Celebrate the best of the worst crappy superhero cinema

An alien housewife against a gay zombie, a shameless Supersonic man of short flight, dismemberment and hard sex in Tromeo and Juliet. These are some of the proposals CutreCon, the Madrid Cutre Film Festival, which dedicates its twelfth edition to the worst superheroes in the history of cinema and projects 22 titles from January 25 to 29.

In the midst of a wave of superhero cinema, in the world of low-budget cinema, that B, Z or underground Battered by critics, there is a wealth of films in this genre, “made, yes, without money, but with passion”, comments the director of the Cutre Film Festival in Madrid, CutreCon, Carlos Palencia. From this inexhaustible collection of films come the 22 that the festival will show next week.

“There are authentic jewels of the shabby that did not enjoy the favor of the public or break box office records, but rather, in most cases, were forgotten. It is time to vindicate these insane films as they deserve”, adds Palencia.

Although the programming will be shown from Wednesday the 25th, today Friday, as a preview, thanks to the collaboration of channel 8Madrid TV, they will be broadcast on it killer baby Y Supernova. The festival sessions will take place at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University, where the projections will be free, in the mk2 Cine Paz and in the Ice Palace.

But what are crappy movies? For the organizers of the festival “they are involuntary comedies, a cinema that went wrong without intending to,” says the director of CutreCon. A definition, however, insufficient, because in the festival there is abundant crappy material made conscientiously.

With their very poor budgets, their acid parodies, their botched special effects or their disheveled plots, these films, however, are made to provoke laughter, and require the collective liturgy of cinema on the big screen to experience without blushing the enjoyment of what worse.

This does not mean that this cinema has suffered the condemnation of its invisibility. Unlike. Palencia points out that the films at the festival are all commercial, that is to say, that, although it may seem incredible in many cases, they were released in theaters and distributed through video rental and sales chains.

This is what happened with one of the Spanish films at the festival, Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail, shabby despite himself, because his approach was serious (in pretensions, budget and equipment); but the sight of him evoked more laughter than emotion. The Spanish section of CutreCon is completed with black prickly pear, with his murders of university students, supersonic man or the seedy Spanish Superman, and deep delirium, debut in the direction of Marta Montes, where “the public will not know how to distinguish what is real from what is false”.

The festival will dedicate a double session to the irreverent American production company Troma with its emblematic film, la hooligan the toxic avenger, and an ultraviolet version of Romeo and Juliet, tromeo and juliet.

will rescue classics laughable as Batman: The Movie; Howard, a new hero, Marvel’s first big-budget film and box office flop; Superman IV, by-product of series B that led the production company Warner to suspend any version of the American superhero for almost two decades, and the most recent production, iron man vs vampires, from last year, a nonsense that pits the iron superhero allied with exorcists and Taoist masters against a lineage of Transylvanian vampires.

From Turkey comes the lion man, production of 1975, the golden age of seedy cinema in that country, a power then. The worst movies in history were shot there, says Palencia. Due to censorship, or because the big Hollywood films weren’t distributed, local filmmakers immediately shot wild versions of ET, Star Wars, “worst of the worst”, or The Exorcist, that despite the incompetence of its invoice today are cult titles. Crappy cinema is overflowing with plagiarisms like these, as reflected by two other festival titles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Transformers, shot without permission or copyright, and the incredible bulk, blatant copy of The incredible Hulk.

Another of the double sessions is dedicated to children, with one of the worst animated films in history, the legend of hercules, and the bungling Magical, the envoy of the gods, videotaped.

After a three-hour Japanese session, which alternates short films, trailers and video clips starring crazy superheroes like Ultraman and Power Rangers, the festival will close on Sunday with a six-hour marathon of the worst superheroine cinema, with kekko kamen, where a warrior hands out tow naked, but with her face hidden; Lady Street Fighter, apotheosis of botched martial arts; They call me macho woman, or how women kill with axes or impale or devastate the crotches of rapists and machirulos, and lady avengers, another plagiarized sample of a Hollywood blockbuster (the Avengers).

Five crappy festival experiences

‘Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail’

Neither a muscular Sergio Peris-Mencheta, nor some of the best Spanish technicians, nor a prestigious director like Antonio Hernández (Lisbon, In the city without limits) were able to save this film shipwreck, one of the biggest failures of Spanish cinema. For years, directors like Juan Piquer or Juanma Bajo Ulloa dreamed of adapting the comic by Víctor Mora and Miguel Ambrosio, starring a superhero, unbeatable in his fight against his enemies in the Spanish Middle Ages. The constant interference of the production, the strikes during the filming, the non-payment of personnel… led the film to disaster. CutreCon gives it new life and turns it into an unintentional comedy with which to laugh for almost two hours. At the end of the screening, its director, who will be awarded the Applehead Sah-Di-A Award by the festival, will tell about the vicissitudes of filming, which ruined his film.

Wednesday 25. 5:00 p.m. Faculty of information science

‘Supersonic man’

had just been released Superman starring Christopher Reeve and Juan Piquer Simón was already walking imagining a Spanish emulus flying through the national skies. Naturally, I didn’t have a budget or Hollywood technicians, but it didn’t matter. He managed to dress in steel, make Supersonic man fly, in fits and starts, on a terrestrial mission to end a threat that could destroy the planet.

Wednesday 25. 9:30 p.m. mk2 Cinema Peace

‘Alien Housewife vs. Gay Zombie’

Defying one of the sacrosanct rules of crappy movies, the speed with which a shoot is dispatched, its director Andreas Samuelson took three years to complete this Nordic comedy, which pays homage to science fiction and the filmmaker underground John Waters. With her delirious dialogue, an alien wuss confronts a gay man possessed by a demon and transformed into a zombie. The film is part of a double session of the festival, within the official section, along with the Spanish one deep delirium.

Friday, 27. 12:00. mk2 Cinema Peace

‘Batman: The Movie’

Nothing shabby is hidden in this first feature film about the bat man and his companion Robin, a version of the television series from the same year it was produced, 1966. Neither their garish and tacky costumes, nor the comical modulation of the words –half-serious, half-serious, laughing stockings–, nor their visible special flaws (rubber sharks, visible ropes that hold the two superheroes). Shot in a hurry, the film exploits its shortcomings with humor and impudence.

Friday, 27. 9:30 p.m. mk2 Cinema Peace

‘The Incredible Bulk’

The purple body of this Bulk (plagiarism and parody of The incredible Hulk) is deep, slow, laughable. The quintessence of crappy cinema, this film by Lewis Schoenbrun is shot entirely with chroma (backgrounds, characters, scenes generated by computer from elements taken from free digital effects libraries). Nothing is credible nor is he persecuted by his director, so anything can happen.

Saturday, 28. 10:30 p.m. ice palace



Wednesday 25

17.00. Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail. Faculty of information science.

21.30. Supersonic Man. Cinema Peace.

Thursday 26

12.00. Superman IV: In Search of Peace. Faculty of information science

13.30. ironman vs vampires. Faculty of information science.

17.00. Tuno black. Faculty of information science.

21.00 the toxic avenger Y tromeo and juliet. Cinema Peace

Friday the 27th

12.00. Deep Delirium Y alien housewife vs gay zombie. Cinema Peace

21.30. Batman: The Movie. Cinema Peace

Saturday 28

11.00. the legend of hercules Y Magical: The Envoy of the Gods. Ice Palace Children’s session.

13.30. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Transformers. Ice Palace.

16.30. lion-man Y cougar man. Ice Palace.

20.00. Howard: a new hero. Ice Palace.

10.30. The incredible Bulk. Ice Palace.

Sunday 29

12.00. Kaijuton Ni: Tokuton. ice palace

16.30. kekko kamen, lady street fighter, They call me macho woman Y Lady Avengers. Ice Palace.

Celebrate the best of the worst crappy superhero cinema