Desperate Housewives, Buffy… 10 dead characters from the first episode of their series

It is not uncommon for a series to kill a character that we think is important from the first episode. To shock fans, of course, but also to launch their stories that suffer the consequences of these sudden and brutal disappearances. Here are ten examples.

Cody Hoyt- BigSky


Cody’s death in the first episode of BigSky is a real shock as no one expects it. The character Ryan Philippe is legitimately thought to be one of the main heroes, but while investigating the disappearance of several girls on a highway in Montana, he gets killed by Rick Legarski, with whom he intended to find the kidnapped girls. . We then see him again through several flashbacks.

Mary-Alice – Desperate Housewives

mary alice desperate housewives


Desperate Housewives begins by the death of Mary-Alice, neighbor and best friend of Bree, Susan, Gaby and Lynette… She commits suicide with a bullet in the head, under the weight of a secret too heavy to bear and threats of dangerous revelations. Brenda Strong, who plays her, does not disappear from the series, however, and narrates all the episodes.

Jesse- buffy the vampire slayer


The WB

When Buffy arrives in Sunnydale, Willow and Xander are friends with Jesse, played by Eric Balfour. While the heroine befriends them, we can think that the high school student will be part of his team to face the vampires and the forces of evil… Unfortunately for him, he finds death in this double episode which launches buffy the vampire slayer, and becomes a bloodsucker himself. Joss Whedon even wanted to go further and add his name to the credits in order to increase the shock effect, but he couldn’t do it for budget reasons.

Terri- The Shield

terry the shield

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The Shield is a complex, shocking and violent series, and we understand it from the first episode. Terry, believed to be one of the show’s main heroes, is shot in the head by Vic (Michael Chiklis), a corrupt LAPD cop.

Samuel Kerr- Ten percent


© France 2

The plot of the first season of Ten percent – and the entire series – is a direct consequence of the death of Samuel Kerr in the very first episode. Following his disappearance, the ASK agency must find a new leader, while it must also be saved from closure.

Georgiou – Star Trek: Discovery



The double launch episode of Star Trek: Discovery ends with a shock death, that of Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh. She is the commanding officer of the USS Shenzhou NCC-1227, but during a confrontation with the Klingons, she is stabbed and killed by T’Kuvma.

Nathaniel- Six Feet Under



Six Feet Under chronicles the daily life of the Fisher family, whose father, Nathaniel Fisher Sr., owns Fisher & Sons, a private funeral service. Their lives are turned upside down from the pilot episode by the death of the latter, killed in a car accident. Following his death, his children must manage the business alone and many secrets are revealed. The character subsequently appears in the series in flashbacks in the form of a spirit.

Eleanor- The Good Place



Eleanor Shellstrop is the main heroine of The Good Place, and remains so throughout the series despite his death in the first episode. Her disappearance is not the conclusion of her life, but the start of a new adventure for her to become a better person.

Andy- Chicago Fire



Andy Darden dies in the first episode of Chicago Fire and his disappearance has an impact on the rest of the series. It notably provokes a conflict between Matt Casey and Kelly Severide. But create new challenges for Casey who must then choose between helping Andy’s two sons or staying in Chicago.

Sat – How to Get Away with Murder



Finally, the first episode of How to Get Away with Murder ends with the lifeless body of Sam, Annalise Keating’s husband. Through the original construction of the series and the many revelations, we learn that it was the students of the latter who killed him.

Romain Cheyron

Romain Cheyron

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Desperate Housewives, Buffy… 10 dead characters from the first episode of their series