26 books and games to give to children at Christmas

Haven’t decided yet what gifts to ask Santa Claus? Here are the latest tips. 26 ideas between games and books for all tastes.

Books for 2 year olds

My little puppies. My first library

by Simon Miller

Ed. Sassi

Eight booklets with illustrations will teach you to recognize many cute animals, their habits and the characteristics of the nature that surrounds you.

The animals. Touch you too!

by Valentina Bonaguro

Stones, 2022

Discover the fox, the lion, the sheep and their cute cubs by leafing through the pages of this book. Each of them contains a surprise: an insert of different material to experience the world through touch.

the animals

Faba storyteller

FABA is more than just a game: it is in fact a storyteller for children, very easy to use even for the little ones. Fairy tales, songs, nursery rhymes: children can play thanks to the 3D sound characters, all to collect. A delicate and poetic storyteller, which stimulates children’s creativity and imagination. Lots of new content dedicated to Christmas.

FABA is a product that entertains children and prevents the abuse of technology, being display free and not connectable to the Wi-Fi network.

faba storyteller

Books for 3 year olds

Christmas. mickey&friends. Book play kit. With 4 3D characters

Disney Books, 2022

An original and amusing kit for playing and having fun in the Christmas atmosphere together with Mickey Mouse and his friends. With the 3D Mickey Mouse figurine and the 3 Christmas decoration stickers you can reproduce the story told in the book but also invent new stories using the attached scenario.

mickey mouse

Frozen. The story in 3D

Disney Books, 2022

Pop-up book, stories and characters are told, illustrated and represented in 3D. Thus reading becomes interactive and engaging, and every child can enjoy three-dimensional and breathtaking adventures.


Books for 4 year olds

365 Disney bedtime stories

Disney Books, 2022

The book presents 365 – indeed, 366 because there is also the one for the evening of February 29 – stories and nursery rhymes with the adventures of the protagonists of the great Disney and Disney / Pixar films.

365 stories

A kitten like you

by Natalia Shaloshvili

Middle Earths, 2022

What does a kitten need? To eat and sleep. But also to run away to catch a mouse, and to come back when he feels like it. He needs to get wet in the rain, to know the fear of the dark and moments of boredom. But what he just can’t do without is someone holding him tight and filling him with cuddles!

kitty like you

Midnight snack

by Eric Fan

Middle Earths, 2022

In the dark streets of the city a delicious scent spreads: the refreshment carriage has arrived, where the cook Barn Owl prepares dishes for all the animals. Late at night, when the customers have left, the cook’s gaze crosses that of a helpless and hungry mouse: has the Barn Owl found its nocturnal meal or will it invite the little rodent to a banquet for two?

midnight snack


Ecological, original, sustainable and fun: Ocarina, the child-friendly audio player turns ten and arrives at Christmas with a new special edition. Ocarina Xmas Edition has a Christmas red color and is perfect for celebrating Christmas, with three playlists in Italian, English and French with original songs and folk tales (in addition to those also included in the Classic editions), ideal for getting into the mood family celebration.

Ocarina is a Music Player for children, covered in shockproof rubber, with an ergonomic handle, rechargeable battery and superior quality sound, 100% made in Italy at km0 – from concept to design, from electronics production to packaging , up to the realization of the audio contents. Suitable for all ages from the first few months, it does not spread electromagnetic waves or dangerous or unsuitable light emissions for children, and is fully sustainable according to the cycle of reduction, reuse and recycling of materials.

The classic versions of Ocarina are available in Blu Cielo, Giallo Luce, Verde Puro and Rosso Fuoco, while the special editions produced – in addition to the XMAS one for Christmas – are Sleep, Green and Summer.


Books for 5 year olds

My fairytale recipes. Pie-eating wolves, enterprising princesses and enchanted dishes

by Chiara Maci

Mondadori, 2022

Once upon a time… Little Red Riding Hood eating a sweet focaccia with the wolf, Cinderella inviting Prince Charming to eat a mozzarella in a carriage, Hänsel and Gretel cooking a savory pie for the witch!


My little Christmas

by Astrid Lindgren

Mondadori, 2022

From the unmistakable pen of Astrid Lindgren, “mother” of Pippi Longstocking, a delicious childhood memory, the story of anxious expectations and that special atmosphere that has always made Christmas a magical moment.

my little christmas

Hasbro My Little Pony – Sunny Sing and Skate Toy

In the new My Little Pony Sunny Sing and Skate the little pony protagonist shows off her talents to the fullest and shows off her skills on skates. Thanks to the microphone supplied with her, it is possible to control the movements and make the tender Sunny move while she is on the skates, also making her turn on herself. There are over 50 different combinations of sounds, lights and movements that allow you to experience and imagine stories and adventures taken from the film My Little Pony: A New Generation.

my little pony

Books for 6 year olds

The Christmas Princess. The Adventures of Little Mariah

by Mariah Carey

Junior Bee, 2022

A story that warms the heart with an ending that leaves us with a smile. Mariah Carey who is already part of everyone’s Christmas with her worldwide success All I Want For Christmas Is You, now arrives in our homes with a perfect story to read aloud with the children.


The earth. What, how, why

by Giulia Pesavento

Stones, 2021

Why are the glaciers melting? What are endangered animals? What is Deforestation? Reading this book you will find the answers to these and many other questions about the environment around you and you will understand that each of us, in our small way, can help our beautiful planet.

the earth

Barbie Dream Car

This Christmas, Barbie will accompany little drivers in exciting adventures on the road, thanks to the new Barbie radio-controlled car from Mondo Motors! The Barbie Dream Car is ready to whiz around the tracks and challenge all the other little cars, reaching the incredible speed of 8 km/h. Thanks to its metallic details and sporty look, Barbie’s two-seater convertible fascinates young and old: who will be able to take it to maximum speed?

barbie dream car

Books for 7 year olds

The most beautiful gift stories

Disney Books, 2022

A volume with a selection of amusing comic stories to treat yourself and to give away, with stories of celebrations, gifts and anniversaries. Let’s find out how Disney characters behave when they have to give a gift or prepare to receive one.

gift stories

Lokkino and the Mystery of the Mirror

by Lokk1

Mondadori Electa, 2022

Lokkino Senpai is about to face his first day of school and is very agitated. One thing that would be obvious to any kid, we all agree, but the truth is, he just found out he’s become a vampire. Lokkino will have to make her way through gelatinous brains, dark closets and dodgy babysitters to save his fantasy world, but above all to find out who the person inside the (mysterious) mirror really is.


Books for 8 year olds

ultimate land. Discovering an unknown continent

by Raoul Deleo

Middle Earths, 2022

We thought that by now every corner of the planet had been mapped, but we were wrong. After years of research, explorer Raoul Deleo has identified a land that has escaped every radar, full of incredible landscapes, populated by animals never seen before.

ultimate earth

Barbie camera

Games- Barbie Print Cam Hi-Tech. Camera for children that immediately prints photos that can be decorated with frames and stickers.

barbie camera

Books for 9 year olds

The beauties of art. 40 women’s lives painted

by Carla Volpi

Mondadori Electa, 2022

At school, the teachers of art education, or of art history, illustrate one work after another the masterpieces of the greatest masters from antiquity to the present day. But who are these women? These forty “portraits of portraits” ranging from different eras and artistic styles, are a way to tell the youngest of unique existences, so as to restore to the “Belle dell’arte” their role as protagonists.

the beauties of art

Books for 10 year olds

100 artists who have left their mark

by Barbara Conti

Lapis, 2022

The 100 stories in this book can be read as a long journey into creativity. The protagonists are men, women and their many created masterpieces: thanks to talent, but also to passion, determination and their great ability to innovate.

100 artists

Nintendo Pokémon Scarlet

Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, the new chapters of the Pokémon series, will land on Nintendo Switch at the end of this year. City and nature merge in a world without borders. You will be able to observe the Pokémon of this region everywhere: skies, seas, forests, roads and more! You will be able to relive the essence of the Pokémon series games, facing wild Pokémon in battles and then catching them, but in an open world adventure suitable for players of all ages.


Cluedo Excape – Betrayal at Villa Tudor

Cluedo Escape Game, The Betrayal at the Tudor Manor, combines the suspense and intrigue of the iconic Cluedo board game, with a whole new way to play Cluedo in Escape Room format. Playable from 1 to 6 people: you need to collaborate with other players, sharpen your wits and make the most of your investigative skills to interpret codes, solve riddles and figure out together how to best use them to escape from the luxurious Villa before the police arrive . To make the experience even more intriguing and engaging, a new, completely dynamic board in perfect Escape Games style, which changes during the game, revealing rooms and clues as players solve puzzles and find solutions to the iconic mystery. You win when you manage to discover the culprit, revealing the place of the crime, the weapon used and the exact way in which the landlord was murdered. It is a perfect game both for families with children aged 10 and up, and for adults and lovers of Escape Games.


Books for 11 year olds

Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Nice Shot!

by Jeff Kinney

The Beaver, 2022

Greg and sports are not made for each other. And in fact he would have given up already, if it weren’t for Mom. It’s all his fault that he agreed to try basketball! Tryouts for the team are a disaster, but against all odds, Greg wins a place. Sure, the championship doesn’t start in the best way, but anything can happen in sport. And when his team is played for everything … that the day has finally come to rescue Greg?


Just Dance 2023

Just Dance 2023 is the latest installment of the number one dance simulator in the world where you can let yourself go to the rhythm of the best hits of the moment, such as Dynamite by BTS. Multiplayer mode, tons of customization options and engaging 3D worlds project the player into a dimension made of unbridled fun and light-heartedness.

just dance

Books for 12 year olds

Guinness World Records 2022

Salani Warehouses, 2021

A journey among the most incredible records over the course of ten new themed chapters.


26 books and games to give to children at Christmas