Catanzaro, San Pio Center scam: the whole “gang” of Claudio Parente and the “protections” of the Municipality

(…) Following the previous request presented by the new owner, who acquired the business branch relating to the structure (San Pio Center, ed)request to the lead municipality, competent for the matter, both the transfer of the authorization for operation and accreditation, and the transfer of the authorization and accreditation to another structure in its availability located in the territory of Municipality of Marcellinara. However, he specified that in the previous session of the Conference of Mayors this point was not dealt with on the agenda due to the absence of representatives of both municipalities. On this point, he gives the floor to Dr. Ienuso (…)“.

Who speaks during the meeting of 22 July 2022 of the social area of ​​Catanzaro, is the manager Antonino Ferraiolothe dealer of rigged documents “ in the municipal capital of the region, which enjoys the coverage of the mysticism of Simeri Crichi, the general secretary Dr. Vincenzina Sica. She who was delegated by Abraham before and also seems to be later, by Fiorita, to scientifically organize the corruption in the palace, with the benevolence and support of her organic leaders.

We do not tell anything new, because it is well known and also written in the documents of the various operations of the public prosecutor of Catanzaro, such as what remains the user manual, “Low Profile”, that the municipality of the region is the center of the massomafia and that the best crimes, the most articulate scams are consumed inside, while outside everyone shouts at their innocence and virginity …

The Municipality of Catanzaro is a stage where everyone miraculously becomes protagonists and spectators: depending on the specific interest; where everyone acts out of fidelity to the character; where even the new recruits, those hired with bogus competitions, are more fraudulent than those who preceded them; where everyone responds to a score of the comedy, the one written by several hands by white-collar workers, organic by choice or because they are greased in filigree to the massomafia system. It is not a revelation of the secret of Fatima. Here because Sica is the same as Ferraiolo and vice versa, as well as other managers and officials of the municipal machinery, the evergreens organic corruption, all those who by now from various parts are reported increasingly “close” to the new premises of the DDA of Catanzaro, where before leaving (there is still time at least until winter), it is said, the prosecutor Nicola Gratteri is waiting for them.

Making money by speculating on disease, multiplying beds or monetizing migrants is a common practice. They are all in it: father Piero Puglisithe building owner of Squillace Lido and his new “juggler” Marco Zummo, the clown from Palermo, the “dangerous” new pawn in the Betania Foundation scam led by the vampire of the boat peoples; there is don Alfonso Velonà, the jailer of the Ualsi Foundation in Botricello, where the elderly, the disabled and immigrants overlap between Sprar and RSA, in a mixture that maximizes the square centimeters and guarantees profits to the priest; and then there is the boss Parente and his association – a crime – Vivere Insieme, whose history is now compendium in the courts of the city. There are historical vultures who feast on the remains of Calabrian health; the Church that in Calabria colludes with power and obedience; the polluted white-collar workers and accomplices, crouched in the rooms of the Calabria region, of the territorial Aspects and now, after the welfare reform, in the municipalities of the territory. There is a thread that connects them all, that of complicity, fraud and corruption, the elements of the mass-mafia system in health care, where everyone is equal and where the change of guard, as happened in the Municipality of Catanzaro with Fiorita, is only a habit, a hypothesis, a puppet who succumbs to the force of bureaucratic crime, which holds the threads firmly in his hand.

(…) It traces the process of the request for accreditation, of the transfer and change of name, specifying that at the moment with a single administrative measure the provisional accreditation of the Centro San Pio has been ordered and the transfer of the authorization and of the accreditation to the new company, while the approval of the Conference of Mayors was required for the transfer to another municipality“, the words are from Dr. Caterina Maria Grazia Ienusoto which Antonino Ferraiolo had passed the baton, during the meeting of the Conference of Mayors of the Catanzaro Area of ​​22 July 2022. The Ienuso respects the script written by others, makes its good performance, lists the measures keeping well away from to tell the truth and, above all to explain where her principals – she is a miserable stand-in, those newly hired children of corruption who are about to take off in the atmosphere of bureaucratic crime – have hidden the keystone, which favors the boss Parente by consuming an infinite series of crimes and omissions, falsehoods and abuses of office on the San Pio Day Center.

Let’s take a step back and go into the details of the documents. We formulate the questions, we ask how and in what form the legislation has been applied, we verify the legitimacy of the acts. We superimpose the actions carried out with the regional regulation e we send everything to the public prosecutor of Catanzaro, because on the nose the stench of scam covers every attempt to perfume an environment, the Area of ​​Catanzaro, where among not buried corpses, buffets gone bad, the massomafia thinks to toast! Let’s get into the dirty questions chapter.

We started with the minutes of the Conference of Mayors of the Catanzaro Area of ​​22 July 2022 and it has already materialized the first scam. “In the 6 (six) pages, of which 5 (five) in full and one up to the affixing of the signatures“, Therefore in what is to all intents and purposes the official document, the documentary evidence, the manifestation of explicit will is not traced, not with the nod like the donkeys, of the mayors or delegates of the municipalities of Andali and Marcellinara who “approve” the transfer of the San Pio Day Center from the territory of one institution to another, either also included in the same ambit and therefore in the approved area plan and sent to the Calabria region on 24 June 2022. (…) While for the transfer to another municipality the approval of the Conference of Mayors was required »Let us return to the words of Ienuso, those that do not offer support and the ability to hide the consummated illegitimacy, also because she always certifies it in the minutes of the Conference of Mayors, quoted several times.

No mistakes and no toasts. In fact, the transfer of the San Pio Day Center from Andali to Marcellinara has not been approved, so it remains an abuse of office consumed in complicity by Ferraiolo and his officials, perhaps because it was domesticated in bonis by the boss of the Parente clinics or by his city protector, the mayor Nicola Fiorita.

Let’s go further and dwell on Management resolution no. 1836 of 26/06/2022 of the “Social and housing policy sector”, which Ferraiolo and Ienuso, adopt and sign just two days after the transmission of the area plan to the Calabria region… a fact, a suspicious trace!

The door of lost hope, where everything does not testify to a positive expectation. Will we be able to evaluate it, highlight it and always ask why?

Catanzaro, San Pio Center scam: the whole “gang” of Claudio Parente and the “protections” of the Municipality –