Daniela Nieves told us about the universe of Vampire Academy

If you are a fan of vampire stories, we have very good news for you: it finally arrives in Mexico, through lionsgate+the first season of the series vampire academy, which is based on the book series of the same name by Richelle Mead. The series, which premieres this February 3, stars Venezuelan actress Daniela Nieves, along with Sisi Stringer, Kieron Moore and André Dae Kim.

This is a universe in which vampires live protected by guardians. Their highly stratified society is separate from that of humans, but it presents constant threats from evil spirits called strigoi. We talked more with Daniela about this universe, her character and the reception of the fans.

What Daniela Nieves told us about the series vampire academy

Tell me about your character in vampire academy

Lissa Dragomir is a princess. In this vampire society, last names and social class and what race of vampire you are matters a lot and she comes from a family with a good last name. There is a terrible accident and she becomes an orphan.

So she goes from this young girl who is having fun with her friends and has no responsibilities and has all this privilege to all these new responsibilities. She begins to find out about all the secrets, the lies, the injustices happening within this political kingdom and she decides to make a change and join her friends and Rose, who is her best friend, to do something.

I was very interested in this character because it seemed to me that I wanted to be like her, I understand who she is in the world. I would love to be that strong and that valuable. She is a person who has a super big heart, who cares a lot about her friends.

You mention Rose, and something different about this story is that it revolves around this very strong friendship that they have with Lissa.

Especially in this vampire or fantasy genre it’s always around romance and these shows do have quite a bit of romance too! But I think it’s important because the audience for us is actually younger people, especially young girls, and I think it’s important that they see a series where they see that representation, because for me, being a woman, my most beautiful moments growing up were with my best friends.

Friendships between women are such a vulnerable connection and relationship, so open, kind and fun that it was super important for me to be part of this story for that very reason, because at the center of the story are these best friends.

Daniela Nieves Vampire Academy

And another thing is that vampire stories also usually have a way that vampires look, they are usually very white and we don’t see people as diverse as in vampire academy

What I really liked about this project was also that of course they are based on the books, but the most important thing is the story and the essence of the character, the qualities they have, it doesn’t matter so much if they are described as European or redheaded.

Now it’s super important, it’s super important that we see that the characters can be represented by anyone. The whole cast is super proud that we have so much diversity in a vampire show.

When this season premiered in the United States, you were super aware of the reactions of fans on social networks, how was this experience for you to discuss the episodes in real time with the audience?

It was super fun. The truth is that when a project comes out you don’t know how people are going to react, if they are going to want to talk to you about it, and the reaction from the fans was so funny.

They wrote to me, they put jokes in which I died laughing. I did not expect that it was a part of the project that was going to fulfill me so much, not only on set, but later, in the interaction with the fans.

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Daniela Nieves told us about the universe of Vampire Academy