Cartoon Egg says goodbye to the big screen with Frozen Eggs

17 years after launching the first installment, the brothers Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste say goodbye to their franchise with the fifth and last tapetitled frozen eggs.

The filmmakers They assured that it is the best tape made so far, especially because you can see the evolution they have had as professionals.

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“This is the culmination of the saga, it was an important process for us and everything we learned in the four films above is reflected in the fifth.

“For us it is the best film in terms of animation, sound, history and the most important message that needs to be strengthened right now is the family, the issue of family union and all the characters They are going in that direction,” Rodolfo said at a press conference.

The film features the dubbing voices of actors such as Carlos Espejel, Bruno Bichir, Maite Perroni, Vadhir Derbez, Mauricio Castillo, Miguel Rodarte, Angélica Vale, among others.

“This is a project that started with a very small budget, nobody wanted to invest in it or bet on the animation in Mexico, but these guys (the brothers) ventured out and did the feat and achieved great success.

“We managed to do the first film and then the second already had a more sophisticated animation, but we had the first influenza pandemic, which was overcome and these were also overcome last two deliveriesthis one with the Covid in the middle”, commented Espejel who has been in the five films of the series

This time the plot takes place at the South Pole; the Adventures of Toto and his family continue, now with a polar bear and some penguins that will have to return to their home. To achieve this, everyone must learn to work as a team.

“One had dreams of positioning animation in Mexico and when the time came we thought that hopefully it would do decently well and it turned out that we had the highest grossing weekend in history and you don’t know how to receive that news, then comes the second and the third part and now the fifth, it’s amazing!

“I eat director I have always been very picky and this is the first time I see the film and I love it, I keep seeing mistakes, but I am fascinated by the level that the film has reached. I am proud that we are spearheading and presenting the best and, above all, highlighting the talent of Mexico,” said Gabriel.

The filmmakers assured that, due to the changes in current social discourses, some of them had to be modified jokes within the story, in order not to affect any sector, of course, without neglecting the essence that characterizes them, that is, a double meaning humor for adults and the whitest comedy for children.

“You cannot be a gold coin because someone is always going to be offended, but we have tried to evolve, understand what happens in society and be attentive to new roles, try to flow, the eggs are so flexible that there can be all kinds from humor both white and elevated.

“There are some jokes that could be out of tune, so we always do constant script readings, focus group. This tape it was done four years ago and something that was good at that time, today no longer, but that we changed some jokes to lighten it, “commented Rodolfo de la tapewhich premiered for the first time in platform and is available at Vix+.

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The Riva Palacio brothers will focus on developing brand products cartoon eggas well as content for the Internet, leaving aside the movies.

As for other projects, they are in the process of launching a animated tape of cavemen, another of alebrijes, a vampire thriller and they will begin to experiment with live action.

Cartoon Egg says goodbye to the big screen with Frozen Eggs