11 photos of series from 2003 that will make you look a lot old

The editorial of Seriously speaks to you today of a time that those under 20 cannot know… A look back at the year 2003 – twenty years back – with a selection of photos from your favorite series which should, for sure, give you a hell of a lot of old.

The whole world became acquainted with Scott Brothers

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Yes, the series The Scott brothers celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2023! On September 23, 2003, the American channel The WB – which no longer exists and has become The CW – broadcast the pilot episode of the teen drama, thus introducing us to Lucas and Nathan Scott, but also Haley James and Peyton Sawyer. Then Brooke Davis from episode 2. success is not not immediate for the teen drama but this one gradually manages to find its audience, to the point of finally becoming one of the most emblematic series of the 2000s.

fans of the series Dawson witnessed the death of Jen

dawson, jen lindley, series finale, death

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A teen drama arrives, another leaves… It is on May 14, 2003 that the final double episode of the series is broadcast Dawson on American television (on The WB channel, well, well). The adventures of Dawson Leery and his friends end tragically as we witness the death of Jen Lindley… An event that has shocked millions of viewers around the world.

Rachel and Joey started dating in Friends

Rachel Joey Friends


On a lighter note, the year 2003 saw the birth of the highly controversial romance between Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani in the legendary series Friends. It is during a trip to Barbados, at the end of the ninth season and at the beginning of the tenth, that the two friends get closer and become a couple. Certainly their relationship does not last, but it still offered fans cult scenes – and it is not Ross Geller who will say the opposite.

Gibbs and the NCIS team landed on TV

gibbs, ncis, episode 1, pilot


Among the series who celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2023we find one of the most famous police shows in the history of television: NCIS. First introduced in season 8 of JAG, Agent Gibbs subsequently won his spin-off, which was launched on September 23, 2003 on the American network CBS. The public thus gets to know him and that of the NCIS team, a relationship that is still maintained in 2023 despite the departure of Mark Harmon.

Raven-Symoné became the star of Disney Channel

raven phenomenon series, credits, raven-symoné

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January 17, 2003 is a key date in Disney Channel history as it was the day one of the channel’s most popular series debuted: Raven Phenomenon. Featuring Raven-Symoné in the role of Raven Baxter, a teenager who reads the future through visions, the sitcom is quickly a success with viewers. It is also the first Disney Channel original series to reach 100 episodes. And especially, Raven Phenomenon propelled its star actress Raven-Symoné to the rank of muse of the chain and idol of young people.

Lois imagined she had daughters in Malcolm

malcolm series, lois, girls


In 2003, one of the most cult episodes of Malcolm was broadcast on television. It is season 4 episode 10entitled “If Boys Were Girls”, at the end of which Lois imagines what her life would be like if her children were girls. Note that it was broadcast the same year in the United States (February 9, 2003 on FOX) and in France (October 24, 2003 on M6), establishing itself as a staple of the mythical sitcom.

The last episode of buffy the vampire slayer was broadcast

buffy the vampire slayer, end, final, last episode


Exactly twenty years ago, the series buffy the vampire slayer bowed out in a memorable and heartbreaking final episode. Indeed, it was on May 20, 2003 that the final confrontation took place for Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and the Scooby-Gang on the American channel UPN – and on October 17 of the same year on Série Club in France – at the end of which the Mouth of Hell closes in and the town of Sunnydale disappears. And fans remember it like it was yesterday…

Josh Duhamel was revealed to the general public in the series Vegas

las vegas series, pilot episode, danny mc coy, josh duhamel


If the whole world knows Josh Duhamel today, whether for his role in the saga transformers or in movies like baby manual and love simon, the actor was first revealed on the small screen. He starred in the soap opera The Force of Destiny from 1999 to 2002, before landing the role that propelled him to stardom: that of Danny McCoy in Vegas. And it was on September 22, 2003 that the first original broadcast of this series took place, which was a great success both in the United States and in France, allowing Josh Duhamel to enter the hearts of viewers. .

Rory was returning to Yale in Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls, rory, lorelai, yale

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On September 23, 2003, the American channel The WB kicked off the fourth season of Gilmore Girls. A new chapter placed under the sign of change for our heroines, and in particular Rory Gilmore who was returning to Yale University. Yes, that was twenty years ago!

Ryan Atwood met Sandy Cohen in Newport Beach

ryan atwood, newport beach


On August 5, 2003, 7.5 million Americans met Ryan Atwood, who met his lawyer Sandy Cohen during the first episode of Newport Beach. Subsequently, the character played by Ben McKenzie is taken in by Sandy and his family, and it is the beginning of a whole new life for the teenager. It is also the start of one of the most popular teen series of the 2000s, which thrilled millions of fans for four seasons.

Columbo was solving his latest case

columbo, last episode, series


We end this selection with a photo of the very last episode of the legendary series Colombo. Although re-broadcast on French television even today, it disappeared in 2003. On January 30 of that year, the American channel ABC broadcast a special episode, at the end of which the detective investigation into the deaths of Tony Galper and Linwood Coben, as a conclusion to Colombo. It was thus the end of a (long) era on television because, let us remember, the detective series was launched in 1968.

11 photos of series from 2003 that will make you look a lot old