Bad Girls, at Sivori a review dedicated to the very bad films of all time

I’m coming “Bad Girls” the film villains of all time (and all genres): terrible girls, evil queens, insatiable vampires, dark ladies, fatal vamps, serial killers, perverse mothers, melo bastards, cold avengers, diabolical seducers, glacial assassins. Each has its place in the six lessons of the new cycle “Bad Girls”, al Sivori cinema (ascent Santa Caterina 54 r.) from 14 January to 11 March 2023, always of Saturday at 3 pm. Curated by Emanuela Martiniorganized by FIC – Italian Cineforum Federation and Cineforum Magazineis hosted in Genoa by Circuit. Each meeting lasts for two hours and foresees the participation of scholars, teachers and film critics: Luca Malavasi, Ilaria Feole, Barbara RossiBesides Emanuela Martini, curator of the entire initiative. The ticket is 12 euros per meeting, 60 euros in subscription. Tickets will be available for purchase shortly at the cinema box office.

It begins at 3 pm on Saturday 14 January at the Sivori cinema with Luca Malavasi, professor of film history and analysis and elements of visual culture at the University of Genoa, who talks about “Queens and other villains of Disney & Co.”. They are bad, sometimes very bad, but also, very often, eccentric, sensual, funny. The antagonists of the world of animation have nothing to envy, in terms of charm and popularity, to the (generally) young and beautiful they oppose. Disney, of villains, has created memorable ones, from Grimilde (Cinderella) to Ursula (The Little Mermaid), from Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) to Mother Gothel (Rapunzel), but also outside the production of this studio the “stars” are countless, from the first color witch (of the West) in the history of cinema (The Wizard of Oz) to the ruthless, very sensual Catwoman, in evil movement between comics, cinema and cartoons.

The second appointment is Saturday 28 January at 3 pm with the “Vampire, vamp, Marlene and fatal women” selected by Pier Maria Bocchi, scholar and film critic, editor of “Cineforum”. There has never been a star female vampire. The male imagination with sharp canines is legendary (Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee), the female one is not. Divas lend themselves to one-off blood sucking (Delphine Seyrig, Catherine Deneuve, Grace Jones). The femme fatale and the vamp on the contrary have always conquered the center of the shot, they move the scene, they make the scene; man is afraid of them, he doesn’t want to defeat them, he wants to fall in love with her, so he succumbs to her. In this regard, there is no one in the cinema who has known how to move and make the scene like Marlene Dietrich, especially in her artistic marriage with Josef von Sternberg (7 films).

Third lesson on February 4th at 3 pm with Ilaria Feole, author of numerous film monographs and articles for the weekly Film Tv. “A Promising Woman”, via Rita Hayworth from “The Lady from Shanghai”, Catherine Deneuve from “My Drug Is Named Julie” and Jessica Lange from “The Postman Always Rings Twice”: all shades of black of dark ladies , fatal seducers, maneaters and vamps, and their mutations from classic cinema to the #MeToo revolution.

“Murderers, poisoners, serial killers, avengers” is the theme chosen for the February 18 lesson by Barbara Rossi, media and film educator, vice president of the FIC (Italian Cineforum Federation). From Alex of “Fatal Attraction” to Annie of “Misery must not die”, passing through The Bride of “Kill Bill: Volume 1 and 2” up to the Alma of “The Hidden Thread”, a cinephile journey among female characters more diabolical and violent than the last thirty years, for which revenge can take many forms, but it is certainly not a dish that is eaten cold.

The last two lessons are both by Emanuela Martini, curator of the review, expert in Anglo-American cinema, director of Cineforum Rivista. Saturday 25 February talks about “Mammine (and little sisters) dear”, a branch of the Bad Girls family no less full of ideas and interesting figures. These women are not dark ladies, they do not aspire to wealth, revenge or power; they are mothers and sisters who harbor much deeper hatred and desires for control and make life impossible for the whole family. Whether for revenge (“Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”) or for envy (“The Dark Mirror”; “Sisters”), for religious fanaticism (“Carrie, the Look of Satan”) or superiority complex (“Mommy Dearest “). However, we must not fall into error: among them there are also loving and affectionate mothers like the protagonist “La Signora ammazzatutti”, a true angel of the family who is willing to do anything for the well-being and safety of her loved ones. Saturday 11 March the cycle of lessons ends with “The bastards of the mélo, from Bette Davis to Lady Macbeth”. Starting from the voracious vamps of the silent era, through the numerous, evil-willed villains to which Bette Davis gave a face and temper and the unsuspected forays into the perfidy of Katharine Hepburn (“Suddenly last summer”) to arrive up to the recent Florence Pugh of “Lady Macbeth ” (frozen mélo brönte-Victorian directed in 2016 by William Oldroyd), the ladies torn apart by too much love or lack of love, by hatred or revenge, by jealousy or anger, or by pure, intimate obsession with domination have seduced more than a century of cinema .

Saturday 14 JANUARY 2023, 3 pm


Edited by Luca Malavasi

Saturday 28 JANUARY 2023, 3 pm


Edited by Pier Maria Bocchi

Saturday 4 FEBRUARY 2023, 3 pm


Edited by Ilaria Feole

Saturday 18 FEBRUARY 2023, 3 pm


Edited by Barbara Rossi

Saturday 25 FEBRUARY 2023, 3 pm


Edited by Emanuela Martini

Saturday 11 MARCH 2023, 3 pm


Edited by Emanuela Martini

€12 per lesson – €60 subscription

Bad Girls, at Sivori a review dedicated to the very bad films of all time