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At Cinecittà World everything is ready for the largest Halloween event in Italy. The Halloween Show and the Zombie Walk will welcome the guests of the Park and for cinema lovers there will be Gangs of Halloween, a live show with the most famous horror films in history. And then there will be Inferno, the Russian mountain in the dark that will lead guests to the most feared Dante’s circle and Clownstrofobia, the circus where anything can happen accessible only to the bravest. But the most awaited attraction is undoubtedly the beloved Horror House, a path in the dark among the most terrible sets in history where you can walk among the worst cinematic nightmares, from The Ring to Nightmare, from the Exorcist to Friday the 13th.

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Cinecittà World Halloween: the charm of the U571 Erotika submarine

In the fascinating panorama of Rome Cinecittà World from 1 October to 1 November will propose new attractions, zombies, ghosts, witches and vampires to live a month of fear. For the youngest brave guests there will be Oggy Oggy to welcome the children who can play ‘Trick or Treat?’ with the adorable blue kitty from the series airing on Discovery. Those who want to transform themselves and become a nice little monster will find their paradise at the Monstrous Truccabimbi Monstrous, and then continue a special adventure to discover the characters of fairy tales who live hidden in Il Bosco Stregato. In addition, the amusement park of Cinema and TV in Rome offers an attractive solution even for the less courageous who do not want to give up an unforgettable adventure: the submarine U571 Erotika, infested with sexy vampires, is confirmed as one of the most popular themed attractions by Boys. Do not miss the engaging live comic show Trucchi da Scura, the special effects of horror cinema. On Saturday 8 October, to celebrate the arrival of the most horror month of the year, Cinecittà World will organize an inauguration party with VIPs and famous characters categorically in masks.

Cinecittà World Halloween: the fun of the bewitched forest

With the reopening of the indoor places, Giocarena, the largest indoor playground in Italy, also reopens, where children can let off steam on 6 floors of pure fun, including slides, adventure trails and battles with cannons that shoot balls. The live show is finally back in the theater, after months of closure and it’s time to laugh with Trucchi da fear, a fun show that reveals the secrets of horror cinema. In the path entitled the Bewitched Wood, children will meet characters such as Grimilde, Maleficent, the witch of Snow White, the cannibal and the monkey hidden in the forest of Indiana Adventure. Dedicated menus, face painting and many surprises complete the thrilling experience in the park for the little ones. For the boys there will be a fun fight with monsters in the in-cube 6d horror cinema, where the Phobia movie will be screened and you will have to be very careful and have your nerve not to be eaten alive and you will have to shoot first.

Great final party for Halloween

In the CineTour, on the other hand, the original sets of the cinema come alive with living creatures: Egyptian mummies resurrect from the set of Cleopatra, Zombies from the Cemetery of the Living Dead and ancient Romans come back to life among the columns of Herod’s Temple. The Russian mountain called Inferno will be set between Dante’s circles of hell, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of his death, while Clownstrofobia will be haunted by characters like IT or Joker. For the grand finale everyone’s tastes will be satisfied with the Halloween Nights on 29, 30 and 31 October. The Park and its attractions will be open from 11 in the morning until late at night with live shows, themed dinners and DJ sets to dance all together and live another surprising adventure with Manikomio, a Horror experience set in the basement of the abandoned psychiatric hospital. The last evening the rappers Noyz Narcos and VillaBanks are highly anticipated by Generation Z, accompanied by many other guests. You can buy your dinner right now (from € 39 with Park ticket included) and choose from the various Halloween Dinner on the Cinecitta World website. After dark you can participate in the great Zombie Walk with hundreds of scary characters.

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Cinecittà World Halloween: starting from 1 October Periodico Daily