11 things you should know about James Cameron before seeing “Avatar: The Sense of Water”

1) Although he is already close to turning 70, in a film career of more than 4 decades, James Cameron has only released 9 fiction films. 2 were sequels to his own films (Terminator Y Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Avatar Y Avatar: The Sense of Water) and another 2, sequels to other people’s films (Piranha II: Vampires of the Sea Y aliens, the return).

2) We don’t know if he is the king of the world, but yes, of course, the king of the box office, Avatar Y titanic They occupy positions 1 and 3 among the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema, the first with a whopping 2.920 million dollars.

3) Each film he makes is more expensive than the previous one, and the studio that supports him is closer to bankruptcy, but to everyone’s surprise, his films are devastating, and even if they go over budget, something that was dramatic with titanicIn the end, he only receives congratulations and the possibility of practically filming whatever he wants. The studies end up financing all her whims.

4) It is estimated that Avatar: The Sense of Water It has cost between 350 and 400 million dollars just in production, to which many millions of marketing would have to be added. Analysts believe that the film will amass between 450 and 550 million dollars in the first days of release, and there are high hopes in the figures that it can make in China, where it has managed to be admitted, although, remember, the Covid is spreading by the Asian giant and may reduce ticket sales. It must be remembered that the great box office champion of 2022, Top Gun: Maverickhas managed to raise at the box office 1,490 million dollars.

5) Avatar brought 3D movies back to life, James Cameron managed to get the most out of three-dimensionality. The studios saw a gold mine to raise more, and launched to offer 3D in many of their releases, something that sometimes came close to teasing, especially in family animation tapes. The public did not take the bait and the 3D declined. But Cameron, who uses it wisely, yes, wisely, uses it again, with visually spectacular results. It makes a lot of sense to see Avatar: The Sense of Water in 3D.

6) In February 2010, Cameron and his partner Jon Landau called a meeting of all the artistic and technical departments of Avatar to ponder what had worked better or worse, to make the gears work like silk in the new films. “I do not think that Avatar: The Sense of Water It would have been possible if we hadn’t done that exercise,” says Cameron.

7) Cameron amassed over 1,500 pages of notes and ideas for expanding the canvas of the Pandora universe. A basic starting point was that Jake and Neytiri had started a family, which according to the director led to “writing four movies before he could start on the first sequel. He wanted to map out all the stories and then put the actors in various movies and then shoot the live action. The idea was to consolidate the different stages of production together: performance capture, live action, and finally post-production.” Therefore there is material for four films, which will reach its final stage as Avatar works: The Sense of Water, although we dare to predict that the ship will reach a safe port, it will not sink like a certain famous ocean liner.

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8) James Cameron has been inspired by his own family to create the Sully family, he is married to Suzy Ammis, with whom he has three children together, and also each has a child from his previous marriage, he with Linda Hamilton and she with Sam Robards. The boys’ ages range from 15 to 32, and it seems some of the educational ways at home are similar to those of the Na’vi family.

9) Of course Cameron has always been interested in water, an omnipresent element in his films, but also as an explorer of the underwater depths, he was the first person to dive to the depths of the Mariana Trench alone, in 2012, in a submarine he designed for the National Geographic Society.

10) Cameron is very conscientious about environmental issues, but he avoids the posturing of other Hollywood personalities, for example he drives a 2013 Kia Rio electric car. Of course Avatar He talks about how business ambition and contempt for people and their way of life can lead to true ecological disasters.

11) Technology is important, but a story you connect with is even more so. According to Cameron, “The material we’re working with now is very advanced compared to the first film, but does that make the film any better from an audience’s perspective? No way. The public only cares about a story, the characters and what they feel watching the movie. It’s what I think about every day.”

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