Best shooters of 2022

gEven though shooters are popular as a genre, it makes sense that it’s been a very long time since a year has passed without us playing at least a few great shooters, and 2022 has been no different. Different shooters with different styles of play have arrived from all corners of the industry, from indie and offbeat to AAA and mainstream, and many of them have impressed us over the past year. . Here, we’ll go over the ones that stood out to us the most, before crowning one as the best of the bunch.

NOTOTE: The nominees and winner were decided by an internal vote held among the entire Fun Academy staff.



rollerdrome would have earned a spot on this list simply on the basis of how unique it is compared to almost every other game on here, but the fact that it’s also great at what it does leaves no doubt as to whether it should whether or not to be included. Developped by OlliOlli Roll7 developer, rollerdrome combines fast-paced third-person shooting with spectacular traversal mechanics, as you step into the inline skates of a protagonist who just rolls, moves at high speeds, and performs badass tricks. Wrap it all up in a gorgeous visual aesthetic and you have one of the best shooters of the year.


the Borderlands the formula is a very well-known quantity by now, but if you’re looking for something that takes that framework and refreshes it with a number of intriguing twists, The wonders of Tiny Tina does exactly that. The single-player and co-op first-person action the series is known for is still there, of course, as are the loot and progression mechanics. However, all of this is now delivered in the context of a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired premise, from an explorable overworld to Tiny Tina herself serving as your ever-unpredictable dungeon master. No, it’s not exactly a new big blockbuster Borderlands version, but until we get another, it’s more than enough to serve as a good stopgap.


splash 3

Since its creation, the Splatoon franchises has been widely recognized as one of the best (and most unusual) multiplayer shooter franchises, and it’s a belief that only grows stronger with each successive release. This applies to Splaton 3 as well as. Intelligently seeking to refine and improve the series’ beloved formula rather than trying to fix something that isn’t broken, Splaton 3 ends up being as fun as expected. From excellent maps and a vast and varied weapon list to, of course, a meaty and well-made single-player campaign, Splaton 3 continues to show exactly why this has quickly become one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises.


the Destroy all humans! the franchise returned to the limelight in 2020 with a remake of the original developed by Black Forest Games, and 2022 saw the developer (and publisher THQ Nordic) continue its success with a follow-up remake in Destroy all humans! 2 – Reproved. The results? Well, largely similar. Reproved is by no means a must-play, and thanks to the fidelity with which it recreates the original Destroy all humans! 2, it also feels aged in several ways. But at the same time, it delivers more of that chaotic carnage, explosive action, and gleefully juvenile humor that the series has always been known for. It might not be nerd game design, but if you’re looking for pure, unadulterated fun, you’ll find plenty of it here.


Take the modern hell shooter in one hand, Guitar Hero in the other, then join your hands – that’s what Metal: Hellsinger is. A devilishly fast, adrenaline-fuelled first-person shooter where you tear through hordes of terrifying demons – only you do it at the pace of extremely hardcore heavy metal music. The mood created by the game is unforgettable, and unlike anything else you’ll see, and it deserves huge praise for how easily it does justice to its premise, which is, of course, fascinating, but which is also incredibly difficult to remove properly.


sniper sniper 5

Elite Sniper 5 It might not be a big budget AAA game, but for any hungry stealth fans out there, this is one game you shouldn’t miss. Rebellion’s stealth WWII series never really made it into the mainstream, but within its niche it’s quietly making steady and consistent improvements. Elite Sniper 5 is the best iteration of the series to date. Within its large, intricately designed maps, the game places a number of objectives and secondary objectives, provides players with an arsenal of tools and weapons, and then leaves you completely free, giving you the freedom to tackle the goals as desired. For emerging stealth fans, there’s a lot to like here.


Many have wondered why Monitor 2 was to be launched as a sequel rather than an update to the original, and while these arguments are not without merit, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that at its core, the formula Blizzard’s hero shooter remains flawless. Sure, Monitor 2 makes a number of changes and improvements to this formula, most notably with its shift to 5v5 matches, and as a result it creates a wonderfully balanced and excellent competitive multiplayer experience that succeeds in a way that no other game seems to able to . It made some controversial changes, yes, but I hope Blizzard will consider the feedback carefully, because there’s already a great game here that can get even better.


bad west

The linear, super cheesy action games of the 2000s have become something of a dying breed these days, but if you’re a fan of that particular style of game, Flying Wild Hog’s bad west got you covered. It will draw you in with its fascinating premise – with you playing the role of a vampire hunter in an alternate history of the Wild West that is populated by beasts and vicious creatures – and once you get there, it will sink its claws into you. with its crunching, satisfying and brutal combat, which almost perfectly evokes the style of those old-school action titles. This mix of Wild West and dark fantasy is not to be missed.



Of all the games we have listed here, Marauders is the one with the lowest profile – many might not even be aware of it, in fact. But as those who’ve played it will tell you, it’s a game worth your attention. Imagine Escape from Tarkov, but placed in space, and you’ll get a good idea of ​​what Marauders go for. The tactical multiplayer shooter is an absolute pleasure to play, and it’s also a much more accessible experience than many of its peers, which means the onboarding process is much smoother. It’s certainly a little rough around the edges, especially when it comes to its susceptibility to cheats and hacks, but for the most part it does more than enough to impress.


shadow warrior 3

Flying Wild Hog gets not one, but two spots on our list of nominations for best shooters of the year. Several months before bad west, earlier in the year, the developer released Shadow Warrior 3, a game that makes the smart move to cut a lot of the fat that weighed down its predecessor. shadow warrior 3 is lean, focused and, therefore, a consistently enjoyable game, thanks to its solid blend of fast-paced action and fast-paced, dynamic traversal mechanics. It’s not a game without its issues, especially when it comes to story, writing, and characters, but there’s still plenty here that you can’t help but enjoy.



Monitor 2

Blizzard Entertainment has been embroiled in a host of controversies over the past few years, and that, combined with Overwatch 2 prolonged development cycle, meant there was a lot of skepticism surrounding the launch of the hero shooter. We’ve yet to see how its single-player content will fare when it arrives later, but it’s safe to say the meat and potatoes of the experience – which is the multiplayer component – once again proves why the original Surveillance took the world by storm in 2016. Yes, it’s a pretty iterative sequel (to the extent that some might not even call it a sequel), but the gameplay experience it offers and the variety and the ingenious design she showcases in everything from her characters to her maps to her modes is unmatched. There is still room for improvement here, yes, but at the very least, Monitor 2 got off to a promising start.

Best shooters of 2022