10 TV series for a perfect marathon

What better time than the Christmas holidays to devote yourself to a long marathon of TV series with friends? Before listing some ideal TV series, we suggest some tips to better prepare:

· First of all it is necessary dress comfortable: to better immerse yourself in the atmosphere, a comfortable look to stay on the sofa for a long time will make everything more comfortable.

· Use one stable and fast internet connection. It is essential to be able to devote yourself to long marathons of TV series in high definition and without a hitch. In this sense, optical fiber is an increasingly widespread and appreciated technology, which guarantees stable connections, especially FTTH fiber, i.e. pure fiber up to home, like the one offered Virgin Fiber

· Finally, another golden rule for a perfect marathon is to stock up on drinks and snacks and place them in an area that is within reach, so you don’t have to get up often to look for delicious provisions in the kitchen.

Now that you have everything ready you don’t know what to watch on tv? We bet that you will find your new favorite series among those proposed by us. Scroll through the list and enjoy!

1) Sons of Anarchy

In this dramatic retelling of Hamlet, the outlaw Jax Teller has on his shoulders the heavy legacy left by his father John, founder of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. To occupy the role of president after John’s death is Clay, an enigmatic stepfather with whom Jax has a conflicting relationship. Between shootings, dangerous loves and ghosts returning from the past, the Sons will face a criminal epic made of tears and blood.
Where to watch: Disney+
Seasons: 7 (concluded)

2) Preacher

Blasphemous, grotesque yet damned magnetic: Preacher is the irreverent adaptation of the comic series of the same name. It tells of the preacher Jesse Custer, more familiar with fisticuffs than sermons. When Jesse returns to Texas to tend a small local church, he is possessed with the power to make anyone do as he commands. Helping him deal with the aftermath are his explosive ex, Tulip, and a quirky Irish vampire named Cassidy.
Where to watch: Prime Video
Seasons: 4 (concluded)

3) Alice in Borderlands

In this adrenaline-pumping Japanese series, dystopian and video game atmospheres merge. While strolling through the Shibuya district, the young protagonist Arisu finds himself catapulted together with his friends into a world parallel to theirs, where they will be forced to compete in deadly games to survive.
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 2 (ongoing)

4) Bang Bang Baby

An Italian-made jewel, Bang Bang Baby tells the story of Alice, a shy Milanese teenager from the 1980s who enters the family criminal organization out of love for her father. Impeccable direction, pop cinematography and the perfect soundtrack embellish a narrative that rests on a host of vivid and engaging characters.
Where to watch: Prime Video
Seasons: 1 (concluded)

5) Cobra Kai

Here the nostalgia effect is strong because Cobra Kai was born as a spin-off sequel to the famous 80s film The Karate Kid, although it is not necessary to have seen it to appreciate the series. The protagonist is Johnny Lawrence who, 34 years after the events narrated in the film, tries to put his life back together by returning to teaching karate, but he doesn’t know that this spark will rekindle the old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso.
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 5 (ongoing)

6) Derry Girls

This series transports us to the 90s in Derry, Northern Ireland, in the midst of the “Troubles” era, to follow the misadventures of a small group of enterprising high school students who always manage to get into trouble. With its well-written, very witty and original gags, this teen comedy knows how to conquer even those who think they are off target. Seeing is believing!
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 3 (concluded)

7) Love, Death & Robots

This anthology series of animated shorts is perhaps one of the most sought-after products in the Netflix catalog. Each episode is the result of the vision of a different team of animators who will compose an often shocking, crazy, sometimes moving but always visually breathtaking sci-fi puzzle.
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 3 (ongoing)

8) Lost

Now a cult series from the early 2000s, absolutely to be recovered if you haven’t seen it yet. The survivors of a plane crash find themselves forging relationships with each other on an apparently uninhabited island, which will soon become the scene of mysteries and supernatural events to which the missing will try to find an explanation.
Where to watch: Disney+
Seasons: 6 (concluded)

9) Fleabag

A masterpiece of British comedy, Fleabag is a miniseries centered on the everyday life of a young London woman. Between the hardships of a dysfunctional family, the difficulties of finding meaning in one’s existence and the stubborn crush on a charming priest, Fleabag will have to learn to come to terms with his own desires and not to be afraid of life anymore.
Where to watch: Prime Video
Seasons: 2 (concluded)

10) Prison breaks

Another iconic title that cannot be missed by a TV series lover, Prison Break tells of Michael Scofield, a structural engineer who decides to get himself arrested to help escape his brother accused of murder but the victim of a conspiracy. In an attempt to escape, other characters will join them, each with their own story.
Where to watch: Disney+
Seasons: 5 (concluded)

10 TV series for a perfect marathon