Comic Book Chronicle: Zombillenium #6

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Arthur de Pins embarked on the adventure Zombillenium in 2009 with the request of Frédéric Niffle (editor-in-chief of Spirou’s newspaper) for a cover with monsters for Halloween… A cult saga of 14 years of work followed. And here comes the sixth and last volume of the series, or rather of the “cycle” which defines these six albums.

The author reveals that he experienced a baby blues similar to that felt after the film dedicated to this story.

it’s really a way of telling ourselves that we’re letting the kids go“.

We suspect that the emotion is great knowing all the energy and work deployed to create this universe and these wonderful characters.

For this last release, the Dupuis editions have prepared a magnificent and very complete press kit including the Zombillénium cycle, descriptions of the characters as well as explanations on the park and the struggle of the different classes that live there.

We then discover all the in-depth research that makes this universe become credible and true. Until the location of the park in the north of France, where the social classes are particularly notable there. The flat ground which allows the drawings to stand out, the weather which contributes to this atmosphere and to the well-being of its employees (in particular the vampires who cannot stand the sun…).

Originally, the park was to be built on an old cemetery, but the idea for the mine came from location scouting in the North for the film where they discovered the mining center of Lewarde, near Valenciennes and were surprised by the resemblance to Zombillenium…

As far as the class struggle is concerned, we will also highlight that Arthur de Pins always placed women at the center of the stage. There are many strong women in Zombillenium. Between Gretchen, Charlotte and Léonie…

“It was important to me that the female characters stand out and assert themselves in a world dominated by male demons. »he insists.

In this final volume, the witches compete under the banner of the demons who sponsor them at the Sabbath Grand Derby. This idea came to him from the film Rollerball (Norman Jewison, 1975) where players risked their lives for brands that had replaced countries. Here, it is the souls of the 66 visitors still present in the park that are at stake… And all of this, broadcast live on television as if it were a reality show!

Gretchen finds herself alone in the face of her enemies and her former loves who have become demons, only wanting the souls of poor unfortunate people… Her goal being to save her mother’s soul from the start, she will not let go of anything under the encouragement of ‘Astaroth, Sirius, Leonie and Blaise, loyal park employees who have supported her from the beginning.

This final confrontation is as breathtaking as it is cinematic!

All this with this very particular graphic design which brought an incredible touch to this universe. This titanic work carried out on illustrator qualified as anti-clear line, because without outlines of the characters and carried out in flat colors. This atmosphere, this charm, this precision in each line… My God, we will miss it!

Although beautiful and full of action, this final volume is too short…

But Zombillenium, is it really over?

Arthur de Pins is considering spin-offs relating in particular to the creation of Zombillénium. A television series and a second feature film are also in the works…

What hope for the future!

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Comic Book Chronicle: Zombillenium #6