Crunchyroll finalizes its winter 2023 line

The platform Crunchyroll has unveiled the latest anime that will join its simulcast offering this winter.

Lee’s Detective Agency

By Gravity Well Studioa spin-off of the saga Arknights which will be launched on December 23.


A mysterious man named Lee lives with Aak, Hung, and Waai Fu in the dark alleys of Lungmen City. Working within a detective agency, they strive to render services, to investigate mysteries and to arbitrate conflicts…

Tomo-chan is a girl!

By the studio lay-duceaccording to a manga winner at the Next Manga Awards. The series will be launched on January 4 and will be available in VF.


Tomo Aizawa (aka Tomo-chan) is a real tomboy! However, this high school girl would like her childhood friend, Jun’ichirô Kubota, to see her as a girl, but all her attempts are in vain. Will the young man realize one day Tomo’s feelings for him?

ONIMAI – I’m Now Your Sister!

Speak Bind Studio, based on a self-published manga in Japan. Launch on January 5.


A crazy young scientist uses her big brother as a guinea pig and turns him into a girl!

Buddy Daddies

An original creation between Nitroplus and the studio PAWorkswhich will be launched on January 6.


Two professional hitmen prepare for their biggest mission: to take care of a five-year-old girl! How to reconcile criminality and innocence? Will this strange temporary family manage to find happiness?

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2

By the studio Silver Linkthe continuation of series broadcast in 2020 on Wakanim. the series will be launched on January 6 and will be available in VF.


Anos Voldigord was a tyrannical demon king. After eradicating humans, spirits, and even gods, he grew bored of this perpetual state of war and reincarnated with an ideal of peace. However, he did not expect, after 2000 years, that his descendants would have been softened by centuries of peace and that magic would be but a shadow of itself. Anos then joined the Demon King Academy which teaches all pretenders to the role of demon king…

Ayakashi Triangle

Speak CONNECT studioaccording to the manga eponymous published in France by Delcourt/Tonkam. Launch on January 9.


Matsuri Kazamaki is a ninja who exorcises evil spirits called ayakashi. As his childhood friend, Suzu Kanade, tends to attract the attention of these monsters, he secretly protects her. But Suzu got attached to Shirogane, a funny cat with a friendly appearance, but who is none other than the king of all ayakashi…

The Vampire Dies in No Time Season 2

By the studio mad housethe continuation of series broadcast in 2021 on Wakanim. Launch on January 9.


Ronald, vampire hunter, has found an unlikely ally in the person of Draluc, the dregs of vampires, a weakling who crumbles to dust at the slightest shock! Between colorful characters and untimely deaths, the adventure promises to be incredible

Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World

By the studio GEEKTOYS, based on a light novel. launch on January 10.


The city of Terene, in the Holy Kingdom of Dinez, is a melting pot of peoples and professions: get-rich-quick adventurers, teaser merchants, bards, nobles, saints, creatures, and more. The place itself is so twisted that it has been nicknamed Labyrinth City. Nick is one of its inhabitants. This experienced warrior was banished from a group of adventurers and, what’s more, betrayed by his lover. Blasé, he goes to a bar and drowns his sorrows in a lukewarm beer when all his anger bursts! His rant, however, finds an echo with three people. Together, strong from their scars vis-à-vis society, they decide to form a new group of adventurers…

NieR: Automata Ver1.1a

By the studio A-1 Picturesaccording to eponymous video game saga. The series is not yet dated but will be available in VF.


5012 AD. Aliens have suddenly invaded Earth sending mechanical life forms. Humanity is on the verge of extinction, but taking refuge on the moon, a small group organizes the response by creating android soldiers. However, they are no match for an enemy that can multiply to infinity. Last hope, a new generation of female androids: the Yorha unit. 2B. Can they reclaim Earth?

Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac Season 3

By Toei-Animation, the sequel to the Battle of Sanctuary. No specific date yet.


Hurry up ! There are only five hours left before the arrow lodged in Athena’s chest kills her. Only the mighty Pope can save his life. But to reach it, Seiya and the other Bronze Saints must cross the Twelve Houses of the Sanctuary, each of which is guarded by a Golden Saint. Not everyone will complete this journey and at the end of the road, a terrible revelation awaits them…

Crunchyroll finalizes its winter 2023 line-up, December 15, 2022