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This Friday, November 25, the long-awaited Black Friday arrives. This American tradition has been celebrated in Spain for 10 years now. An appointment that kicks off Christmas shopping where you can find offers and significant discounts. And how could it be otherwise, it is also possible to buy books at a very affordable price.

Since Penguin Random House Publishing Group We propose this list of 12 children’s and youth books for less than €15, perfect to buy during Black Friday week and get ahead of Christmas shopping. In this selection we highlight books for soccer fans such as Mortadelo. World Special 2022 either Ansu Fati. Scorer 3 – Called up!; other more classic like The Magic of a Disney Classic either Matilda; to learn to read with Monster School 8; christmas like The night before Christmas (Peppa Pig); to thank with this book is for you; of emotions When I grow up I want to be… happy: Positive language; or fairies, vampires and unicorns with Isadora Moon and the magical mermaid Y Unicornia 3 – A magical challenge.

to learn to read

Learning to read at Monster School 8 – Color emotionsby Mar Benegas and Sally Rippin (Montena)

  • From 4 years
  • Price: €6.95

With capital letters and rhyming text, this collection is perfect for the little ones learning to read. Simple vocabulary, full color illustrations and rhyming phrases with monsters as protagonists. Monster School is one of the funniest series for little ones to enjoy reading and gain confidence by practicing new vocabulary in the activities in each book.

For the most soccer readers

World Special 2022by Francisco Ibáñez (from Classical Bruguera)

  • From 7 years
  • Price: €14.90

With the soccer World Cup kicking off, this book is ideal for the most soccer-loving kids. In this special World Cup 2022 Mortadelo and Filemón will describe how it is organized in Qatar, as well as information on the participating countries, data on the host country and many other things of interest, always from the point of view and sense of humor by Francisco Ibáñez.

A classic that never fails

The Magic of a Disney Classic: Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Jungle Bookfrom Cliper

  • From 4 years
  • Price: €9.95

Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs either The Jungle BookThey are classic Disney stories that are passed down from generation to generation. Now these classics are back by Cliper with The magic of a classic a very special collection of four books with luxury finishes and in a large format, ideal for fans of Disney stories and characters. Disney classics are always a hit that never goes out of style.

Of Christmas

The Night Before Christmas (Peppa Pig)by Eone Hasbro

  • From 0 to 3 years
  • Price: €14.95

This Peppa Pig book is a sure hit to give to the little ones and enjoy this Christmas. It’s the night before Christmas, and Peppa and George are in her bed. Warm between the blankets, nerves and anticipation prevent them from sleeping. Suddenly, a noise is heard on the roof. Who will it be? Santa Claus has had an accident and needs help to continue distributing all the gifts. It’s Peppa and George’s turn to save Christmas. Peppa loves Christmas! We all love Peppa Pig!

The classic of the great author of children’s literature Roald Dahl

Matildaby Roald Dahl (Alfaguara Classics Collection)

  • From 9 years
  • Price: €14.95

Matilda is always a hit to read at any time of the year and especially at Christmas. This classic of literature by Roald Dahl, the great author of children’s literature, is once again on everyone’s lips with the great success of the musical and the upcoming release of the Netflix movie Matilda The Musical. Matilda, is an avid reader of only five years, sensitive and intelligent, everyone admires her except her mediocre parents. Also, she has weird and wonderful powers. A classic that has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide.

Thanks to those who love the most

this book is for you, by Olga Coderch (Bruguera Tendencies)

A gift book at a very affordable price to give away on special occasions: birthdays, invisible santa, Christmas, etc. A small, customizable book to fill with anecdotes with your loved ones: travel memories, stories, shared moments… It is ideal to complete and give as a gift to someone special, with phrases, illustrations and spaces to capture your shared history.

Of fairies, vampires and mermaids

Isadora Moon and the magical mermaid (Great stories of Isadora Moon 5), by Harriet Muncaster (Alfaguara for children and young people).

  • From 7 years
  • Price: €14.95

In this volume of the “Great Stories of Isadora Moon” collection, you will find extra content such as activities and crafts. Isadora Moon is special because she is different. Her mom is a fairy, her dad is a vampire and she has a little bit of both. In the book, Isadora is very excited about her mermaid friends’ sleepover. There she meets Esmeralda, a mermaid that she doesn’t seem very happy with. What will happen to her? Of course, an underwater adventure is the best way to make friends! Ideal stories for readers who want flowers and glitter, but who are also drawn to the mysterious world of vampires. The author has more than 2 million copies sold in Spain.

Illustrated encyclopedia to learn all the secrets of the most famous gas

The great book of farts by MD Whalen (Mill)

  • From 7 years
  • Price: €13

Did you know that just nine farts from each person on Earth could create an atomic bomb? Or that it is possible to work as a professional fart sniffer? Or that farts can propel astronauts through space? Do you secretly think that farting is not only funny, but also very interesting? We all think that farts are funny, but they are also very interesting. Open the pages of this illustrated encyclopedia to learn all the secrets of the most famous gas. Perfect as a gift or to read in the bathroom.

The third volume of the Ansu Fati book series, Barça’s new 10

Ansu Fati. Scorer 3 – Called up! By Pablo Ballesteros Ansu Fati (Beascoa)

  • From 7 years
  • Price: €12.95

Called up with the Spanish soccer team for the World Cup in Qatar, Ansu Fati is one of the young promises of soccer at just 20 years old. In this book Ansu cannot believe it, he has been able to train with the Barça first team! Things seem to be going very well for the young footballer. There are rumors that they could call him up for the next game… But if he doesn’t hand in the class essay, they won’t let him play. Will he make it to the game? And what about the writing? Ansu Fati is the youngest and most promising player at Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​and Goleador is his first series of chapter books aimed at his youngest fans.

Emotions, values ​​and habits

When I grow up I want to be… happy: Positive language (My first positive habits), by Anna Morató García (Beascoa)

  • From 0 to 3 years
  • Price: €11.95

In the new collection of stories My first positive habits: the positive language of the collection When I grow up I want to be… happy, Anna Morató is aimed at a younger audience and premieres new stories in an ideal format for smaller hands: cardboard. In positive language Marta, Mateo and their parrot Isidoro explain that there are beautiful words and ugly words. Through a fun repetition game, the little ones will learn to understand their emotions and communicate with others.

The most magical series of Ana Punset

Unicornia 3 – A magical challengeby Ana Punset (Montena)

  • From 7 years
  • Price: €9.95

Unicornia is the perfect first reading series: magic, friendship, school… and unicorns! In each adventure the protagonists will learn new values ​​to grow in the only city in the world where unicorns and humans live together: welcome to Unicornia! Some people believe that black unicorns bring bad luck. For this reason, when a unicorn of that color is born in the shelter, nobody wants to keep it. But it is the most beautiful, furry and huggable thing on the planet! But Claudia and her friends are determined to find her a family. How are they going to show that it is a unicorn as magical as the others?

The funniest and most interactive series of Los Buscapistas

You are the detective with Los Buscapistas 4 – Mystery in the amusement park by José Ángel Labari and Teresa Blanch (Montena).

  • From 7 years
  • Price: €9.95

A very entertaining story that will hook boys and girls. Pepa Pistas and Maxi Casos are great detectives: with them, no mystery remains unsolved. With the help of Pepa and Maxi the readers have to solve the mystery of the amusement park. Who will be sabotaging the rides at the park’s centennial celebration? A book to discover who the suspects are and find the clues hidden in the illustrations.

12 children’s and youth books to buy this Black Friday for less than €15 – The Pleasure of Reading