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The early seasons of the beloved ’90s television masterpiece, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, saw Angel as Buffy’s primary love interest. Despite their considerable age gap and the fact that Angel is a vampire, the pair really tried to make it work and had an incredibly rocky relationship for the duration of the show.

Buffy and Angel are so iconic they’re still being talked about, with fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spin-off Angel often taking to Twitter to voice their opinions on the problematic pair.

The Lessons Buffy Learned

Buffy was a teenager when she met Angel, which meant she had so much more to learn about life. As @SpuffyFields observes, Angel loving Buffy had dark consequences, which perhaps explains why so many people prefer her relationship with Spike despite Angel being her original love interest.

If nothing else, Angel taught Buffy very valuable life lessons and encouraged her personal growth, leaving Sunnydale, Angel did his best for Buffy because without him she was able to grow and fall in love with others.

Their dramatic relationship

Buffy and Angel’s relationship throughout Buffy the Vampire Slayer was fraught with problems. From her having to kill him and his soul returning, to him constantly coming back as a reminder of the love they shared even when she’s in a relationship with someone else.

Everything with Buffy and Angel was always very high stakes, their relationship was filled with drama and probably not ideal for a 16 year old high schooler. As @werebichon points out, Angel was hundreds of years old when he met Buffy, and he had a soul, so no doubt he should have known not to handle the relationship the way he did .

Buffy’s Lasting Trauma

With Angel, Buffy went through a lot of firsts, but also a lot of trauma, which ended up impacting those experiences. Even when Buffy and Angel are apart, Buffy carries the trauma of her relationship with Angel with her.

Even spending her first night with Riley, you can see, as @brandocean_ describes, the fear creeping away from her. There are many points after Buffy’s relationship with Angel where she realizes how traumatic it was to be with him, but she feels a magnetic attraction towards him as her first love as seen when she kisses him. despite being with Spike or meeting him without the others knowing what she is doing.

Their “eternal” love

Angel has frequently struggled with his own demons throughout the series, but @prophecygirIs describes the lack of care Angel apparently has after Buffy’s apparent death.

While viewers obviously see him caring for Buffy at various points in the series, such as when he comes to give her the amulet at the end of the final season, it’s clear he’s struggling with his emotions even though he’s struggling. has a soul. However, it seems odd that Angel doesn’t seem to pay as much attention to Buffy as Buffy seems to devote to him.

Some fans will always be Team Angel

The couple was often unhappy when it came to their relationship, it never seemed like the right time. Despite the issues they faced, Angel and Buffy were meant to be endgame and @kimmestefi is still totally behind that.

Angel’s problematic nature doesn’t stop fans of the Buffyverse from preferring her relationship with him to her other boyfriends, due to the fact that Buffy and Angel loved each other despite their big differences and battles along the way. However, Buffy letting Angel feed on her was a step too far for many.

Their emblematic anguish

The mental struggle Buffy faced when she had to kill Angelus is a testament to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s excellent acting.

@Supyro highlights how angst-filled that moment was, it also shows how Buffy and Angel’s relationship changes and grows throughout the series as Buffy grows further away from Angel and is able to to relate to others such as Riley and Spike. Buffy and Angel truly go from lovers to enemies to lovers with a few more confusing stages throughout, which has kept their relationship appealing to viewers.

Their confusing connection

Buffy and Angel have really confused viewers with their relationship at times. @fredsgunn is right to question that decision, but ultimately the connection between Buffy and Angel is on a cosmic level.

It’s obvious the pair can’t stay away from each other, with both characters appearing on each other’s show as guests as integral parts of the story. The showrunners intended to show this connection whenever possible, just to prove how strong the attraction between the characters was, even if it meant they were morally biased on a few points.

Angelus is the ultimate bad boy

Buffy’s relationship with Angel not only includes him being the clumsy vampire who only wants to help her, at times he is Angelus, and Buffy is forced to kill him despite her feelings because she knows that it’s the right thing to do.

@OfSlayingSass appreciates Angelus’ connection to Buffy because of his bad boy tendencies, but his return as Angelus caused the death of Jenny Calendar who had been sent to Sunnydale to keep tabs on the soulless vampire.

The relationship taught life lessons

The relationship between Buffy and Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in general, provided audiences with valuable emotional skills as @FALSE_WITNESS indicates.

However, Buffy and Angel haven’t really brought out the best in each other’s character most of the time, Angel ends up spending so much time with Buffy avoiding her emotions and remaining very stoic, which leads to her leaving. eventual Sunnydale, which had a huge impact on Buffy’s other relationships as she developed abandonment trauma.

They were always endgame

Buffy and Angel were a fan-favorite couple from the moment they first appeared on screen together. Throughout the series and in the years that followed, many fans began to point out how problematic their relationship was.

@bixthdayy doesn’t care like so many other fans because they were really meant to be endgame. They were kindred spirits who truly loved each other even if they weren’t always the best at expressing it – as evidenced by their many issues and immersions in each other’s lives over the years.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 10 Best Tweets About Buffy and Angel’s Relationship | Pretty Reel