Day Shift Review

action movies in the style John Wick are appearing in all fields and genres. The feature film by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch has given rise to a kind of subgenre focused on stunning choreography and combat and shooting sequences that seem more typical of a video game. that of a tape. day shift follow that trail a bit of perfectionist photography and scandalous action sequences, with protagonists who are experts in all kinds of fighting arts, also mastering firearms as excellent marksmen, but with a structure extremely similar to Vampires by John Carpenter. The person in charge of Halloween either The thing signed in the late nineties a work in which hunting vampires was a job like any other. Carpenter rounded off the 1990s by changing subgenres and moving on to a register more typical of Aliensexploring other fields to evolve his work as a filmmaker.

The Day John Wick Met Vampires by John Carpenter

Part of humanity is aware of the existence of these beings and there is an elite group, led by Jack Crow, who uses all kinds of artifacts and gadgets to kill these monsters in the safest way possible. day shift transfers that ideal of vampire hunting as a model of life to the present with a Jamie Foxx who uses a job as a pool cleaner as a cover to really pursue his vocation: pull teeth out of the sons of Dracula as if there were no tomorrow. With such an evident structure, that he seeks to hold on to firm roots of the original genre from which he proceeds while adhering to the formulas that work best today on screen, JJ Perry signs a story that seeks to lay the foundations to create a possible series of films.

day shift comes in an instant of true overdose of action joining Atomic, No one either Bullet Train as an extension of the pillbox cinema that seeks to offer an experience of pure adrenaline. Jamie Foxx returns to occupy a leading role where there is lead on all four sides. Let’s not see the actor picking up so many weapons since Django: Unchainedand the truth is that it feels great to start handing out tow to vampires who seem to have seen how Pennywise moves in the Item Andy Muschietti, because they have some strange contortionist skills that allow them to hide in the most unexpected corners. But beyond that good photography and spectacularity that we have seen in recent products such as the unseen agent, day shift goes quite long.

Day shift has some action scenes choreographed by ten.

The action as pure entertainment with some vampires

Don’t get us wrong the feature film works like a shot and feels right pacing, because writers Shay Hatten and Tyler Tice get right to the point without thinking about it too much. But in general, it gives the impression of being an empty feature film without much to contribute. That is to say, already existing works such as Vampires by John Carpenterwhich did have an impact at the time thanks to how they represented the concept of vampire slayers and the way in which these beings were conceived (as a plague to be exterminated, as if they were simple cockroaches), it is difficult to find an added value to a production that the only thing that seeks is to make the viewer disconnect.

Something that of course, we repeat, is going great, but it is not enough for Day Shift to remain long in our memory. At least not long until they announce more deliveries on the way (if any). Even that internal mythology that is built around vampires about their different types and customs is wasted. In addition, Karla Souza’s villain is too wasted. She has a background that is not exploited or explained properly.

Of the rest of the cast accompanying Foxx, highlight above all the participation of Dave Franco in the projectwho plays the role of a typical bookworm who never goes out to do fieldwork but who knows all about vampires and their mythology (which would be David Wenham in the Van Helsing 2004 starring Hugh Jackman). His comedic contributions are the key to refreshing the environments where blood reigns a little. He gives a breath of fresh air that, despite being able to scratch the humor of Marvel Studios a bit, knows how to make us laugh from time to time. Snoop Dogg, of course, fulfills his brief role as a legend in the film..

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The story is content to pass with a five and seek to open the door for a sequel.


After all this, you are probably wondering: worth it then day shift? The answer is yes, obviously. A film that brings together the best elements of films like John Wick and that allows to remember the Vampires by John Carpenter applied to our present day deserves to be seen. However, it is better not to go with too many expectations when it comes to looking for an audiovisual impact or a story that captivates us and it can get us hooked beyond the fact that it uses very popular formulas, as was the case for example No one by Bob Odenkirkwhich despite being another remake of the saga starring Keanu Reeves, knew how to provide a tone and a story, with a brilliant main character, who did capture our attention.

Day Shift Review – Netflix’s John Carpenter’s Vampires. Worth?