5 animated (but horror) series on Netflix

If you are a fan of cinema and everything that has to do with terror, these animated series —which are disturbing by the way— are going to catch you. In fact, some of the best series in this genre are on Netflix.

Most have demonic elements, assassins, vampires, and are even inspired by video game stories that were very popular and are considered cult. From time to time, it’s worth taking a walk to poke around the dark corners of this platform. Here, our recommendations.

“Parasyte: The Maxim” (Japan)

Speaking of horror anime, Kiseiju (Parasitic Beasts) or “Parasyte” is based on the 1988 manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki. Such was the success that it was adapted into two live-action movies in Japan and then an anime series adaptation, titled “Parasyte: The Maxim” (Kiseiju Sei no Kakuritsu). Netflix acquired the rights and premiered season 1 in 2020. The series follows Izumi Shinichi, a teenager who is infected by a “Parasyte”, a monster from an alien race that kills and devours humans, for which he has to live with the creature that has taken over your hand.

“Three” (Singapore)

Trese is a supernatural anime series from Singapore, based on the Philippine series of the same name written by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. It premiered on Netflix in June 2021 and has a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Trese takes place in a version of Manila where a group of sinister creatures from local folklore hide among the humans and cause chaos. Thus, agent Alexandra Trese chases them to return them to the underworld and thus keep the peace, but a storm is coming that no one imagines. This disturbing anime is available in three languages: English, Filipino, and Japanese.

Castlevania (USA)

Inspired by the cult video game of the 80’s “Castlevania”, but specifically in the one from 1989, “Castlevania III: Konami’s Dracula’s Curse” ideal for vampire fans. This animated series follows the last member of the Belmont clan, Trevor. The plot of the series reads that “when his wife is burned at the stake after being accused of witchcraft, Count Vlad Dracula Tepes declares that all the people of Wallachia – a European city – will pay with the lives of the. His army of monsters and demons devastates the entire territory, causing the inhabitants to live in fear.

“The Kirlian Frequency” (Argentina)

Originally released in 2018 on YouTube and Vimeo; in 2019 it was included in Netflix. “La frequency Kirlian” (Ghost Radio or The Kirlian Frequency) is an Argentine web series as a tribute to the terror of the 70s and 80s, and to late-night radio programs. The series brings together two classic horror ingredients: a nightly radio show and a small town. This animated series, a la Stephen King, follows a lonely DJ who takes advantage of the early morning to broadcast strange and terrifying stories that arise in Kirlian, a mysterious city that no one has been able to find even with a map.

“Arcane” (France-USA)

Although it is more of a fantasy and action series, Arcane has some terrifying brushstrokes. Based on the “League of Legends” video games, this series takes place in a futuristic world, in a city where the rich live in luxury and privilege; and the poor live below them (not far from reality). Trouble soon begins when a man discovers powerful ancient magic, ushering in a destructive war (a fight between two sisters on opposing sides). The series premiered globally in November 2021 on both Netflix and Tencent Video in China, following a COVID-19 hiatus in 2020. Set in the past, it retells the origin stories of various characters from Piltover and Zaun. Like the game it’s based on, Arcane is aimed at a teen and adult audience. The second season is scheduled for 2023.


5 animated (but horror) series on Netflix