Day Shift: A Bloody Vampire Tale

Netflix brings us a new action-comedy vampire movie starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, Scott Adkins, Natasha Liu Bordizzo and Mexican Karla Souza

The first impression it gives us Day shift (Day Shift) is that it may not be entirely an original story, but it is honestly entertaining. the vampire hunter Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) needs to follow the union rules to earn enough money to prevent his wife from moving in with their daughter. To ensure that he does not violate union rules, the boss sends a representative, Seth (Dave Franco), who will be with him in action.

It is likely that the director of this film, JJ Perry, has focused on giving us a story with good action scenes and a lot of blood; but in turn, It has a somewhat poor history, which fails to create an interesting universe.

action and comedy

One of the premises sought to be projected in Day shift it’s that it’s a horror comedy, and possibly it is, but it certainly leans more towards the comic. Its main line is based on humor, teenage jokes and jokes that help the film flow without being too irritating.

It all starts when we are introduced to Bud, a working-class family man who has made everyone believe that he cleans swimming pools. Little by little, we are seeing the development of this character and his true job, be vampire Hunter.

We could attribute much of the success in making the film’s comedic humor work to the cast, led by Foxx, who assumes the weight of his leading role; and that, at times, manages to connect in a good way with Frank.

Courtesy of Netflix

A very diverse cast

Within the band of hunters we meet john elliot (Snoop Dogg). He is a cowboy and old friend of Bud, who will be willing to help him. The participation of Snoop Dogg it gives a very fresh tint to the story, and the fact is that the rapper’s daring humor brings good moments to this film.

It’s a contrasting cast, but somehow they all fit together well; included Eric Lang like the rancorous union boss, Steve Howey like a vampire hunter’eurotrash‘, Y Peter Stormare like a sleazy pawnbroker with vampire fangs.

Obviously we could not fail to mention the Mexican Karla Souzawho plays a very worthy role. She is none other than a vampire queen, and her performance flows quite well with the rest of the cast.

Day shift
Courtesy of Netflix

entertaining and period

in the last few months Netflix It has not had the best of successes in terms of the films it has added to its catalogue; despite premiering films of various genres, like some that we have already had the opportunity to tell you about. They are only medium quality projects, such as: Hello, goodbye and everything that happened, wounded hearts,Cleanamong others.

As well, Day shift fulfills its mission of entertaining us and making us have a pleasant time (Of course, if you enjoy excessive blood and light comedy). It’s not the best vampire movie, sure, but you probably won’t regret watching it.

Day Shift: A Bloody Vampire Tale – The Script