Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress goes on the hunt again in this werewolf series

news culture Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress goes on the hunt again in this werewolf series

Buffy is back, or almost. Sarah Michelle Gellar, known for the mythical series Buffy Against the Vampires, will soon be hunting again, or almost. This time around, the actress trades blood drinkers for werewolves in Wolf Pack and on Paramount+

Wolf-Pack: Werewolves set fire to the powder

Announced several months ago, Wolf Pack will have waited for New York Comic Con in October 2022 to reveal itself. In other words, to find Sarah Michelle Gellar in a fantasy series in which mythical creatures are involved has awakened some memories in those who have known the Saturday Trilogy on M6. Wolf Pack will follow the characters of Everett and Blake, played by Armani Jackson and Bella Shepard, as fate is turned upside down by a forest fire waking up a werewolf in the heart of California. The duo, which events bring together in an almost supernatural way, quickly ends up team up with two other teenagersadopted some fifteen years earlier by a forest ranger.

As a matter of fact, these two other characters, Luna and Harlan, also saw their lives turned upside down by a forest fire. The group then decides to understand why everything seems to bind them, all under the light of the full moon. But what is Sarah Michelle Gellar doing in all this? She will not be part of the group, at least initially, but will embody Kristin Ramsey, an expert in pyromania responsible for investigating these mysterious forest fires. Obviously, the fact that she seeks to find a person carrying out criminal acts will confront a reality that she had not considered.

While waiting for the broadcast in France, a new trailer unveiled

The series evokes you Teen Wolf ? This is normal, since the creator of Wolf Pack is Jeff Davis, which was already found at the origin of Teen Wolf. The synopsis and the planned developments are quite different, but the atmosphere, which we feel in the new trailer, is actually reminiscent of the famous series. Wolf Pack, which will arrive next January 26 on Paramount+is adapted from the four-volume literary series by Edo Van Belkompublished between 2004 and 2008. At the time of writing, it is not known if Wolf Pack will be available in France on the same date on the SVOD service, but we have a new trailer that raises the stakes of the series.

Because if you didn’t know, Paramount+ is recently available in France at the price of 7.99€ per month after a free trial week. In particular, it contains the entire South Park until season 25, Transformers, Halo, Dexter, Star Trek: Strange New World or The Godfather, Top Gun and the paw patrol. We should quickly know more about the arrival of this series in France, but remember before concluding that Sarah Michelle Gellar, the undeniable star of the program, is also executive producer.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress goes on the hunt again in this werewolf series