12 actors and actresses who hate their characters

Who are the actors and actresses who hate their characters? More than you can imagine.

Actors and actresses who hate their characters

Actor’s work is not always roses and flowers. Sometimes it may not even go well with the interpreter in question. Here, in fact, some big stars have had to grit their teeth not to admit that they deeply hate the character they were bringing on stage at that exact moment.

Unfortunately for the fans, that’s just how it is Harrison Ford he lived his journey with Han Soloso much so that he had begged to take him out already at the time of The Empire Strikes Back. He spoke very badly of his Edward Cullen also Robert Pattinson, so much so that he amiably declares that he has interpreted him as a manic-depressive who hates himself on purpose to give an idea of ​​how much you hate him. It’s still Zac Efron, Daniel Craig, Blake Lively And Marlon Brando. So here are the 12 actors and 12 actresses who hate their characters.

12 actors who hate their characters: 5 men

Woody Harrelson

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Among the names to mention there is Woody Harrelson who took part in the film Out of the Furnace Of Scott Cooper. In addition to the protagonists Christian Bale And Casey Affleck there is, in fact, a Woody Harrelson as a meth-producing sociopath with a tremendously violent bent. For this reason, at the end of filming, he was particularly happy to shrug it off. The director recounted that the actor went up to him, hugged him and said: «I’ve never wanted to get rid of a character so badly in my life».

Eli Wallach

The famous actor de The good, the bad and the uglydespite having an amazing career, hated the character of Dancer in The Lineup (Silent crime). That of the psychopathic hitman in the film by Father Siegel it was his second role and after playing it he had to take a long break of two years.

Marlon Brando

It’s also on the list of actors who hate their characters Marlon Brando who categorically departed from the role of Stanley Kowalski in the movie A tram called desire. The actor said: “I am the opposite of Kowalski. It represents everything I’m against: it’s totally insensitive, crude, cruel».

Jamie Dorman

Both he and Dakota Johnson they don’t have fond memories of their own 50 shades, but the actor just walked away from the role. «He’s not the type of person I would get along with. I don’t picture myself drinking with him. I don’t think he’s my type if I have to choose friends“, he has declared Jamie Dorman.

Harrison Ford

Despite the affection of the fans, Harrison Ford never got along with his character in Star Wars. He had already begged to kill him at the end of the second film, but the request was granted only much later. Here are the words of the actor on the character: «Han he has a big heart, but I think he’s certainly a lot less interesting than Indiana Jones. There’s not much scope to explore the character beyond what we’ve already pulled out of him».


To the list of actors who hate their characters must also be added some actresses. Here they are below:

Sally Field

Before Marisa Tomeiin the role of the aunt May in the universe of Spider-Man there was the two-time Oscar-winning actress who, however, seems not to have enjoyed the experience at all. «Not my kind of movie“, he said.

Katherine Heigl

The actress, among the faces of Grey’s Anatomyrose to prominence through her role in comedy Very Pregnant of which, however, he does not have a good memory. He has in fact defined the comedy of Judd Apatow sexist and her character a killjoy.

Blake Lively

actors who hate their characters


Fans loved his character in Gossip Girlbut the actress, wife of Ryan Reynoldsdoes not particularly care about the role of Serena Van der Woodsen. These are his words: “People loved it, but for me it was a personal compromise – I wish I had a better message. I wouldn’t be proud to be the person who gives cocaine to someone who overdoses and then shoots someone and sleeps with someone else’s boyfriend.».

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Actors who hate their characters: the last 4

To conclude the list, four other names.

Zac Efron

High School Musicals is the series that launched it, but Zac Efron he doesn’t particularly care about his character. In his opinion Troy Bolton it would have marked his reputation too much.

Robert Pattinson

As anticipated, too Robert Pattinson it does not work agree with the character that brought him into the limelight (as with Zac Efron). She has never hidden her dislike for the role of the vampire Edward Cullen of which already in 2008 he stated: «I interpreted it as a manic-depressive who hates himself. He’s a 108 year old virgin, it’s obvious he has issues».

Sean Connery and Daniel Craig

Finally a brace. Both interpreters of James Bond they have, in fact, come to hate the character. Connery he stated that he wanted to kill him, but was never given the opportunity. A little better for Daniel Craig that, before playing 007 in No Time to Diehe said that rather than return to interpret it would have preferred break this glass and cut my wrists.

12 actors and actresses who hate their characters