, these stars have all found young actors with striking resemblance to embody the same character at different stages of his life.

Susan Kelechi Watson aka Beth in This is Us

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With multiple timelines, the drama series requires seeing the characters at multiple ages in their lives. It must be said, at This is Usthe choice of younger actors has been mastered from A to Z. Special mention for the young Rachel Naomi Hilson who shares several physical traits in common with Susan Kelechi Watson who plays Beth.

Kerry Washington aka Mia in Little Fires Everywhere


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How Tiffany Boone is the lookalike of Kerry Washington? For Hulu’s new miniseries, Little Fires Everywherethe young actress played Mia Warren, the heroine of the series, in her youth.

Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester in supernatural


© Warner Bros.

The fans of supernatural are unanimous: the choice of child casting deserves a good 10/10. And it’s true that Colin Ford, who plays Sam Winchester as a child, looks a lot like Jared Padalecki, the mythical interpreter of the hero of supernatural. Both have the same small almond eyes!

Claire Holt aka Rebekah Mikaelson in The Originals


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To camp Rebekah Mikaelson in the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, it was necessary to find a young blonde actress, with features similar to those of Claire Holt. We can say that it was a successful bet with Callie McClincy who delivered a stunning performance!

Kiernan Shipka aka Sabrina Spellman in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


© Netflix

If we were to award the prize for the best look-alike, it would most certainly go to the young actress Mckenna Grace. The resemblance between her and Kiernan Shipka is striking and one wonders if the two young girls are not sisters…

Chris Colfer aka Kurt Hummel in Glee


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You have to see Adam Kolkin evolve to realize how much the young actor looks like two drops of water to Chris Colfer, whom he supports by being the child version of Kurt Hummel in the legendary Ryan Murphy series, Glee. Besides, the two actors even posed side-by-side after the fact and it’s…disturbing.

Hannah Simone aka Cece in New Girl


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Does Hannah Simone have a lookalike? Indeed, Jaidan Jiron can boast of having been a teenage Cece almost truer than the actress herself! No really, the choice of actress to bring back Cece (Jess’s BFF in New Girl) in his college years is absolutely we point.

Ginnie Goodwin aka Snow White in Once Upon a Time



We would be on the verge of betting that Ginnifer Goodwin (who we also saw in Why Women Kill), looked like Bailee Madison as a child. For Once Upon a Time, the young actress plays Snow White in her childhood. And the least we can say is that she looks a lot like her! Well ok, the two are almost look-alikes.

Sydney Sweeney aka Cassie in Euphoria



Are we seeing double? Most likely. Left, Kyra Adler, right, Sydney Sweeney. The two played Cassie, one of the heroines of Sam Levinson’s series, Euphoria, at different stages of his life. Same baby face, same teeth, even the nose and eyes of the two young girls are alike. Disturbing.

Sterling K. Brown aka Randall Pearson in This is Us


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We already noted this at the beginning of the article, but This is Us really rocked with the choice of actors to play his younger characters. Most fans were amazed by the resemblance between Lonnie Chavis, aka Randall as a child, and Sterling K. Brown, aka Randall as we know him as an adult. Many fans have found that the two actors had, among other things, the same smile! Lonnie Chavis future official lookalike of Sterling K. Brown? Maybe !

10 series actors who have found their look-alike to play their younger version