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It has been released in cinemas Mexico the movie “The decision to leave”hence Jose Antonio Valdes Penaour top film critic, takes a tour of the work of the acclaimed Korean director Park Chan Wook.

1.Old Boy (2004)

A film that tells the story of a man who has been kidnapped for 15 years in a completely isolated place; he is released and given five days to find out what happened to him.

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“Park Chan-wook revealed with the film a very important visual style, with extraordinary camera handling and action, but, above all, it deals with a subject that is very important in his filmography: revenge, marginal beings and the very violent history of 20th century Korea”.

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

2. I’m a cyborg, but that’s okay (2006)

A cult film that in Mexico did not reach the cinemas. It tells the strange love story between two beings who find themselves in a “fantastic” place where they take care of Mentally illa girl who believes she is a robot and a young man who appears covered with a mask all the time.

“The protagonists live a very interesting love story where the director has the pleasure of playing with humor, with comedy and references to manga, animation and oriental comics”.

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

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3. Thirst (Thirst for Blood) (2009)

A very interesting experiment by director Park Chan-wook. a movie of vampires which tells the story of a priest who, due to a scientific error, ends up becoming a bloodthirsty being, which also leads him to fall in love with a woman and break his religious vows.

“It’s a very different take on the vampire theme, not from a Western romantic perspective, but more ‘playful’, from Korean cinema.”

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

4. The Maiden (2016)

In the movie, Park Chan-wook peeks into the history of your country; in this case, a story that takes place in the 1930s, when Japan dominates South Korea. It is a story, again, of revenge.

“It tells the story of a woman who attends to the needs of a great house of nobles in order to carry out a revenge. It is a film of exceptional beauty with great images around a story of women”.

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

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5. The Decision to Leave (2022)

It tells the story of a detective who agrees to solve the case of a man who has apparently been murdered by his wife, with whom he ends up falling in love.

“A film where two characters who are having a hard time meet; he a desperate man, she a fatal woman. Suddenly things turn around, we have a wonderful romantic drama, then we go to comedy, to drama.

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

For our film critic, Park Chan-wook is “one of those directors who have an enormous visual and narrative richness, so you have to look for his films.”

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