By dint of hits and charisma, Karol G made the Argentine public delirious at the Movistar Arena

The lights of the Movistar Arena go out at the same time that those on the stage come on. It’s almost 10:30 p.m. and people start screaming wildly while the first chords of “SEJODIOTO” play, and there, at that moment, she comes out on stage. Buenos Aires surrenders at his feet, as did all of Latin America and the United States in recent months. Karol G is the queen of reggaeton, there is no doubt about that.

Carolina Giraldo Navarro was born on February 14, 1991 in Medellin, Colombia. Getting to fill stadiums and be a reference for thousands of people, especially women who empower themselves with their music and its message, was no coincidence. It was years of work and perseverance that positioned her where she is today. They were years of seeing how her colleagues and friends of hers, men of hers, with whom she started, managed to fulfill her dreams while everything cost her a little more. But her effort brought her reward and “La Bichota” shines brighter than ever, illuminating every stadium it steps on.

“In Colombia it took me many years for people to know who Karol G was,” he acknowledged a while ago. “I had to see the growth of all the urban artists that you know from Medellín. I know J. Balvin from when he was starting with his first song, he also knew Reykon and Maluma and I saw how everyone’s process evolved and nothing happened to me. Nothing was happening but it was working”, he recalled in an interview.

Karol G lit the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires@monogomez

A red bodysuit with the word Bichota embroidered on the front and studded leather pants was the first of the three looks she wore during the night. His characteristic long turquoise hair, which was replicated by many people in the audience in the form of a wig, ended up marking her presence on stage.

“El Poblado”, “Ay Dios mío”, “Gato Malo”, “El Barco”, “Location” and “El Makinon” were some of the hits that made the entire Movistar Arena dance during the first part of the show. Karol’s connection with people is indisputable. The public loves her and let them know it. She also loves her audience, and she made sure they knew it by paying attention to those who came to see her and mentioning them between songs.

My parents were always there for me. That is 99% of the success of my career: that my parents have believed and supported this project, because more than having the economic possibility we had the willingness, we were willing to do whatever it took and get whatever it took to get it”, he recalled in an interview when reviewing the long road to success. “It was very difficult to get there,” she assured, who today is one of the most listened to Latin artists worldwide.

Karol G recognized herself as an admirer of Argentine music
Karol G recognized herself as an admirer of Argentine music@monogomez

On several occasions, during the show, Karol recognized herself as an admirer of Argentine music. Her way of paying homage to national artists was by inviting one of the most recognized bands in the country: Vilma Palma e Vampiros, with whom she sang “Auto Rojo” and made the public delirious.

“Karol, thank you for representing us as a woman. Your songs are poems that fill my soul”, said an Argentina shirt that reached the stage and made her move. “We feel great for you”, read the thousands of posters that her fans distributed among the public for everyone to raise while she sang “Ocean”, printed in colors to form the flag of Argentina and Colombia.

“Who printed all those slips of paper? There are pieces of paper all over the Arena, ”she said, moved to tears, unable to believe her people’s gesture. “Hey Argentina, do you know they looked horrible? Never in my life had they done something like this to me, that everyone wherever I look has a piece of paper. Pieces of paper with the color of my flag and the flag of Argentina. They are a chimba! They shined!”, She expressed while the stadium shouted that it loved her and the singer’s eyes filled with tears.

Karol G turned the Movistar Arena into a party
Karol G turned the Movistar Arena into a party@monogomez

“200 Copas”, “Bichota”, “Tusa” and “Provenza” were the hits that Karol G chose to say goodbye to her audience in a show in which the stage display left everyone surprised. It took years of effort, some frustration and a lot of perseverance, but the dream came true. Today “La Bichota” is a reference for thousands of girls whom she inspires with her life story, with her eagerness to achieve what she sets out to do and with the love she feels for herself.

Wearing the Argentina national team shirt, her band made up of women accompanying her, the dancers by her side, her heart full of emotion and joy intact, the Colombian singer once again demonstrated that dreams are meant to be fulfilled and that effort always brings reward.

By dint of hits and charisma, Karol G made the Argentine public delirious at the Movistar Arena