5 fantasy books for your teens’ Christmas

Are you running out of gift ideas for teenagers at Christmas? Magic, science fiction, fantasy, vampires… Discover a selection of novels for young adults to slip under the Christmas tree!

1- iron widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

The story takes place in a territory inspired by China where technology and tradition blend. All the infrastructures are modern but mentalities have remained archaic. It is in this context that we follow Zetian, determined to avenge her sister, unjustly killed like hundreds of other women in a battle.

A real breath of fresh air in the fantasy genre with a heroine full of convictions. This book mixes spectacular action scenes with very current reflections on the couple, the family, traditions and the place of women in society.

© Editions de La Martiniere

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2- vicious by VE Schwab

Eli and Victor, best friends, decide to do research on EOs (= “Extra-Ordinary”, people who have had an imminent death experience and who have developed superhuman powers) as part of their graduation thesis. Driven by their ambitions, they try to live near-death experiences in order to better understand the phenomenon. Their attempt turns into a nightmare and we find them ten years later, while Victor is in prison and Eli has become a hero.

Impossible to put down, this book blurs the lines between heroes, anti-heroes and antagonists thanks to complex characters and sometimes questionable morals.

Vicious by VE Schwab

© Lumen Editions

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3- The Court of Darkness by Victor Dixen

What if Louis XIV had never stopped reigning? In The Court of Darkness, the Sun King turned into a vampire and became immortal. Nicknamed the King of Darkness, he has ruled the vampiric aristocracy over France and its kingdoms for 300 years. The story is about Jeanne, a young commoner from Auvergne. Torn from her family, she sees herself propelled to the court of the King, forced to survive among creatures who despise her.

Between betrayals, resistance, murders and rivalries, this book offers a very promising start to the saga in a universe never imagined before.

Court of Darkness by Victor Dixen

© Editions Robert Laffont

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4- Mower by Neal Shusterman

In this book, disease, war and hunger no longer exist. Humanity has overcome all miseries, even death. You can hardly die anymore than by being randomly killed by a professional reaper. Citra and Rowan are two teenagers who have been selected to become apprentice Reapers and will have to learn the art of killing and understand why this mission is indeed a necessity.

A very good read for fans of science fiction and dystopian universes.

The Grim Reaper by Neal Shusterman

© Editions Robert Laffont

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5 – six of crows by Leigh Bardugo

The prodigious criminal, Kaz Brekker, is offered a chance to pull off a heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t do it alone so he decides to recruit a very special team. A spy, a former soldier, a sniper, an uptown runaway and a witch, none of them have anything to lose and that’s what makes them dangerous.

An extraordinary epic in a steampunk universe with colorful charactersr !

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

© Editions Milano

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