Chronicle of the Barbara Black + Lex Lüger + EON concert at Sala Nazca (09/16/22)

Last Friday began an intense weekend of events in Madrid, something that has become common since the elimination of all the restrictions that we have had, and the multiple concert proposals made us decide to go to the Nazca room to enjoy the live performance of Bárbara Black , invited by The Fish Factory, and to finally be able to see their latest album “Love, Death & Flies” live, which I already reviewed for this magazine back in April 2020, accompanied that evening by the Madrid band EON and the Zaragoza band Lex Lüger .

Starting at seven in the afternoon, the Madrid venue welcomed the first attendees to the event, with the occasional acquaintance among the press colleagues who covered the gaps closest to the stage, and when EON came out on time they were received by a loud ovation. by a large group well spread out in the available space in front of them to enjoy their modern metal in the style of Killswitch Engage.

The group, which has undergone several changes after the release of their third album “Rubicón” in 2021, performed live led by their new singer Álvaro del Pozo, with Oriol Borras and Rubén Ortiz on guitar, while Miky Sánchez combined his tasks with the bass and the choirs, and in the back of the stage Gabriel Ruiz returned to the band as drummer.

With a powerful and very well balanced sound demonstrating a high level, which has led them to participate this year in the Resurrection Fest festival, they started with the songs “Nacimos En Fuego”, “Bala Que Recordé En Tu Nombre” and “Hiel” in a first part dedicated to his most recent album, leaving the second part for the previous “Médula”, from which “Placebo”, “Duramadre” and “Soma” sounded. But they did not say goodbye to these songs, since they left “Paria” and “Mi Verdad” for the end, although in this last part, Miky had problems with his bass, having to leave it aside and play the role of second singer, then receiving the affection of all those present. Direct stuff.

The band surprised me a lot, I admit that I had not heard them yet, and although their style is not one that I usually listen to very often, I recognize the good level they have and I wish them to continue in this progressive rise with the new additions.

Change of belongings and removal of some elements while we commented on the performance seen and Lex Lüger was positioning himself to present us his recent “Rey Del Terror” and his dark metal, dark rock, horror punk or however you want to classify them, and of which my partner in the Pupil Dilatado magazine already spoke extensively in April 2021.

On this occasion, the singer and guitarist who was the founder of Los Lügers, was accompanied on bass and backing vocals by a charismatic Bloody Lycia, who was bassist for Ladies Crüe, bringing the rest of the instruments that would sound during her sequenced performance (drums, keyboards and reinforcement in the choirs). Characterized as if they were vampires, they invited us to enter the macabre world of the writer Stephen King.

They started just like they do on the album with “Christine” followed by “La Tienda” and “Los Chicos Del Maíz” interspersing a few words to the public between the songs introducing each of the songs and greeting the ‘Hidden Youth’, like Lex Lüger defined those present.

They continued with their sinister show with the song “It” after which we entered “Room 1408” together with “Night Aviator” closing the complete download of their CD with “Carrie” and “Cementerio De Salvajes”, leaving for the end the Spanish versions of the songs “Temple Of Love” by The Sisters Of Mercy and “Maniac” by Michael Sembello, which sounded great with the vocal duet, which showed a high level on stage covering the entire length of it, due to the absence of more accompanying musicians.

A separate issue is that I would like the rest of the instruments to come canned, especially when they have so much presence in the songs, but it is already a matter of the tastes of each one and I leave it to debate it with a beer in hand in the bar of some bar.

And to close the night, it was time for Barbara Black, whose live shows I have already commented on on occasion for this magazine and who, as I said at the beginning, was presenting her work “Love, Death & Flies”. Some changes have occurred in the band since then, remaining in the band Nitro Destruction on drums and Daniel Marquez on bass and backing vocals, with the collaboration of Juanma Viñas and Dani Moreno on guitars.

Eager to give everything from the beginning, they began with the magnificent song “Damnified” followed by “Tiger Tarner” with Barbara asking for the collaboration of the audience that filled the room with the choirs. Bárbara Black’s tables on stage are noticeable, since she knows how to cover the gaps between the themes chatting with those present, although from time to time they had to cut her off starting with the next theme to be played, closing the first part of her concert with “No Bullets”, the three songs from his most recent album.

Returning to their solo beginnings, it was the turn of “Ghost” and “Southern Soul” belonging to their “Ad Libitum”, after which they performed some fantastic “Heroes Above The Stars” and “Stardust” leaving two heavyweights for the end. such as “Kissed By Flames” with the collaboration of Diego Pradas, singer of the band Rayz, in the guttural voices and the conceptual “Vampire Love”, divided into two parts, with the participation of Luis Brato characterized as a Victorian vampire who harasses and ends up killing his victim in “You Belong To Me” and “Queen Of Flies” with Barbara herself dressed as if she were a condemned spirit after said murder. The band itself put a lot of emphasis on detailing the ideas of said theme as a message against sexist gender violence narrated through these two characters from literature.

Fantastic band that continues its fight to demonstrate the good level of its members led by all musical and compositional wonder, to whom we wish a lot of success and we want to see in future events.

I cannot end without thanking The Fish Factory for the facilities they gave us to cover the concert.

Chronicle of the Barbara Black + Lex Lüger + EON concert at Sala Nazca (09/16/22) – Rock The Best Music