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‘Interview with the Vampire’ Follow the epic story of love, blood and immortality of Louis de Pointe du Lac, lestat de lioncourt Y Claudiatold to the journalist Daniel Molloy. suffering the limitations of a black man’s life In early 20th century New Orleans, Louis cannot resist the ultimate breakout offer proposed by the rake Lestat, becoming his vampire partner.

However, Louis’ new intoxicating powers they come with a violent price and the arrival of ClaudiaLestat’s child vampire, will get them started a multi-decade journey of revenge and atonement.

Review of Interview with the Vampire

Better late than never. At last, AMC+ opens this thursday one of its most controversial and anticipated releases. Based on the now immortal homonymous novel by Anne Ricethis new adaptation is a total update as far as background and locations are concerned. Not only that, but it also takes advantage of the time in which we find ourselves to exploit some of the nuances of the book that were left behind in the famous 90s movie, such as that one. more intimate and toxic relationship between the protagonists.

And I don’t know if it was time to shake off Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt Y Kirsten Dunst of our popular imagination, since the complaints arrived immediately and massively after the announcement. However, looking at the final result, the truth is that this new adaptation surprises with its ability to transfer Rice’s work to a more current era without losing any of its essence. For that alone it deserves our full attention. Well, for that reason and because in general it is a very good production, it hurts whoever it hurts.

After so many comings and goings during these years, the series recovers those vampires that they are in the middle of the varied spectrum that has been created in popular culture around vampire figures. They are neither physically monstrous nor handsome that shine in the sunlight. They are not good or bad. And of course, although fiction does flirt with occasional moments of excessive romanticism, its protagonists Nor are they an attempt to humanize a way of life that, for various and obvious reasons, is very far from that of the human being..

The greatest virtue of the series lies in its way of capture the essence of the transition from human to vampire in all its forms, both in its personal consequences and those of others. It is a subject that, in particular, acquires much more importance and impact in its relationship with the inevitable segregation that arises in his time. It is something that makes Louis, our protagonist, a triple monster to the white and/or retrograde eyes of the time.. This builds a power battle in which a totally disruptive figure in society must survive practically everything around it.

I say this because, to add fuel to the fire, Louis has to put up with a playful and toxic relationship with a charming and unpredictable lestat and a sweeping Claudiawho stand as the lesser evil among all the evils that must be faced, although fundamental at the moment of truth. In addition, we see how he faces an intellectual game during the interview with the Daniel Molloy of a fantastic Eric Bogosian who, due to certain changes with respect to the original material, enjoys a subplot that brings more background to the character than can be seen in the novel.

Image Interview with the vampire

Even though Jacob Anderson shines with its own light louis Y sam reid stands as the perfect lestatwhen the young and spectacular Bailey Bass enters the scene the truth is that the series takes a completely new tone. Your Claudia is an absolutely overwhelming force that brings tremendous chaos and energy to the story, resulting in everything a breath of fresh air at a time when fiction was perhaps playing with fire by embracing the occasional modern television cliché. And if the creator’s scripts show something Rolin Jones and company is that are they smart enough to avoid this.

It’s not that the relationship between Louis and Lestat doesn’t work or that there’s no chemistry between them, quite the contrary, because it’s a painful delight, but Claudia is the figure that turns production into that different and disruptive proposal that we are looking for. In this way, the three constantly challenge the ways of life and human relationships in all their sections in a series that mixes terror, romance, eroticism and humor without leaving aside a good handful of drama and social commentary. In addition, fiction can boast a superb setting that has the potential to trap us in its world like few others today.

Thus, ‘Interview with the Vampire’ is a series that sinks his fang into us in an intelligent, absorbing, visceral and playful way. And although it is an ironic and unpopular statement, even with the aforementioned changes in terms of the background of its characters and the times in which it takes place, in general this It is by far a better adaptation than the movie was., whose script was written by Rice herself under the suffocating yoke of the mainstream made in Hollywood. Hopefully the viewers can overcome their thoughtless differences and enjoy what a good adaptation means.

‘Interview with the Vampire’ the premiere 12th of January in AMC+.

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Criticism of ‘Interview with the Vampire’ (2023) – AMC+ Series – The Spoiler