Day Shift, the review: With Jamie Foxx hunting vampires in Los Angeles

The review of Day Shift, the action film by JJ Perry with Jamie Foxx vampire hunter from 12 August on Netflix.

Day Shift – Hunting for Vampires: Karla Souza in a scene from the film

The new starts from a bizarre contrast Netflix movies available from 12 August, the action comedy we are talking about in this one Day Shift review – Hunting for vampires. A contrast that is based on day shift to which the title refers and the hunt for the popular monsters of the horror imaginary, who prefer to move with the favor of darkness, and which also reflects the tone of a film that enjoys tackling the theme with a healthy dose of irony. An action comedy that bears the signature of JJ Perry, making his debut behind the camera after a long and successful career as an actor and stunt, and revolves around the character played by an established star like Jamie Foxx.

Hunting for vampires in the Valley

Day Shift Vampire Hunting 7

Day Shift – Vampire Hunting: Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco in a ramshackle blue van

We move in a familiar context in the first sequences of Day Shift, between streets that we have seen over and over again as the backdrop to films and series set in the Los Angeles area. Roads that we see in Bud Jablonski in his pool cleaning business, in a van that has seen better days and struggling with the most disparate waste abandoned in the water. What we soon understand is that Bud’s work is just a cover for a more particular and dangerous commitment: Bud Jablonski is in fact a vampire hunter, who patrols and surveys the Valley in search of vampires to track down and eliminate. However, his is not only a commitment as a good Samaritan, Bud does not only work to clean the city of the threat, but also for mere personal gain, selling the teeth of these monsters that hide among human beings.

Day Shift Vampire Hunting 2

Day Shift – Hunting for Vampires: Jamie Foxx in one sequence

An idea that has its reasons of interest for the context chosen to set the story of Bud and his hunting, that area of ​​Los Angeles that we are used to seeing under a completely different guise, in stark contrast to what we would expect from a vampire-based film. An interest that is fueled thanks to an equally promising start, which shows us for the first time Bud at work against a monster unsettling and far from the classic imagery of the genre, in an excessive and over the top action sequence, which does not take itself seriously and puts us in the right mood to enjoy a crazy movie.

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Jamie Foxx, father and vampire hunter

Day Shift Vampire Hunting 9

Day Shift – Hunting for Vampires: Jamie Foxx, Zion Broadnax and Meagan Good in a scene from the film

Unfortunately, however, Day Shift – Hunting for Vampires does not go completely mad and immediately after that dazzling start he dedicates himself to the personal story of Bud Jablonski to define his intimate context and his motivations in carrying out this dangerous daily commitment: the family. A wife he is separated from, a daughter to whom he can offer a decent life. A family that is in danger of losing, because the ex plans to move, unless Bud can find the money to guarantee his daughter what she needs, starting with the expensive tuition in the school she attends. And it is for this economic need that Bud is forced to abandon his solitary mission and join the Union, an international group of vampire hunters that can guarantee him the stability he and his family need.

Experience in action

Day Shift Vampire Hunting 4

Day Shift – Hunting for Vampires: Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx during a scene from the film

It is in this other contrast, between the ordinary everyday life of Bud’s personal problems and the exceptional nature of the fight against vampires, that the film fails to find the right balance, proceeding by tears, involving when you get to the heart of the action. , losing bite between one action sequence and another. And it’s a shame because the fights against vampires work in their crazy excesses, for fighting choreographies, risky camera movements, but also those found over the top that tear smiles and characterize the tone of the film. A personality that JJ Perry demonstrates almost exclusively in action moments, perhaps because his stunt past has allowed him a safer hand in this area, in those segments of the film in which he shrugged off the legitimate fears of the debut.

Day Shift Vampire Hunting 6

Day Shift – Hunting for vampires: a scene from the film

A pity from several points of view: for a premise that is only partially exploited (but which can be explored in further films); for a cast valued at times, not only as regards Jamie Foxx, but also exceptional supporting actors such as Dave Franco’s adorable Seth or Snoop Dog; and for not being able to give the whole film the same personality that characterizes the action scenes. It remains a title with which to spend two hours without thoughts in these hot summer evenings, but it could have been something more.


In the review of Day Shift – On the hunt for vampires we told you about a film that demonstrates its own personality especially when it deals with the action sequences, but loses its bite when it focuses on the plot and the personal motivations of the protagonist Jamie Foxx. A shame because the premise and this over-the-top approach to action would have allowed it to be something more than a title to spend a summer evening with.

Because we like it

  • The action sequences, well constructed and choreographed, enriched by an over-the-top tone that characterizes them.
  • The premise and the idea of ​​sketching a vampire story in the context of the Los Angeles area.
  • Jamie Foxx and other cast members…

What’s wrong

  • … unfortunately only partially valued.
  • The context of Day Shift could have been further explored.
  • The portions of the film dedicated to the construction of the plot and the characters do not have the same personality as the action sequences.

Day Shift, the review: With Jamie Foxx hunting vampires in Los Angeles