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The first official announcement of a live action feature film taken from one of the most loved Bonelli comics, Dampyrdates back to Lucca Comics & Games 2018: since then, water under the bridges has passed, also considering the fact that, in theory, the shooting of the film was completed shortly before the start of the pandemic, at the end of 2019. However, apparently the time is ripe to finally show the result of this project: in fact, the official Facebook page of the film, with the first poster and the first definitive information, including the release date, very soon: 28 October.

Eagle Pictures, Bonelli Entertainment and Brandon Box therefore present the first teaser poster of the film dedicated to Dampyr, the character created by Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo who arrives at the cinema with the face of Wade Briggs and directed by Riccardo Chemello.

The info on the Facebook page e on the Bonelli website they are laconic to say the least, but something more can be seen from a post by Mauro Uzzeo, cartoonist and screenwriter who worked directly on the film:

And here we are. Here we are. My fingertips are trembling as I write this post (luckily they only tremble and not …

Posted by Mauro Uzzeo on Thursday, September 15, 2022

We don’t have an official synopsis for the film yet, so for now we post that of the comic:

According to the ancient beliefs of Slavic folklore, the dampyr is the child born of the union between a woman and a vampire. It is the only creature that can kill the Masters of the Night, their court of undead and the other creatures of darkness that haunt our and other worlds.

Harlan Draka is a dampyr. But at first he doesn’t know he is. He knows he was born during the last world war but that he looks twenty-five years old at the most. For reasons unknown to medical science, his body ages very slowly. He knows his mother died when he gave birth to him and believes his father was an enemy soldier. In the course of a merciless war he has been forced to fight, Harlan discovers that he is truly a dampyr, and that he is endowed with extraordinary powers. He therefore discovers that his father was a supernatural creature, belonging to the extraterrestrial lineage of the Masters of the Night.

Though haunted by strange nightmares and his mysterious origins, Harlan is a tough guy. Tough, disenchanted, sometimes cynical and sarcastic, he is basically an idealist and a romantic and has sworn to dedicate his life to the fight against the race of darkness and Evil that dominates the world. In his mission he is accompanied by the renegade vampire Tesla and the ex-soldier Kurjak, who also support him in frequent confrontations with his father Draka, a Master of the Night to whom Harlan is linked by a love-hate relationship.

The hunt for vampires leads the trio to visit the most varied places on Earth, from the gloomy cities of Central Europe to the sunny deserts of Africa, from the fire roads of urban jungles to the foggy lands of the North, often finding themselves in war scenarios or in the world. of organized crime. Evil is all over the world, even in your own city. Even in the innermost folds of reality.

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Dampyr: poster and info of the film based on the Bonelli comic | Nerd League