11 best Skyrim mods to download on Xbox, PlayStation and PC 2023

Mods can help turn Skyrim into your perfect medieval fantasy playground, so here are the best Skyrim mods on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC to download in 2023.

Bethesda games make frequent use of mods, and the Skyrim modding community is one of the most active in all of gaming. Mods help tailor the gameplay of Skyrim to your preferences by making changes to the world and its mechanics to make the game more fun, convenient, or quirky. Mods are community driven and created by other players, for other players, so they can be buggy at times, but they can also be a lot of fun.

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While the game will go down in history as a classic adventure RPG and one that changed open-world gaming forever, some of its elements won’t suit all players – for example, not everyone cares about crafting or alchemy , but they could still wait to reap the rewards. Or some of us may want to play as a vampire but without some restrictions. Maybe you’re sick of your followers dying or want to check out the legendary Cheat Room?

Luckily, Skyrim offers an impressive number of mods to change the way you explore and interact with the titular region, so we’ve compiled a list of the best mods in Skyrim for Xbox One, PS4, and PC as of November 2022. Of course, this includes also PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, please note that mods are not available in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

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  • How to install skyrim mods on pc
  • Are Skyrim mods available on Xbox and PlayStation?
  • The best Skyrim mods on PC
  • The best Skyrim mods on Xbox and PlayStation

BethesdaSkyrim mods can really spice up the gameplay.

How to install skyrim mods on pc

Players can download and install Skyrim mods on PC by following the steps below:

  • Open Skyrim and select ‘mod’ from the main menu.
  • Select the mod you want to install and then select ‘Downloading’.
  • Install the mod once downloaded and activate it in the same menu.
  • Once activated, load an existing game or start a new one play.

You should now be able to use the mods you downloaded when you started the game. Remember, you can also add mods from the file Bethesda.net site and select the Add to library option.

You can also download additional mods from Nexus mods for Skyrim on PC.

Are Skyrim mods available on Xbox and PlayStation?

Yes, both PS4 and Xbox One have access to Skyrim mods. Bethesda is one of the few companies that makes mods available to console gamers and they are simple to use too. To activate Skyrim mods on consoles, simply follow these steps:

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  • Select the ‘mod’ option in the main menu, this will bring up a list of mods you can download.
  • Downloading the mods you would like to try.
  • Select and activate that mod once downloaded.

Be aware though, that Skyrim has a limited number of mods available on Xbox and PlayStation compared to PC. Some Skyrim mods on consoles also don’t play so well with others, so try not to use too many at once. If your game crashes or runs slowly when using a certain mod, try to avoid it in the future.

Remember, these mods are made by the community, not Bethesda itself, so each one works, but isn’t officially supported.

BethesdaSkyrim looks older, but mods help keep it fresh.

The best Skyrim mods on PC

Here are six of the best Skyrim mods you can download on PC:

Tame the beasts of Skyrim 2

This mod essentially lets you turn Skyrim into something that looks like Pokemon. Not only can you tame wild beasts and have them follow you around, but you can also command them to fight and protect you from the dangers that lurk across the land. The patch also adds more variety when it comes to wildlife, while also adding some new animals to fight and tame.

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Bethesda Feel like taming a saber-toothed tiger to be your friend in Skyrim?

Unofficial patch for the Legendary Edition of Skyrim

As beloved as Bethesda’s games are, they’re also notorious for their high volume of bugs and glitches. This sort of thing was seen as bizarre in 2011, but in 2022, the world is less forgiving when it comes to unfinished games. This mod fixes most of the remaining bugs in Skyrim and allows PC users to have the smoothest experience possible.


Ultimate Skyrim

This mod is actually 16 different mods rolled into one, although you don’t need to have all 16 active at once. You can carefully choose which mods you want to use for each match. However, the main attraction of the Ultimate Skyrim mod is the realism changes made to the game, for example, your character can suffer from cold or hunger, adding a new element to the game. The mod also adds a more realistic combat system. This raises the stakes of battles, making them much deadlier.

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Bethesda’s Ultimate Skyrim mod may be the most celebrated yet.

Become High King of Skyrim

If you decide to side with the Stormcloaks and remove Skyrim from the Empire, you will ultimately end up making Ulfric the Stormcloaks High King of Skyrim. The only problem is, you’re the Dragonborn, not him. And you are the one who did all the work. Also, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see that Skyrim has simply swapped one dictator for another. So why not take the job yourself? With this mod, you can be the benevolent leader of Skyrim or you can rule with an iron fist. The choice is yours.


Skyrim HD – 4K textures

Skyrim is one of the most stunning looking open worlds ever created, but the game is now over a decade old and that is starting to show. While the remasters and re-releases do a competent job of updating Skyrim’s visuals, it’s clear that more work is needed to bring it up to date with games in 2022. This mod does an amazing job of giving Skyrim a 4K glow. While the game still looks a bit dated, the 4K Textures mod helps it keep up with most modern titles.


BethesdaSkyrim looks great in 4K, especially after this mod.

Multiple followers

Followers are super useful in Skyrim, not only can they carry stuff for you and keep you company on your journey, they can also fight alongside you. While it is possible to have more followers in the Skyrim base game with some sneaky means, this mod allows you to do it whenever you want without falling into the mechanics of the game. This allows you to put together a balanced team before heading out to explore Skyrim together as a group. It also prevents followers from accidentally hitting and fighting each other.


The best Skyrim mods on Xbox and PlayStation

Below, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best Skyrim mods you can download on console:

Wolf Follower (Buck)

Wolves are scary looking beasts in Skyrim, even the huskies you can recruit don’t look bad. However, you can never recruit one as a follower, until now. This mod lets you save Buck from a witch who keeps him in a cage. Once done, bucket will become your faithful wolf companion. He will follow you, fight alongside you and even carry some items for you. He’s an all-around good guy. Buck also doesn’t count as your animal companion, so you can recruit another dog as well if you wish.

BethesdaBuck may look scary, but it will be your best friend.

Faster leveling

If you’re looking to get into the final aspects of Skyrim quickly, the Faster Leveling mod is ideal for installing on consoles. It does exactly what the name suggests and cuts the time it takes to level up in half, allowing you to increase your skills quickly. This is a mod designed for veteran players to create their ideal Dragonborn, without spending more than 40 hours doing it.

The room of tricks

The Cheat Room is one of the best Skyrim console mods as it gives you access to just about anything from the start of the game. You can equip any armor, weapon or spell and even customize the game in various other ways by leveling fast and making Skyrim run at your own pace. This is an especially useful mod for those who have already completed Skyrim and just want to get back to their favorite bits and pieces without racking up countless hours in the game.

Bethesda Cheat Room mod in Skyrim allows you to use endgame gear right from the start.

FPS boost

On consoles, Skyrim lacks some of the great graphics mods that PC players have access to. Luckily, the FPS Boost mod really helps the game run smoothly when played on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Of course, you’ll also need a TV that can run a high frame rate, but if you do, then this is the perfect mod to help Skyrim feel like a much more modern game.

No more dead followers

This is a very useful mod if you like to use multiple followers and equip them with some of your best gear. It essentially makes all followers immortal and prevents them from being killed by enemies, the environment, or even you. Followers will still kneel when wounded, but will eventually heal and rise to join your side. The mod also works on animals such as dogs, trolls and wolves. So if you’ve ever wanted an indestructible Meeko to follow you on your adventures, now you can!

BethesdaMeeko is a dog whose owner died leaving him alone. This mod makes him an invincible companion.

So, there you have it, are 11 of the best Skyrim mods you can download on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2023.

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11 best Skyrim mods to download on Xbox, PlayStation and PC 2023