Blade: Is Marvel’s Reboot In Trouble?

Blade: Is Marvel’s Reboot In Trouble?

The bad news is piling up and the latest information does not bode well for Marvel’s intentions to reboot a character that had been off screen for a long time. The first and last time we saw Blade in a live-action adaptation was with the trilogy he starred in. wesley snipes between 1998 and 2004. Despite the fact that none of the released titles convinced the critics, although the audience did like them a little more, at least the first one was the first cinematographic success based on Marvel characters and made possible the emergence of his first trilogy before the MCU.

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The return of this cynical figure, a hybrid of vampire and human who becomes a hunter who seeks to get rid of vampires, is one of the most desired by fans of the House of Ideas. Despite the fact that some believe that nothing could surpass what was done with Snipes, a large part of the fans remains with great expectations regarding what the studio is doing since it was confirmed in 2019 by Kevin Feig during the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con. But since it was revealed that Blade would be in the franchise, too many negative things have happened around the production and the 2023 release date is getting further and further away at the same time that the concerns of the fans increase.

To say that the Marvel reboot is in trouble is not an exaggeration, as the studio is failing on the most important things. Factors like the script and a good director are essential for a film to turn out well from pre-production, but it is precisely what has become very problematic for the company for some reason. Without a doubt, the presentation of the project was spectacular because it is something that Feige is very good at and the anticipation has grown since then. However, the latest news has not only caused fans to raise their eyebrows, but some are already expecting the worst with each new report.

The process has had all kinds of problems since its announcement more than three years ago. At the beginning everything was going well, with the confirmations of its cast, writer and director, but along the way it happened that, for example, the script was not what they were looking for and that the director of the film left the project right at the beginning of his production stage. A lot has happened since July 2019 and yes, it is definitely in trouble. Next we will recount all the details:

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July 2019: Movie with Mahershala Ali Confirmed

It took more than 20 years but the announcement of a Blade reboot produced by Marvel Studios finally arrived. There it was confirmed that the two-time Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali will play the titular character after giving an idea to Kevin Feig for a solo film of that character. No other details of the project were disclosed.

Wesley Snipes gives his blessing to the new actor

Of course, some lost their minds when they found out that wesley snipes he would not return to play Blade, but another actor would. Snipes quickly posted on his social media that the news was a surprise to him, but that’s the entertainment business. She followed up with his well wishes for the studio and congratulated Mahershala Ali, whom she referred to as “a beautiful and talented artist whose expressions she hopes to experience for many years” and mentioned that she would like to work with him one day. However, he noted that his fans still love him and appreciated his displays of affection.

February 2021: Watchmen writer joins as writer

Updates on the film were scarce for almost a year until it was confirmed in early 2021 that the studio had found a screenwriter. Back then, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that it was Stacy Osei-Kuffourwho won a Writers Guild Award for his work on Watchman (80%). She gained recognition earlier for having written PEN15 (100%)so there is no doubt that the study had been

July 2021: Bassam Tariq is announced as director

Rumors about the possible director began as soon as the film was announced. David Leitchthe man behind action movies like Atomic (76%), Deadpool 2 (85%) Y Bullet Train (80%)expressed interest during an interview with ScreenRantwhile the name of jordan peele He kept getting mentioned for the project. This filmmaker said that it would be a dream to direct the film, but that he was very focused on other jobs. The wait ended in July 2021 when Bassam Tarik (Mogul Mowgli (100%)) it was confirmed.

May 2021: Production is delayed to polish the script

The Hollywood Reporter announced that the production of the film was delayed from September 2021 to July 2022. The reason? According to the outlet, this was because more time was needed with the script to polish its details. There wasn’t a big update on it, but this is something fans didn’t take lightly back then.

November 2021: Delroy Lindo joins the cast

Blade added another star to its cast with the announcement that Cute Delroyknown for Malcolm X (91%) Y 5 Bloods (100%), would join two-time Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. His role was not revealed, but this would be the second time that Lindo will appear in a Marvel production and his best opportunity so far to be part of the franchise after his participation in the pilot episode of the spin-off. off Marvel’s Most Wanted of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Season 5 (100%) that never aired.

Blade “debuts” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In November 2021 came the premiere of Eternals (58%) and with it also the first “appearance” of Blade in the franchise. In the post-credits scene of the film is Dane Whitman (Kit Harington), who is apparently ready to take over as Black Knight and picks up a sword. There a voice is heard asking him if he is sure of what he is going to do, and this voice belongs to Mahershala Ali as confirmed by the director Chloe Zhao a fandom.

February 2022: A DC actor joins the project

Months after the announcement that Cute Delroy joined the project, the name of an actor who participated in Kryptonian, the prequel to Superman, as another of the protagonists. This is Aaron Pierre, who was also in the series The Underground Railroad (100%) Y Old (55%)one of the last films of M.Night Shyamalan. The character he will play if he continues in the adaptation was not confirmed.

July 2022: Blade receives a release date

In the same month it was confirmed that Blade It would hit theaters in November 2023 after several months without major news. The information was provided during the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con that took place that month. There were many details about other productions, but not much was said about this adaptation.

September 2022: The director leaves the project and the production is stopped

Just at the time when the production was supposed to get under way with no news about it, The Hollywood Reporter with bad news by reporting that the director Bassam Tarik leaves the Marvel Studios project. The reason cited by the media was “continuous changes in the production schedule”, which makes us think that there were many irregularities and the filmmaker did not feel comfortable working like this. It was also mentioned that the studio needs to further polish the script, so the best that could be decided was that they would take the time to find a new director and touch up the final details of the story.

Blade is being a great challenge for the studio and at the moment Mahershala Ali still involved in the project. Many of the things that have happened do not bode well for the return/introduction of Blade in the MCU and the actor who will star in the film deserves to play the character in a good film. It’s a bit ironic that the company can mass-produce other types of stories, but the human-vampire hybrid, which many would prefer to see in an adult-oriented story, is one of the ones that has become more difficult for it.

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Blade: Is Marvel’s Reboot In Trouble?