2023, a year invaded by superheroes

Between series and movies, the millions of viewers who enjoy the adventures of the characters taken from the pages of the comics (mainly from Marvel and DC) were able to see on the big screen -or through streaming- stories that never before they would have imagined.

This 2023 is not far behind, the big producers have understood that they have real money-making machines in their hands, one by one of the films that we will see and talk about during the next 365 days, they promise to be a true feast for children and big.

That is why on this occasion we will review the most anticipated films of this subgenre that is here to stay and that guarantees us to delve even deeper into the most fantastic and magnificent stories of our favorite superheroes.

February 16th
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

The first superhero movie of 2023 comes from the hand of a favorite: Ant-Man. In this film, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and The Wasp (Evangeline Lily) will once again enter the quantum world along with Cassie Lang, daughter of Ant-Man. We will also see -finally- Kang the Conqueror who is shaping up to be the new great enemy of Marvel Studios.

March 17
Shazam! 2: Fury of the Gods

DC Films is not far behind, after the success of Black Adam, Shazam returns! with a new adventure where Billy Baxton and his brothers will have to face the daughters of Atlas, the god of war. This movie may show the start of the Shazam! where everyone related to Baxton gets super powers.

May 4th
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Get ready to cry a lot. This film is the farewell to the most disparate team in the galaxy, directed by James Gunn, this is the last mission of Rocket Racoon, Drax, Manthix, Groot, Gamora and Star-Lord.

June 1
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
(Marvel/SONY Pictures)

The first great animated film of Spider-Man, “A New Universe” was so acclaimed by critics and fans that it even earned him an Academy Award for Best Animated Film of 2018, in this film different versions of the spider hero interacted with each other, a concept that was rescued in the live action format in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, now, the most ambitious project so far will bring us an impressive number of “variants” of the beloved Spider-Man.

June 22nd

The multiverse is not a foreign concept in DC comics, this time Flash -played by Ezra Miller- will bring us one of the most anticipated movies of this year. Flash will travel in different universes until he meets Batman, but not the one we expect, but the great Michael Keaton, who played the character in 1989, will reprise the role in an adventure in which who knows other superheroes will make an appearance.

July 27th
The Marvels

After the unexpected end of the Ms. Marvel series, where we see Carol Danver’s cameo, this film promises to unite the superheroines of Kamalah Khan, Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau, in a movie of cosmic proportions.

17 of August
Blue Beetle

This film about one of the superheroes not so well known by the general public marks the premiere of Xolo Maridueña (Kobra Kai) in the DC Comics cinematographic universe, which is in a situation of transformation after the departure of its president Walter Hamada, who was replaced by James Gunn and Peter Zaffran.

October 6
Kraven the Hunter
(MARVEL / SONY Pictures)

During the 2000s, Marvel ceded the rights to some of its characters to other studios, for example the entire Spider-Man universe, to which it ceded the rights. That is why SONY Pictures will release this year Kraven’s solo film, The Hunter, a villain / anti-hero that will give us his debut further expanding the Spiderverse.

December 25th
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Jason Momoa returns, Aquaman returns, this sequel to King of the Sea is the last glimpse of the cinematographic universe created by director Zack Snyder who refuses to die at the hands of his fans, in this adventure, Aquaman will have to make an alliance with a character he does not trust at all to save the Kingdom of Atlantis.

The one that may not happen, November 3

Mahershala Ali (Green book, Moonlight) will play Marvel Studios vampire hunter Blade. However, last year it was known that the director Bassam Tariq was leaving the project and although there is no official cancellation of the project or a new date, it is highly unlikely that we will see this character’s film this year.

Without a doubt, 2023 promises to be one of the best years for fans of superhero movies, who will have a full agenda to see our favorites on the big screen, and as if this were not enough, many series based on the cinematographic universes of the most popular comic book publishers of all time.

2023, a year invaded by superheroes