10 Times Series Pregnancies Lasted Way Too Long (Or Not Long Enough!)

You thought a pregnancy lasted 9 months? Not in TV series! Of Friends at Vampire Diaries Passing by Virgin RiverHere are 10 pregnancies whose length has fans baffled.

Hayley- The Originals

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Many fans of the series The Originals noticed that something was wrong with Hayley’s pregnancy. In the series, it is said that Hayley and Klaus conceived Hope in March 2011 while the latter was born in May 2012. When we calculate everything, we come across a pregnancy of no less than 14 months! We can say that Hope, the daughter of Klaus and Hayley is really a hybrid like no other.

Rachel- Friends

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Series Friends has had a few significant pregnancies like that of Phoebe during season 4 or that of Rachel in season 7. Regarding the character played by Jennifer Aniston, the writers had to slightly forget their biology lessons since she remained pregnant for almost a year! As a reminder, we learn that she is pregnant at the wedding of Monica and Chandler in episode 17 of season 7 which takes place on May 15. And at the end of Season 8, it’s announced that Rachel is due to give birth a week before Joey’s movie is due to be released on Memorial Day weekend, which is always the last Monday in May. We understand better why Rachel was in a hurry to get it over with!

Bernadette in the series The Big Bang Theory



In episode 15 of season 9 titled “Valentino’s Submergence”, viewers find out Bernadette’s character is pregnant just before Valentine’s Day, which, as you know, is February 14th. However, the one who is in a relationship with Howard ended up giving birth on Amy’s birthday, December 15. 10 months of pregnancy, it may be a bit long…

Caroline and Joe – Vampire Diaries


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In the series Vampire Diaries, Jo becomes pregnant right after Liz’s death, and Caroline (who inherits Jo’s pregnancy after her death) does not give birth until April of the following year. Knowing that Damon was stuck in the Phoenix Stone for three months after Christmas and that Caroline gives birth only three episodes later. Another pregnancy that lasts a year in short!

Cersei- Game Of Thrones



If the last two seasons of Game Of Thrones are full of inconsistencies, the one on Cersei’s pregnancy is no exception! Jaime’s sister announces to her that she is pregnant during episode 5 of season 7. And in the last episodes of season 8, Cersei does not actually display a rounded belly. Granted, between these two episodes, many events took place between these two episodes such as the capture of the Wight, the Great Battle of Winterfell and the Devastation of Port-Réal by Daenerys.

Charmaine in the series Virgin River


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Many fans of the series Virgin River laughed at the inconsistencies in the series’ temporality, but the detail that most animates Internet users is Charmaine’s eternal pregnancy. Indeed, Jack’s ex-girlfriend has been pregnant with twins since season 1 and has still not given birth in season 4 since it is said that she has been pregnant for only five months. Either there’s a lot going on in the town of Virgin River, or Charmaine has the slowest pregnancy in the world.

Haley- The Scott brothers

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Some pregnancies last forever, others, on the contrary, seem much too short. In The Scott brothers, Haley finds out she is pregnant with her first child and announces it to Nathan Scott in Season 4 Episode 5, only one episode before Nick tells Brooke that she only has three months left. ‘school. But at the end of season 4, the character played by Bethany Joy Lenz breaks her water during the high school graduation before giving birth to Jamie. Yes, the calculations are wrong…

Shirley in the series Community



In the series Community, the character played by Yvette Nicole Brown, Shirley discovers that she is pregnant during season 2, just before the Halloween episode. Except that she gives birth during the mid-term exams, that is to say 6 months later. So a bit short.

Amy- Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy’s character flaunts a well-rounded belly during Season 7 during Halloween…before giving birth shortly after Easter, at least 6 years later. Which is quite amusing when you know that her interpreter, Melissa Fumero, became pregnant during season 3, a pregnancy then impossible to integrate on the screen, hence the many efforts made to conceal her little belly.

Quinn in the series Glee


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Who remembers Quinn’s milestone pregnancy in Glee ? In season one, she becomes pregnant with Puck (not Finn as she initially claims) around the start of the school year before giving birth to Beth during Regionals, which take place in early March ( as this contest always falls after Valentine’s Day). There is thus a pregnancy of about 6 months, while nothing indicates that Quinn’s daughter is a premature baby.

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10 Times Series Pregnancies Lasted Way Too Long (Or Not Long Enough!)