‘Day Shift’: Vampire Cocktail, Kung Fu and Comedy Passed Through the Netflix Algorithm for Jamie Foxx to Enjoy

Netflix premiered this Friday, Day shift (Day Shift), a film with more shadows than lights in which they offer us a cocktail that is as summery as it is poorly combined: vampires, martial arts, comedy and gore in a buddy movie with aged aftertaste.

Jamie Foxxwho seems to be having a great time, stars a film as simple and straightforward as the name of its protagonist: Bud. A movie full of vampires Buffy the Vampire Slayeror the saga Blade. Silly vampires with long fangs and amazing martial arts skills. Some bugs somewhat more evolved than zombies…

Day shiftfrom Netflix.

What about vampire movies?

Unfortunately, vampire movies are not going through their best moment. Except the recent dead and beautiful either Boys From County Hell, that bring some originality to the subgenre, those of us who are passionate about bloodsucking movies have not been able to enjoy films as stimulating as the dracula by Coppola, Interview with the Vampire, Nosferatu (Murnau’s and Herzog’s), The anxiety, Addiction, scary night, Hidden Youth either Travelers of the Night

Of best vampire movies of all time We already talked to you here a while ago, so if you want to get rid of the bad taste of Day shift with a good movie of our favorite creatures of the night, stop by HERE.

It is true that the cinema is not giving us very good offspring movies, but Netflix recently gave us a series signed by the new master of terror, Mike Flanagan, which is a real gem. A good example of the enormous possibilities offered by cover with taste and wisdom the vampiric myth: midnight mass. Let us remember that Flanagan already approached vampirism in the great doctor sleep.

Be that as it may, Netflix currently seems to be more interested in producing byproducts as series the first death.

I hope that soon, seeing the outflow of subscribers and the complaints about the poor quality of their latest productions, they get their act together and start telling quality stories of any genre. And why not, also the vampire one.

Jamie Fox is Bud Jablonski in Day Shift.  Credit Parrish Lewis/NETFLIX.
Jamie Fox is Bud Jablonski in Day shift. Credit Parrish Lewis/NETFLIX.

Day shifta buddy movie who aspires to be a franchise

At the orders of Day shiftit’s found JJ Perry, stunt man that follows in the footsteps of other colleagues, such as the directors of the saga of John Wick, and offers us a film with a world of its own to get more out of different sequels. The problem is that this world of vampire hunter syndicates is not as interesting as the world of bounty hunters in John Wick.

Where the two films do resemble each other, how could it be otherwise, is in how well executed their action scenes are. Specially in the one we can see at the beginning of Day shift and that serves to introduce us to Bud, the character of Jamie Foxx.

In that scene we see how Bud faces an old vampire with the elasticity of a hyperlax contortionist. Without a doubt, the best scene in the movie. One more sequence Sam Raimi than the whole Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. very reminiscent of terrifyingly dead and even to Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Day shift, has some very enjoyable scenes and I have to admit that it has made me smile more than once. But it doesn’t stop being a fast film as forgettable as its title.

What I liked the most is that tribute? at buddy films from the 80s and 90s. That little music that accompanies the entire film and the typical relationship of an experienced character pairing up with a novice nerd is very reminiscent of movies like Escape at Midnight either Limit: 48 hourspity that it remains there, in a memory, since the result is rather something similar to Showtimethat product starring a Robert De Niro wondering what he’s doing there and Eddie Murphy.

Dave Franco is Seth, Jamie Foxx's partner in Day Shift.  Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Dave Franco is Seth Jamie Foxx’s partner in Day shift. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Day shift and its vampires of chichinabo

In short, the new product made to please everyone on Netflix repeats the formula of hire a super star to make a content (because we can’t talk about movies anymore) to hang out and scratch some of our nostalgia in the meantime.

Day shift, shares many of the characteristics of the cinema of testosterone wasting male partners everywhere and pretend to be funny. Tapes that used to be as macho as this one Day shiftin which women play completely expendable characters. From Bud’s sexualized partner, to the feature’s bland, boring, one-sided villain.

Surely they will make a second part of this nonsense. If so, I hope they get their act together and, at least, that it stays in the approved if we pass the Bechdel test.

Furious greetings!

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