“Adieu Eri”, “Le Clan des Poe”, “Red Flower” … The 20 manga that will mark 2023

Back from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventurenovelty by Tatsuko Fujimoto and reissues of shojo classics… Discover the 20 manga that will mark 2023.

The increase in manga prices, from January 1, will not prevent the year 2023 from being rich in novelties. Some are highly anticipated. Starting with the new volume of Jojolioneighth part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki, postponed since the start of the school year due to the shortage of paper. We should also note the translations of new works by iconoclastic authors such as Tatsuki Fujimoto, Atsushi Kaneko and Suehiro Maruo and reissues of flagship shojo titles, such as The Poe Clan by Moto Hagio.

Attention, some release dates may change depending on the paper crisis.

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”

The cover of volume 15 of "Jojolion"
The cover of volume 15 of “Jojolion” © Delcourt/Tonkam

Double ration by Hirohiko Araki in 2023. After many postponements, volume 25 of Jojolionthe eighth arc of delusional and cult JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, will finally be available in bookstores. Volume 26 will follow in March. Meanwhile, Araki will have unveiled the first chapters of its ninth part on February 17 in Japan, Jojolands.

Release date: January 11

“Farewell Eri”

Japanese cover of "Farewell Eri"
Japanese cover of “Farewell Eri” © Shueisha

Pending the French translation of the second part of chain saw manCrunchyroll offers the latest one-shot from Tatsuki Fujimoto, Farewell Eri. A story that mixes melancholy, macabre humor and reflection on art, where the young mangaka once again deploys the extent of his talents as a director.

Release date: January 18

Suehiro Maruo’s Triple Ration

Covers of two of Maruo's three manga coming out in January 2022
Covers of two of Maruo’s three manga coming out in January 2022 © Sakka

Sakka, Casterman’s manga label, puts the spotlight on Suehiro Maruo, master of ero-guro (a cross between eroticism and the macabre). The publisher offers a collection of unpublished short stories, Paraísoas well as the reissue of two emblematic works of his style, Panorama Island and Hell in a bottle.

Release date: January 18

The cover "Mibu Gishi Den"
The “Mibu Gishi Den” cover © Mangetsu

Installed in the landscape of French publishing for almost two years, Mangetsu offers, after its reissues of Junji Ito and Tetsuo Hara, to rediscover the work of Takumi Nagayasu, considered one of the greatest designers in the history of manga, with samurai tale Mibu Gishi Den (written by Jiro Asada).

Release date: February 1st

“The Poe Clan”

Coverage of "Poe Clan"
Cover of “Poe Clan” © Akata

classic shojo, The Poe Clan (1972-1976) by Moto Hagio has never had a French translation. Affront finally repaired: this flagship work will finally be available in French thanks to Akata editions. We follow the life of Edgar over several centuries, a vampire with an adolescent body plagued by loneliness and regret.

Release date: February 2


Cover of "designs" by Daisuke Igarashi
Cover of “Designs” by Daisuke Igarashi © Kôdansha

After the miraculous reissue of children of the sea by Daisuke Igarashi, the latest series from this major author, designs (2015-2019), will be entitled to a French version at Noeve Grafx. The first visuals of this work in 5 volumes reveal mutant beings halfway between animals and humans.

Release date: February 24

“Hunter x Hunter”

The Japanese cover of "Hunter x Hunter 37"
The Japanese cover of “Hunter x Hunter 37” © Shūeisha

Awaited for more than four years, the 37th volume of Hunter x Hunter (which contains chapters 381 to 390) will finally be released in March. The author, Yoshihiro Togashi, who was able to resume his brushes after being immobilized for health problems, has lost none of his vigor in drawing.

Release date: 3rd of March


Cover of the first French edition of "Strategist"
Cover of the first French edition of “Stratège” © Tonkam

Not found since its initial publication in the 2000s, Strategist by Hideki Mori and Kenichi Sakemi gets a makeover at Vega-Dupuis. The opportunity to rediscover the story of soldier Ke-ri, sent to organize the resistance of a city besieged by 15,000 soldiers. Only downside: of the 4,500 inhabitants, only 1,500 are of fighting age.

Release date: March

“Sakura Saku”

The manga cover "sakura-saku"
The manga cover “Sakura Saku” © Kana

Kana continues to explore the work of Io Sakisaka, the author of Strobe Edge and Blue Spring Ride. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of her arrival in France, Kana publishes her new series, sakura-saku, where a young girl suffering from anemia has an encounter that will change her life. An artbook on the author’s work is also scheduled for July.

Release date: March, 31st

“Arion” and “Venus Wars”

The Japanese edition of "Arion"
The Japanese edition of “Arion” © Tokuma Shoten

Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the character designer of Gundamis back in force in France thanks to NaBan editions, which will publish for the first time in French two of his early works: Venus Wars and Arion. The whole will be translated by Jean-Philippe Dubrulle, a great specialist in the work of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko.

Release date: april (Arion) and November (Venus Wars)


"Evol"the new manga by Atsushi Kaneko
“Evol”, the new manga by Atsushi Kaneko © Delcourt/Tonkam

Atsushi Kaneko, the punk mangaka of Baby and Search and Destroy, returns with a new series, which will be published in the spring by Delcourt/Tonkam. The story of two young girls and a boy, disappointed by the world, who discover strange powers after a suicide attempt.

Release date: april

“One Piece”

Japanese cover of volume 104 of "One Piece"
Japanese cover of “One Piece” volume 104 © Shueisha

Aficionados of Eiichiro Oda’s work have already read it on Manga Plus, but the next volume of Luffy’s saga, the 104th, should surprise those who are waiting for the paper publication. The cover, which shows Luffy’s transformation into “Gear 5”, will be metallic at launch, Glénat editions announced.

Release date: April 19

“Red Flower”

Visual of the manga "RedFlower" by Louie
Visual from the manga “Red Flower” by Loui © Glénat

The French manga is doing well. Spotted with a self-publishing series Red Flower StoriesLoui goes to the main player in manga in France, Glénat, and extends his universe with RedFlower. He tells the story of Kéli, a fiery teenager who dreams of becoming a skilled warrior.

Release date: 21st of June

“Show-ha Shoten!”

"Show-Ha Shouten!"the new manga from the author of "Death Note"
“Show-Ha Shouten!”, the new manga from the author of “Death Note” © Shueisha

The new series from Takeshi Obata, the designer of Hikaru no go and Death Note, will be released right in time for the next edition of Japan Expo. He is working this time with screenwriter Akinari Asakura. The French publisher has not yet been announced. The series follows high school students whose ambition is to become Japan’s top comedy duo.

Release date: end of June


Manga teaser poster "Silence"
Manga teaser poster “Silence” © Kana

Another hope of French manga, Yoann Vonnière will be released at the end of the year by Kana editions Silence, a series planned in three volumes. A teaser poster published on social networks by the designer announces the color.

Release date: october


The manga cover "March"
The cover of the manga “Mars” © Panini

After having restored the letters of nobility to the works of Akimi Yoshida (banana fish, yasha), Panini will reissue another flagship shojo title: March by Fuyumi Soyo. It will be available in 8 volumes from the fall of 2023. The story of an absolute love between Kira Asou, a lonely young girl, and Rei Kashino, a thug who loves motorcycle racing.

Release date: fall


manga cover "The Fantastic World of Shotaro - Jun Vol.  1"
Cover of the manga “The Fantastic World of Shotarô – Jun Vol. 1” © Mushi Production

Shōtarō Ishinomori, grand master of manga of the 1960s and 1970s, is making his return to France thanks to Imho. The publisher will publish soon June, a story in two volumes. A young man dreams of becoming a mangaka like his father, but has to face his fierce opposition…

Release date: TBC

“Adieu Eri”, “Le Clan des Poe”, “Red Flower” … The 20 manga that will mark 2023