12 ‘Wednesday’ Filming Secrets That Will Give You Chills

The first season of wednesday was such a success that we could not hope for anything other than the return of outcasts at Nevermore Academy.

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Behind the mermaids, werewolves and witches, there is a whole team and many anecdotes that have circulated on the series of the hour signed by Tim Burton.

Production star Jenna Ortega also revealed some juicy details during her time on the Golden Globes red carpet from January 10th.

Waiting for a second season for wednesdayhere are some mind-blowing filming secrets.

1. Jenna Ortega wanted the role of Wednesday Addams at all costs.

The young actress was particularly determined to obtain her passport to play in the series. Jenna showed up to audition in front of Tim Burton with fake blood on her head.

2. The dance scene was filmed while Jenna had contracted COVID-19.

This information caused a scandal when it came out. The dance scene which is repeated over and over again on TikTok was filmed while the heroine had COVID-19. Jenna hurt all over and the production team got a lot of bad feedback for this short story. However, they assured that a strict protocol had been followed.

3. Jenna had never played cello before the show.

For the scene where her musical performance gave us chills, Jenna took cello lessons two months before filming began.

4. The Thing is a real human.

Several people wondered how the thing could be so convincing and lively, and that’s because it’s a human hand, that of Victor Dorobantu. To give life to The Thing, Victor wears a tight blue jumpsuit that allows him to be erased during filming and only keep his hand.

5. No, Jenna doesn’t go through the series without blinking..

Although the character of Wednesday is a bit strange and these social interactions are unique, Wednesday Addams can be seen blinking a few times, especially when she is typing her novel in her room at the academy. However, Tim Burton asked Jenna to blink as little as possible during her scenes.

6. Emma Myers attended a “werewolf prep camp” in preparation for filming.

Emma Myers, who is behind Enid the Rainbow Lycanthrope, has had quite the training for her role. She and other future werewolves had to drag themselves on the ground, howling and growling.

7. Jenna Ortega doesn’t watch fans’ dance videos on TikTok.

According to Jenna, TikTok is pretty unhealthy and that’s why she hasn’t watched a few of the thousands of videos made since Wednesday’s release. Jenna said at the last Golden Globes, “whether the content is good or bad, TikTok is an unhealthy platform to hang out on.”

8. There are eight types of powers at Nevermore Academy.

There’s the psychic type, like Wednesday and Xavier, the werewolves like Enid, the mermaids like Bianca, the gorgons like Ajax, the shapeshifters like headmistress Larissa Weems, the vampires like Yoko, a faceless species, and the Hydes like Tyler. Theories state that the most powerful character type is mermaids.

9. Fans of the series and Internet users compare the series wednesday to this famous saga.

Sharp minds and followers of the Harry Potter wizarding saga have noted several similarities between the two productions. The video above indicates several similar points by the way. The success of fantastic fiction still works today.

10. Two Wednesdays for the price of one

The series has a good surprise in store for us. The botany professor with the famous red boots, Marilyn Thornhill, is played by Christina Ricci. The same one who played Wednesday in the 1991 movie, The Addams Family.

11. However, she was not even the one who was supposed to play this role in wednesday.


While we can believe that the choice to integrate Christina Ricci into the production for the nod to the cult film, it was not she who had the role of Marilyn at the start. Christina Ricci took the place of Thora Birch, who had to give up her role to be with a sick relative.

12. A Wednesday Boom

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As the show is so popular around the world, new and expectant parents are thinking of naming their child Mercredi, or Wednesday, as well as Enid, after the show’s beloved characters. Unwittingly, Rupert Grint’s daughter, Ron Weasley in the saga Harry Pottershares the name of the heroine of Tim Burton’s adaptation.

12 ‘Wednesday’ Filming Secrets That Will Give You Chills